The ferry industry evolution through an application-NISEA app

The short sea shipping evolution through an application-NISEA app

Summer is still here and we, like classic travelers, have made the ferry our main means of transportation for our summer excursions to the islands! We had never imagined things and procedures concerning the ferry industry being so easy and simple, until we discovered the NISEA.

What is the NISEA app?

It is the most modern and easy-to-use application for researching routes, book ferry tickets, keeping track (live) for delays, arrival times, route cancellations, saving and sharing tickets and routes with your friends and, finally, for traveling in the easiest, fastest and most economical way to all the islands!

Our favorite summer way of traveling has come to life once again, thanks to an application! The NISEA app has an easy-to-use menu, wonderful user interface and offers timely and valid information.

In a few words, with the NISEA app, the trip is…(literally) in your hands!

One of the biggest advantages of the NISEA is the real-time information regarding all the ferry schedules!

How many times did you have to wait for a boat that had been delayed? How many times did you receive no information about the route? Now you have the chance to see LIVE the location of your ferry, if there has been a delay and how long is the waiting time, while at the same time you can find general information about boats and schedules. In a few words…you can enjoy a coffee (or two) at the port, minus the stress and unnecessary annoyance, or you can also check out of your hotel later, gaining some extra moments of rest.

Of course, on the application you can check out the schedules of all companies and book your ticket. You will simply type in your destination and the dates and the NISEA will search for you the best and most economical options (even combos). You should also know that you can buy multiple tickets for different routes and by different companies, at the same time!

Another innovation that the application introduces is the ability to save your ticket on the “ticket wallet”. This way, you will always have your tickets with you, without fearing you might forget them or loose them in your email*! eTcikets in Greece is up and coming and NISEA allows you to checkin online and get your eTickets with select ferry companies. The app is also working on integrating a QR code system within the app so that this process becomes even more seamless.

Finally, you will find a lot of useful information, such as photographs of the boats, so that you know which one to wait for when you reach the port, distance to the next port, as well as port maps and directions on how to get there, with information to all the physical agencies for all the companies for when you need them! In a few words, the entire trip is in your hands..

? Download the application for FREE for iOS and Android HERE

* Routes that include electronic check-in.

The short-sea shipping evolution through an application – NISEA app


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