A few words about the security policy of Travelen.eu:

The website has been created for personal and not commercial purposes, by Elena and Nikos. You must know that anything we write or upload on www.travelen.eu is our intellectual property and it is strictly forbidden to copy, download, present and republish for commercial, competitive or any other activity. Contact us directly for any questions.

Terms of Use:

1. Content

Travelen.eu is a travel website where images, information, personal texts and various other facts (customs, traditions, habits, characteristics etc) are presented from/for trips to various locations in Greece and worldwide, with suggestions for accommodations, food, transportation, entertainment, attractions etc. It also provides services and advertising opportunities, about activities relevant and related to traveling and tourism (hotels, restaurants, museums, entertainment venues, transportation agencies etc).

2. General terms of use

By accessing, browsing and using this website, the user agrees unconditionally that they have been informed and agree with the following mentioned terms and conditions.  By entering the website, it is presumed that the user is fully aware, has understood and accepts unconditionally the terms and use restrictions. Its content operates and is offered only for personal and not commercial use. No-one has the right to exploit, use, copy, download, present, reproduce etc any content, information, products, software, services of Travelen.eu for commercial or competitive activities and purposes. It is not desirable to transact with minors or persons without legal capacity, as well as persons acting with malice and therefore we retain the right to refuse access to the website to anyone that does not meet the above conditions or for any other serious reason and reasonable cause.

3. Specific terms of use

The user has the opportunity to set out his reviews or comments by filling out the users’ input form, used for informative reasons and in no case commercial or competitive, which may appear at the end of each page and following the posted subject, solely for the purpose of informing other users of their opinion, which is solely their own and in no case can it be deemed that it is embraced by Travelen.eu. Comment posting can be used by Travelen.eu in full discretion and be placed or posted in other websites or other related or relevant or collaborating websites or even be deleted or adjusted, with the right of Travelen.eu for negating comments in full discretion. The user, through the input of their subjective review, opinion or comments provides irrevocable permission to Travelen.eu to publish, use or reproduce the input, deleting any content contrary to the laws and rules or content that violates intellectual rights, personal rights or personal data or content that is explicit, offensive, malicious or obviously untruthful. Information, suggestions and ideas through the users’ comments are automatically included in the full discretion of free and unlimited use by Travelen.eu, without any right of the user for copyright, compensation etc. It is prohibited to post reviews and comments including content that may be considered as trademark, patent, copyright and property infringement and general violation of national, community or other laws and rules of the website. Travelen.eu is not responsible for the contents of reviews and comments, or for any inaccuracy, libel, defamation, exaggeration, omission, offense that is included in them and has the right to delete or modify them without any prior notice to the user, if inappropriate content is ascertained or of complaints are submitted by third persons that are involved or quoted.

4. User responsibility and code of conduct

The user is solely responsible for the lawful use of Travelen.eu and is obliged to refrain from any illegal action and abusive conduct, as well as the adoption of illegal practices. The user is forbidden to send or display illegal material or any kind of material and content that violates rights of third parties, confidential or personal information, or contains content that is false, inaccurate, threatening, abusive, defamatory, commercial, unfairly competitive, advertising etc. The harassment of third parties is prohibited, as well as the misdirection about the origins of the comments’ content and the user’s identity. The harassment of third users and other persons is prohibited in any way, as well as sending unsolicited or advertising messages. The use of Travelen.eu for illegal or illicit purposes is followed by penal and civil duties. Travelen.eu does not proceed in proactive checks of the posts’ and information’s content published by users and holds no responsibility.  Travelen.eu, if notified of any objectionable content or damage to third parties, reserves the right to proceed in deletion of the content, shutting down the offending user’s account, discontinuing their access and passwords and facilitating and providing information before the competent authority, in order to reveal the identity and locate the responsible user. In case of a user or visitor of Travelen.eu damages the website or the communication systems, they are responsible for any damage and loss and restoration costs, as they are also responsible for any kind of compensation in the case of insult or injury and moral damage to other users and/or Travelen.eu. Also, Travelen.eu is not responsible for the communication and any relationship or transaction that might occur between the user/visitor and any third physical or legal parties that are advertised on Travelen.eu for the provision of their goods and services. The user is obliged to abide by the law, the morality and conditions of Travelen.eu and not commit to any acts or omissions that may result in any damage or malfunction, affect or jeopardize the operation and reliability of Travelen.eu. The user guarantees the correctness of all personal data.

5. Protection of personal information

Personal information that enters the system of Travelen.eu, so that permission is given to the users and providers are shown, is protected according to the current legislation. The user, by submitting their personal information in the special communication form (Subscribe, Mail) is presuming irrefutably that they provide their consent without reservation to Travelen.eu, in order to proceed to its collection, processing and use and its redirection to other users or providers or third parties. The user also enables the non-consideration promotion or republication of their posts on Travelen.eu. The users ought not to publish personal information of third users without their consent. Travelen.eu holds no responsibility for personal information of users or third parties that are published with or without their consent and they expressly forgo their rights to project any objections. Travelen.eu may use personal information for informational or promotional actions. In case the user does not wish to receive messages from Travelen.eu, they ought to submit a request.

6. Intellectual property

The software required for the services of Travelen.eu and the rights of intellectual property (including the rights of reproduction) that constitute the content and information of its material, belong to Travelen.eu. Every intellectual right that that originates from the content provided for publication through Travelen.eu, is transferred to the website itself, which can use it for any use, as well as commercial. Travelen.eu holds exclusive ownership all the intellectual rights, titles and interests that characterize it and no-one has the right to copy, publish, promote, advertise, include, exploit or use its material in any way, including the comments of customers and the translations. All of the website’s contents belong exclusively to Travelen.eu, unless if the ownership of a third party is expressly mentioned. It is prohibited to copy, transfer and generally use or exploit the content of Travelen.eu, as well as any misdirection of the public.

7. Exclusion of responsibility of Travelen.eu

Travelen.eu cannot guarantee the accuracy, correctness, liability and clarity of the published information regarding the provided services and holds no responsibility for the compensation of every user or third party or provider. Likewise, it holds no responsibility for any property or moral loss or damage of a third party or user or provider from publications, actions or omissions of other users.

8. Residual conditions

The terms of the present will be interpreted according to the Greek Law and any dispute that may occur in relation to the services of Travelen.eu will be appertained to the competent courts of Thessaloniki. The original Greek text of the present terms can be translated in the English language, as well as other languages.

The legal support for Travelen.eu is provided by the law office of “Tsogias Panagiotis”

Thank you for accepting and agreeing on our terms and conditions. 

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