New changes on Facebook: What you should know

Dear friends of Travelen, for those of you that don’t know it yet, facebook is once again planning to change! Specifically, our friend Mark (i.e. Zuckerberg) announced that the algorithm of our favorite social network is about to change. This means that posts by pages such as ours will gradually stop showing up on your newsfeed.

And how are we going to catch up now?

Since we have created a wonderful travel group and do not want to miss one another, we present you a few ways to stay in touch and keep on sharing experiences and ideas for ever more travels. Only a few steps are required:

If you have yet to join the group, click the like button HERE!


If you read our page on your computer ?

  • Step 1°: Go to Travelen’s home page on Facebook (click here).
  • Step 2°: Move your mouse on top of the “Follow” button.

  • Step 3°: Pick “See first”.

  • Step 4°: Click the pencil icon next to the notifications icon.

  • Step 5°: Check the boxes with the following: “Posts”, “Events near you” and “Live videos” on the tab that will open.

If you read our page on your phone ?

  • Step 1°: Go to Travelen’s home page on Facebook (click here).
  • Step 2°: Click on the “Follow” button and make sure that the “Get Notifications” button is green.

  • Step 3°: Click on the “Edit Notification Settings” button and check the following boxes: “Posts”, “Events near you” and “Live Videos”.

If you want to be more certain that we will always stay together, subscribe with your e-mail in order to receive our newsletters.

Excellent, now you won’t miss a single travel update!!


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