The best travel Tips for Smartphone photographs

Every traveler likes to take their own photos, either for keeping the memories alive, or for showing their adventures to family and friends, or even for showing off their photography skills. The progress of technology has helped even those who do not own a camera take photographs through the advanced Smartphones. Still, most times we realize that the photographs are not what we expected while taking them! So, we get disappointed and blame the cell-phone. Big mistake..! It is not at fault, it’s that we do not have the necessary knowledge to make the best of what it offers.

This is why Travelen presents you with the most useful advice, so that you take the best photographs with your smartphone.


1) Take shots daily

“No theory makes you perfect, ONLY practice”! Even if you do not have the right frame, take a lot of photographs and you will get it. Do not care about what you capture, the only thing that matters is the beauty of the process.

2) Get closer

Many times, your photographs look lifeless. This happens because there are a lot of pointless themes in the frame. Get closer to the theme, so that you fill the frame and reduce the “hustle” that bothers the eye.

3) Observe the light

Light is the most important factor for a photograph. So, before the shot, you should see if it comes from the sun, a floodlight or some fluorescent lamp. Change the shooting angle and take advantage of it in order to get an amazing result.

4) Use the flash during the day

On a bright day, the sun hits the themes with a “hard” light. But the flash, with the extra shine helps, so that a more even exposure to light is created and the result is excellent. Try it…

Note: An external flash should be used, as the one of the cell-phone is not enough for a great result.

5) Action & Patience

Do not forget that we are not taking selfies, when we can see every photograph we take! If you waste so much time, then chances are you will miss some more interesting shots of the same theme. Be patient and you will see later what you have captured.

6) Frame the theme

Framing is a technique used in photography and it draws attention to whatever frames the theme. This helps in making the eye focus on the spot we want to highlight.

7) Play with the natural light

Do not always take photographs with the sun behind you. You can take interesting photos if the sun comes behind or next to your theme. Find the right angle and let as much light as you want to get in, so that you get a creative result.

8) Portable charger

Among a Smartphone’s functions (calls, messages, internet, apps, games, social media etc) there is also the camera, which can put a real strain on the battery. It is logical that your phone will turn off sooner than expected and this is why you should always carry a portable charger. It would be a shame to be left with an empty battery in the middle of the day!

9) “The golden hour”

Have you noticed that the photos taken during sunrise or right before sunset look especially beautiful? This happens because they were taken during the golden hour, namely the hour that the sunlight is “soft” enough. These hours are the best, as they reflect the colors more naturally on your theme. Pursue them!

10) Keep the interest

One important feature of a photograph is remaining simple. This can be achieved when it has just one or two elements to examine. If there are a lot, the eye gets confused and frustration ensues! Avoid it.

11) Try different perspectives

Do not take photographs only from chest level. Experiment with different heights and angles and get a different result, for the same theme. For example, a shot from the top down makes your theme slightly smaller, while a shot from the bottom up helps your theme look more dynamic!

12) Unsightly background:

Garbage bins, metal rubble or other hard-featured elements often spoil the appearance of your photograph. Before taking it, see what gets into the frame. A great photograph demands a beautiful background.

13) Limit to colors

Many times we see a frame full of colors that draws our eyes like a magnet. Do not let it fool you. It doesn’t mean that since the colors in the live image are impressive, they will be the same way in the photograph! Follow the rule dictating that the central theme should consist of one or two colors at most.

14) Add your own style

We often see photographs of friends that are boring and pointless! Either their theme is the sea or the mountain, it looks the same to you. Avoid it, stand out and give your own style to the photographs, making them interesting and appealing. For example, focus on the colors and the corner of a menu, thus transforming it from cold and impersonal to lively and tempting…ready to be eaten by whoever sees the photo!

Important Note: Human portraits are a category of their own. In some of them there is cognizance while in others there is not, as they are taken with long shot lenses. But with smartphones, in order to get a portrait, you should approach quite close. So, before making any move, ask for permission, in order to avoid any unpleasant situation. The privacy of each one is very important.

Now that you know what to do, get outside and start experimenting. This is the only way to improve and get ready for the next trip. And who knows? Maybe you will discover a unique technique that will go down in history!

Happy photo-taking!

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