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Welcome to Thessaloniki, home of Travalen

We do not know where to start and where to end…! Thessaloniki has always been a center for commercial roads that have connected the West with the East. It is a highly significant city and bears some extensive history, which has its roots in the depths of time (24 centuries, to be exact).

The city is suggested for visiting all year round, but especially during the summer months. It is an ideal destination for single travelers (who may end their trip as a couple), groups of friends or coworkers, couples, tourist groups, school field trips and, generally, everyone!

The Nymph of the North is loved by everyone, because she has to give something different to everyone, something that it will be really hard to get out of your mind and soul. From the Castles to the seafront and from Kalamaria to Evosmos, this city presents a face so different, but also so similar! Its residents are notably warm, ready to help you with anything you need, while at the same time exuding some fiery eroticism! This same quality is expressed through its air, standing, culture, as well as its food! Thessaloniki is really loved. Loved by everyone! But, it is also the only city that knows how to love all its visitors, gifting them with countless stories and delightful moments/memories.

With the dozens of options that it offers, the city gives you the chance to do whatever you’re in the mood for! You can pass your time drinking some coffee at the castles, taking a romantic walk at the seafront, eating at the colorful district of Ladadika, or having fun in its vivid night life. The only certainty is that the city will never leave you bored!

In order to really understand and feel everything we’re saying about this city, you should just go ahead and visit it. But, before doing that, make sure you get to know it through our website!

Thessaloniki (as Travelen) is ready to embrace you and make you a part of its own story.

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