In an environment of trust and teamwork, always something great is born. This also applies in our case, where young people with motivation, imagination and creativity joined their forces, for Travelen. This page was created so we can express our appreciation and gratitude to all members of the team. Each one and all of them combined, with their work, time and artistry, contribute to produce this wonderful result that you see and read. We feel very lucky, as with their contribution and help, we manage to inform you, entertain you and take you around the world, in the most pleasant and fun way.

Thank you all… There is much more to come.
Yours sincerely, ΕΝ (Elena-Nikos)


Meet #TravelenTeam:

Animation Graphics

Photography (Head images only)

  • Pesketzis Stelios
  • Photoexperience

Web development-design

Graphic Design

  • Ververidou Tina


  • Goutzas Iwannis



  • Kritzaki Evangelia

Technical Support