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Kinsterna Hotel

Starting out..

The trip around the Peloponnese had begun and we could not wait to get to the beautiful town of Monemvasia. The reasons that the location drew us like a magnet were its natural beauty and, of course, the stay at the Kinsterna Hotel. The byzantine mansion can be a great sole reason to visit the Peloponnese. The scenery is ideally completed with the quiet, fresh air and scents of nature! It may be 7km away (5 minutes by car) from the rock of Monemvasia, but it has an unobstructed view of it, as it is located on the hill of Agios Stefanos.

The Kinsterna Hotel

Having received dozens of international awards, the Kinsterna Hotel is, undoubtedly, the most high-quality option for accommodation in the Peloponnese. Following a well-thought-out renovation, it opened its doors in 2010 and since then it has been filling the visitors’ days with colors, flavors and scents of the Greek land. All of its areas (indoor and outdoor) are very clean and beautifully decorated, while the staff is very attentive and, at the same time, discreet (ideal combination). The 24-hour room service, laptop/tablet supply service, free parking and left-luggage service are only some of the benefits offered by the hotel.


The 5-star hotel is full of activities, which will bring you closer to nature. The two pools and wellness center will help you relax, while the children will be playing at the indoor or outdoor playgrounds or taking a walk around the fenced animal farm. At the site you will also find a gym, hair salon, library, wine cellar and a small store with traditional products.

Within the vast area of 70 acres you will also have the chance to enjoy rides on an Egyptian royal carriage, with a donkey or biking. Furthermore, you can take part in the process of kneading and baking traditional bread, as well as watch the production process of hand-made soap, wine and oil. You can also purchase some of the wonderful “Kinsterna” wine labels, virgin olive oil, jams, soap and other products, made from the hotel’s land.Finally, for the fans of cuisine exploration, there are cooking lessons with ingredients from the farm and the surrounding areas. With so many outdoor activities you must be wondering if the Kinsterna Hotel is an agritourism accommodation site! The answer is that the hotel is planning to become self-sufficient (as it was centuries ago), always basing its needs on the fertile Laconian land.

Useful information

a) The visitor has the option of choosing among five kinds of pillows of different thickness and sleep sensation. b) One of the two pools is filled with freshwater, thanks to the natural spring that starts at the mountain and flows through the hotel! c) There is a bicycle station, so that you can bike around the entire farm. d) (Almost) On a daily basis, there are outdoor activities, which you can watch or attend.


The Kinsterna Hotel has three restaurants that cover visitors’ every culinary demand. The dishes are based on the chef’s imagination and, of course, on fresh products, from the hotel’s garden. Their quality is excellent and the flavors bring heaven to your palate.
Their breakfast is also overflowing with quality, while the variety of options will kick off your day in the best possible way. Finally, you can enjoy your drink, or even better a cocktail at the pool bar or the outdoor bar of the upper deck.

The rooms

The mansion has nine different kinds of rooms, with spaces that start at 22m² and can be as big as 120m² (villas with private pools)! None of its rooms has the same design as the others, yet all of them have something in common…the sophisticated Boutique aesthetic. The combination of the old and the modern, the comfort and affordable luxury of the rooms are only a few of the reasons that will make you not want to say goodbye! The beds are, of course, partly responsible, as their “embrace” is so soft that you can get lost inside them for hours on end.

All rooms are bright, clean and functional, while they include plenty of amenities. A few of them are the safe box, mini bar, autonomous air-conditioning, fast wifi connection, work desk and more. In most rooms we find a fireplace and balcony with a view of the farm or the Aegean Sea. The bathroom of each room is spacious and very clean, while it includes a shower and WC, luxury beauty products, hair-dryer and scales.

The impression

The Kinsterna is a hotel that leaves you with something unique, something that you definitely have not experienced before. There is nothing that can describe it…actually, there is! We would say that it is like a tempting chocolate cake. It impresses you upon sight, excites you to the core when you get a taste, saddens you when it’s over! No, do not get fooled by our excitement-filled words. We are not the kind of travelers that stay in the hotel from the moment we open our eyes until we go to sleep, as we believe that the outside world has much more to offer than life inside the hotel. But this does not apply to the microcosm of the Kinsterna Hotel, as with everything it offers it manages to keep you close.

Check in: Kinsterna Hotel

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