Check In: La Sultana Marrakech

La Sultana Marrakech

Starting out..

Staying at La Sultana Marrakech had been added on the list with the things we had to do in Marrakech. The accommodation site is an attraction not only for Marrakech, but the whole of Morocco! It is a complex of five individual riads that are stringed together in a harmonious way and offer five-star accommodation! The hotel is located close to the walls of Medina, in a busy and safe neighborhood, just 10 minutes away from the Jemaa El Fna square. It has direct access to Medina’s souks, to the Saadiens Tombs, the Moulay El Yazid mosque and the taxi rank.

La Sultana Marrakech

The fairytale begins as you enter the hotel! At first, you think that you have been transported to a world that is completely different from the one that exists just a few meters away. From the inside the five riads of La Sultana Marrakech are clean and decorated with modern touches, antiques and oriental furniture. Every riad bears its own style and mesmerizes the visitor with its vivid personality.

There has to be an honorable mention to the upper area of La Sultana Marrakech, where the terraces of the five riads are united in a 1,800m² stretch (!). From up there you have a 360° panoramic view with the most major spots being the Koutoumbia mosque, the Saadiens Tombs, the colorful shops and, of course, the snowcapped mountaintops of Atlas (during the winter months). In this vast space you can sunbathe, exercise, dine, participate in cooking lessons and take youe drink or tea at the bar. Also, you will find outdoor massage rooms, misted solarium, a pool table, relaxation room and dozens of comfy chairs.


The staff is extremely polite and willing to help you 24/7. In the hotel you will find a spa, steam room, Jacuzzi, beauty center, a library, organized conference facilities, a gym, gift shop with various more products, as well as the much-photographed indoor pool. Every riad includes a relaxation area and internet access on a Mac computer. The hotel also offers transportation from and to the airport, while there is free wifi access in all areas.

Useful information

a) The hotel offers tours of the facilities, so that everyone gets a taste of its uniqueness. b) On its terrace you will find the most photographed/instagramable picture frame in Marrakech. c) You can visit it in order to have lunch or dinner at the wonderful Grill La Sultana. d) One of the five riads has the largest courtyard in Marrakech. e) Do not miss out on trying a few of its amazing cocktails. Where else? On its rooftop with a view of the lit-up city!!

Food & Breakfast

The Grill La Sultana will enchant you both with its ambrosial flavors, as well as with the one-of-a-kind view of Medina’s important attractions. It spans over various spots of the rooftop and serves remarkable local dishes, set with a gourmet approach, by its French chef. The cuisine is based on local recipes, fresh salads, mouth-watering freshly-cut potatoes, fresh seafood from Oualidia, fruit from the Ourika valley and fresh meats “soaked” in various spices. The guests can also enjoy their dinner on the ground floor, accompanied by soft music.

Breakfast is served at the indoor pool of La Sultana Marrakech. The buffet includes many options of the highest quality! The coconut milk, freshly-squeezed fruit/vegetable juices and traditional sweet and savory delicacies make for the best possible start of a demanding day in Marrakech.

The rooms

The 28 boutique rooms of La Sultana Marrakech have different styles and decoration that take the visitor on a journey through the Mauritanian tradition. Comfortable (the smallest room starts at 30m²), clean and with oriental/friendly luxury that you do not come across easily, the rooms will keep you inside for many hours. The nice smells, cozy fireplace and excellent soundproofing are only a few of the elements that you find in the room. Other amenities include a work desk, sitting area, mini bar with free soft drinks, the comfortable king-size bed, air-conditioning, ipod base, TV and more. 

In the rooms you will also find paintings, antiques and other valuable works of art, a monument to the power and wealth of La Sultana Marrakech. The luxury, mosaic bathroom includes a bathtub and shower, separate toilet room, marble touches and double brass sink! The free beauty products, slippers and bathrobes are some more of its luxury amenities. 

The impression

La Sultana Marrakech is one of the three most high-quality, traditional accommodation sites in Morocco. Nonetheless, its simplicity and friendliness make it accessible to everyone. The five-star hotel hosts everybody with elegance and a friendly attitude. The subtle luxury, unique artworks, hand-made furniture, amazing décor and, of course, its rooftop will make you love it from the very first moment. After all, it is not simply a hotel, but an attraction that should not be missing from any list. 

Check in: La Sultana Marrakech

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 Wafacash, Mdina Marrakech (Get directions)
 Αποστολή μηνύματος
 Telephone number: (00 212) 5 24 38 80 08
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  1. Jalal says:

    Hi Elena and Nikos,
    Very lovely couple. What an amazing place you have mentioned, really very charming.
    Can You please tell me that is there any market??

    1. Elen says:

      Hello Jalal and thank you for your sweet comments. Outside the Riad there is a small market while the central market of Marrakech is only 15 minutes away (on foot).

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