Style for the top three most traveled European cities

Our favorite Fashion Blogger Pure Peggy is here once again and, this time, comes with a European air as she presents you the Style for the top three most traveled European cities. Simply follow Marketa’s advice and move around in style in […]

Where to hide your valuable items on a trip!

When starting your trip to a new destination, an invisible bull’s-eye is automatically placed upon your head. Every city has groups that “specialize” in tourist mugging, as according to research reports they are the most vulnerable targets* within an organized […]

The best hiking boots

The reasons why people like hiking vary. For some, the goal is the view from the top, while for others simply the trip. For some, it is the ground’s anomalies, the different psychological and physical challenges, while for others it […]

5+1 Packing tips for Paris

Weeks before leaving for Paris, we looked up the entire internet, read every fashion magazine in existence, discovered countless fashion bloggers and saw all the fashion shows from the top. We looked at that wardrobe for hours on end, in […]

5 useful tips to get your style from summer to fall (By PurePeggy)

Summer is winding down and fall is on its way, but the temperatures aren’t always on the same page. In other words, it’s transition season! Whether you are planning a weekend escape to a Greek island to enjoy the peace […]

Be smart when packing for a summer holiday (by PurePeggy)

You’ve booked the flights, found the dreamy apartment to stay and have researched the best bars and restaurants, but the biggest task is yet to come – the packing. By living in the different country than my family, I can […]

7 Spring Travel items

The arrival of Spring always comes with a mood for walks, outings and mainly for trips. The weather gets pleasant, spirits get higher, heavy coats get locked in the closet and the first trip of 2017 is in the making. […]