Travelen.. How it started

Although the blog’s name may refer to the word “traveler”, it has its own story. It is a concoction of our own and it occurs from the word “travel” and our initials (EN). All of you basically understand that it is about Elena and Nikos’ travel, or in other words TravelEN.

The beginning…

The idea

The idea for Travelen came to life in a summer afternoon, at our house’s balcony. There, Elena dropped the idea for the first time, half-jokingly, half-seriously…”Since we like to travel, why don’t we create a blog, so we can share our experiences? We would be the first couple of travel bloggers in Greece that tries something like that.” I think that with the words “travel” and “share experiences” it was already starting to be formed in my mind. (September 2015)

The sequel

Of course, we could not imagine what would happen next, as we believed that it would be something easy and within 1-2 months we would be online! Well… Things are not as easy as they seem to be! Although the breeze and the pleasant feeling of the moment brought a creative suggestion, the aftermath demanded a lot of work and time. Aside from all this, there were some other factors that made things difficult for us, but this is a long story, about which we will write later. But, in no case did we think to abandon the idea, as this is what we love, what we dream about, what we want to do and nothing and no-one could stop us anymore from traveling!

 “Aside all the hardships, our journey began and it will go on for many years!”

Let’s get to know each other a little better…

Others have a passion for expensive cars, others for clothes, others for gadgets, others…with whatever you can imagine. Our passion is to get away from the comfort of our home and explore new places, unknown to us. “Because the untried and the outlandish” (as the great poet Elytis says) is what fills us and makes us happy. Traveling, traveling and…traveling. Of course, there have been many times where we go back to the crime scene, in order to remember our special moments.

We are Elena and Nikos. A next-door couple that managed to transform their hobby into an online source of information. Through this, we try to inform and entertain our readers. Learn more about us at About Travelen and get to know us through the EN stories.

What kind of travelers we are

Hmm…We cannot define that. For sure, you wouldn’t call us easy. You would call us uncompromising. You wouldn’t call us diffident. You would, though, call us restless. But, however you may call us, one thing is certain. We are…serial Travelers!

Why we travel

According to this saying “Traveling is only thing you buy that it makes you richer”. So we travel to become richer. And, of course, we are not talking about material wealth. Through traveling, we open our horizons, filling with experiences, images, meeting cultures, as well as new ways of living. Also, we try new flavors and cuisines, while interacting with people, trying to become a part of their daily lives. Finally, through the attractions, the monuments and various museums we learn about their history and traditions.

What I can do at Travelen…

The goal

This entertainment blog’s goal is to help you organize your own trip, easily and accurately. It also gives you the chance to see new destinations, be entertained, win prizes and find all about the latest travel-news!

Organizing my own trip

In our destinations page you will find the cities that we have visited. Inside each one of them, there is a complete “package” about what you can do (DoDo), where you can eat (Food), stay (Hotels) or have fun (Entertainment), what you can see if you have more time (More), find useful information (Tips & Tricks), as well as some photographic material. This way, in 5 easy steps you can organize your own trip easily and quickly. Do not waste any time, pencil-paper-Travelen and off you go…

Get informed on the hottest travel news

In the category that you are already in (Blog Posts) you will find the latest news about the world of traveling, with subjects concerning the People and Technology, Fashion, Food, as well as get useful information through Tips & Tricks. The Blog’s consistent renewal will leave no-one behind on the travel developments.

I get entertained and I win

In our Gallery you will find photos and videos through which you get the chance to travel to new places and make your own, unique images. Moreover, via the running contests, you can win wonderful prizes, by participating.

I get in the party of Travelen

Enter now the social party of facebookyoutubetwitterinstagrampinterest and google+. Follow us on all the social media, so you can always get informed about our news and not miss the incredible prizes given out through each one of our social media accounts. #StaytunedTravelen #TravelenSocialMedia

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  1. What an amazing adventure you two have started on! Can’t wait to see all you have to share with us =o)

    1. Travelen says:

      Thanks for reading! Hope to give you more inspiration in our upcoming posts!

  2. Your blog looks so good! I’m excited to keep reading about your adventures!
    Leah | Nomad’er the Distance recently posted…Exploring East Guatemala — Living Like a Local in Livingston

    1. Travelen says:

      Glad to hear that, Leah. Thanks for following!

  3. Rachel M says:

    Awesome blog – you make it look super fun! Hope you get some new posts up soon!

    -Rachel M @ Backcountry Petite

    1. Travelen says:

      So glad to hear you’re enjoying the blog at the moment, Rachel. We have lots of great posts coming up. Stay tuned.

    2. Nicole Van de waline says:

      Such gorgeous photos!! Thank you for sharing this great post!

      1. Nikos says:

        You’re welcome!

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