New Destination: Cappadocia the land of beautiful horses

Cappadocia is not a city or a village, as most people think, but a vast region that consists of five provinces. From the very first moments we realized that it is a place very different from any other we have […]

Trip to Alsace: The Wine Route

Trip to Alsace: The Wine Route If you are wondering how much beauty can hide in one destination, then you must take a trip to Alsace! The small but impressive region of France is full of colors, flavors and images […]

Trip to Abu Dhabi: Complete guide

Trip to Abu Dhabi Welcome to the capital city of the UAE, the superpower of oil, the luxurious Abu Dhabi. The city has one of the highest per capita income rates in the world and this is depicted on the […]

Visa for Russia: How to issue it step-by-step

Visa for Russia The Visa for Russia is a painful subject! It is a process that might not be difficult, but it is not easy either. Companies, health cards, fees, waiting time, photographs, invitations and anything else you have tangled […]

Vienna Pass: Is it worth purchasing it?

Vienna Pass: Is it worth purchasing it? The princely capital of Austria is full of royal palaces, interesting museums, peculiar houses and unique attractions; this is why it is flooded with people all seasons of the year. It is expected […]

Liechtenstein: The complete guide

Liechtenstein; tax haven, winter haven or a haven of images? The unknown (to tourists) principality is crammed between Austria and Switzerland, beneath the watch of the snowed Alps. It has 40,000 residents, occupies an area of 160 square kilometers, while […]

Cappadocia Balloon ride

Cappadocia Balloon ride90-95% of people travel to Cappadocia for one and only reason, which is none other than a Hot Air Balloon Ride! Certainly many questions come to mind, such as…Which season should I travel? Which is the best price? […]

Monemvasia: A castle-town taken out of a fairytale (travel guide)

Monemvasia: A castle-town taken out of a fairytale Monemvasia is one of those places that you say “I want to get lost for two days and rest”. This small piece of land with the unsophisticated beauty calls you to meet […]

Brussels travel guide: Tips for Visiting

Brussels, the capital of the European Parliament, the city of waffle, beer, chocolate and Mistake. Yes, you read that right. Most people that visit Brussels make one important Mistake. What is this? The fact that they do not devote the […]

The ferry industry evolution through an application-NISEA app

The short sea shipping evolution through an application-NISEA app Summer is still here and we, like classic travelers, have made the ferry our main means of transportation for our summer excursions to the islands! We had never imagined things and […]

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