Which is the best Greek island? (Poll)

Lies and excuses are done, Summer is –officially- here and you must organize your summer vacations! Where else? Summer means Greece…Not to brag, but we have the most beautiful islands in the world! Islands with steep cliffs that dive into the sea, islands full of vegetation, islands with pink sand, black islands, islands with turquoise waters, islands that offer peace, islands with a vivid night life…Islands for every taste!

The best Greek islands are at your feet…You simply have to pick your favorite one!

Amorgos (Cyclades)

The island of endless blue and wild beauty might not be cosmopolitan, but it knows how to take care of its visitors, as it has wonderful beaches, interesting trails and hospitable people. If you have not visited it yet, it is probably time to do so!

Andros (Cyclades)

The “Rock”, as the locals call the island, due to the rocky coastline and many islets, is right next to the island of Evia! Stone-built houses and blooming bougainvilleas, all summer long, compose a unique image that you should not miss out on!

Astypalea (Dodecanese)

The Aegean’s Butterfly is an island in the Dodecanese, trapped in the body of Cyclades! The proof is the white houses with blue windows, the bougainvilleas that cover its cobbled alleys and the arid hill (weird for Dodecanese, logical for Cyclades). Its turquoise waters, the Aegean’s most beautiful castle, the amazing cuisine and hospitable residents invite you to experience the oracle of the…butterfly!

Zakynthos/ Zante (Ionian Islands)

In the “Flower of the East” you will find one of the five most famous beaches in Greece, the renowned Navagio (Shipwreck). No, the magic of the island does not end there, as the lush green landscapes, the idyllic beaches, impressive sea caves and rocky coasts are only a few more reasons to visit it…!

Thassos (Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace)

The Emerald island of the Aegean will fascinate you, as it is covered in rich vegetation, has many trails, crystal clear waters and endless (golden) sandy beaches. For now, its beauty is mainly appreciated by the peoples of the Balkans…Is it time to shake things around?

Ithaca (Ionian Islands)

The island of contrasts manages to captivate the visitor, as if they were another Odysseus. It is mountainous/rocky with green plains and turquoise waters! The quiet and unspoiled natural beauty of the island, place it in the list with the least known idyllic destinations for the summer.

Ikaria (Region of Northern Aegean)

Ikaria, the island of mellowness and longevity! The slow life rhythm, the famous summer festivals, the delightful customs and the wind of freedom, are factors that make visitors of all ages and economic classes fall in love with the island..

Kerkyra/Corfu (Ionian Islands)

With the Italian influence being apparent, Corfu will swiftly manage to enchant you! As you walk around the city’s “kantounia”, with a glass of kumquat liqueur, your ears will be filled with melodies by the famous Philharmonic Band. The fortresses, imposing palaces and amazing beaches will complete the wonderful scenery, while if you get tired you can make a stop at the largest square of the Balkans, the Spianada. For all these reasons and many more, Corfu is characterized as the Lady of the Ionian Sea! Will you become her “tramp”?

Cephalonia (Ionian Islands)

Captain Corelli’s favorite is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Greek islands. The lush green Cephalonia is bordered by the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea, while the widely photographed cave of Melissani, the goats with the golden teeth, the caretta-carettas and the black Mount Aenos invite you to meet them! Are you yet to book your tickets?

Milos (Cyclades)

The island of Aphrodite (of Milos) is the most beautiful suggestion for summer holidays. Exotic, with volcanic rocks, light blue waters and fascinating caves, Milos will win over your heart from the very first moment! Swim in one of its 75 beaches and relax in the gorgeous waters of the Aegean.

Mykonos (Cyclades)

The island of the Winds is one of the most famous islands in the world, as every year it hosts hundreds of names of the international showbiz! The cheer “Mykonooooos” is on the lips of everyone who loves the wild clubbing that the island offers…! The exquisite beaches, luxurious restaurants, parties and extravagance gain ever more fans every summer.

Naxos (Cyclades)

The largest and most fertile island of Cyclades, apart from potatoes, cheeses, wine, honey, citrus and more, has also a rich tradition in music and dance. The famous Portara welcomes you and promises that no matter how many days you stay, they will not be enough to discover all its beaches, towers and hidden corners..

Paros (Cyclades)

In the middle of the Aegean, we find Paros, a Cycladic fairytale that fills visitors with scents of flowers, tastes of the Cycladic cuisine, and entertainment until the morning! In the island of the Surfers, what stand out are the church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani, the Venetian Castle and the beach of Kolympithres..

Rhodes (Dodecanese)

The island of the Knights is known worldwide and attracts thousands of tourists each year. The sandy beaches, emerald waters, the Valley of the Butterflies, the castles and ancient towns, are only a few of the things that compose a wonderful holiday scenery..

Santorini (Cyclades)

Santorini, paradise in the form of an island! Santorini is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, attracting millions of visitors every year! Its black, volcanic ground in combination with the whitewashed houses that are pinned on the edge of the caldera, make it look like a dream…Or maybe it actually is?

Sifnos (Cyclades)

You certainly have not heard a lot about Sifnos, but if you visit it, it will get in your heart. The island of moderation is outside the cosmopolitan clichés and has everything one might need to have a great holiday…And what does everything mean? Amazing beaches, idyllic sunsets, rocky mountains and the finger-licking good “mastelo”! What else could one ask for?

Skiathos (Sporades)

Skiathos unravels its beauty in the Aegean Sea, like a story of Alexandros Papadiamandis (who came from this island)! The lush green, cosmopolitan island has one of the best beaches in Greece, Lalaria. Full of liveliness, with many bars, restaurants and organized beaches, Skiathos will quickly win you over.


In Mpoumpoulina’s small island, everything looks wonderful and regal! Spetses might be the no.1 destination for excursions for the Athenians (because of the short distance), but it is an overall beautiful destination for holidays. Transportation can only be on foot, bicycle or horse-carriage, since no cars are allowed on the island! Eco-friendly all the way…!!

Syros (Cyclades)

Exuding the regal atmosphere of the past, the capital of Cyclades will offer you a wonderful and sweet daily life, like a Syrian loukoumi! Ermoupoli combines the aura of a city, the color of the Aegean and quality of another era, making the island one-of-a-kind.

Folegandros (Cyclades)

With its town built on the edge of the cliff, the unknown pearl of the Aegean tries to maintain its relaxed rhythms. An island without an intense night life, but with pristine, unspoiled beauty that urges you to follow it. The highlight of the island is the vertical rock on which the town in pinned! The “unknown” island of Folegandros calls you to discover it…..

Chios (Region of North Aegean)

Chios is the most known-unknown island of Greece. Everyone knows Chios, but only a few have actually visited it! Wrapped in the wonderful smell of mastic, Chios is an island with a rich history and many surprises that will gift you with an unexpected lifetime experience…!

Which is the best Greek Island? Choose your favorite!

  1. The lagoon is beautiful. The waters are very blue. I just love it.

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