How the Social Media can become your personal guide

In an online era, it is a shame to use the social media only for selfies, duck faces, likes, follows, shares and not take advantage of them for your own service. The “live like a local” motto is not a travel utopia today, as the social media can help you live without the tourist label. Imagine traveling to an unknown place and having a personal guide that can help you in finding the best places to see, eat and have fun. These are, undoubtedly, the social media. Learn how to make the most of them easily and quickly.

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1. Twitter

It is an extremely useful travel guide. Prior to any trip, make sure you follow local newspapers, bloggers, magazines, as well as official forums. This way, you will be informed daily about events, happenings and all the latest news. Knowing all this, you will immediately become a part of the local community. If you find yourselves in a big city do not get anxious, as the local bloggers give information about places for food, entertainment etc. Finally, in the community you will find free or discounted tickets to watch plays and events of your interest. Use Twitter cleverly and it will reward you..!

2. Instagram

Another useful social guide is the Instagram app. Through its hashtags, you can find photos that will lead you to the best places. Notice: It is not wise to use generic words like #Amsterdam, because you will be overwhelmed by the innumerable results. Use specific keywords like #rainyamsterdam, #lefoodingamsterdam (a must for food), #nightinamsterdam. This way, you will get an overall taste of what you’re looking for. Furthermore, via the Geotags (the clickable, geographical description) you have the chance to locate the place that the picture was taken and visit it.

Extra Tips: Translate the key word/phrase to the local language. This way, you will find the original hangouts and interests of the locals!

3. Facebook

Facebook, on the other hand, is a well-organized space, where you can find everything. By clicking Like on the destination’s official page, you will be informed about attractions and meet places you can’t even imagine. You also have the chance to participate in draws and contests and win prizes relating to your trip, like a dinner for two, invitations to current events, gadgets, clothing garments, free entrance to restaurants/clubs etc. Another advantage of the Facebook community is that you can comment, as well as place your own questions. The answer will arrive soon. Thus, you can solve any query and be informed on what you are about to see. Finally, through the photographs uploaded by page members (and not professionals), you can have an objective view of the spots that you are going to visit.

Extra Tip: It is very important to Like pages of local newspapers, restaurants etc. that you find within the original page.

Extra Tip2: Add to your Friends 2-3 persons that live in the destination that you are interested in, so that they provide you with extra information. (You can find them through the city’s original website.)

4. Pinterest

Τhe catalogue of ideas, as Pinterest describes itself, completes ideally the puzzle of the social-media guides. The endless catalogue will give you ideas and solutions for everything, as long as you make the right search. Through photographs, which lead to texts and information, you will find choices for food, drinks, clothing, entertainment, as well as dozens of places to visit. Pinterest helps you escape the tourist paths and meet in depth the place you are visiting.

Extra Tip: Devote a lot of time in order to find what interests you and trust, mostly, the opinion of the thousands of bloggers.

5. Periscope

Periscope, of course, could not be left out of your social-media life. A complimentary source of guidance, which enriches your every moment with special events. Through the app you are given the chance to get informed about happenings taking place near you (or generally in the city you are in) in real time!! These could be rallies, concerts, cultural events, sports events, even performances by street artists. If you don’t know how to go on with your day, let Periscope decide for you..



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