10 Travel mistakes & how to avoid them

Joy and enthusiasm are the first feelings someone experiences when the time comes for them to take a trip. But, it is very common for these feelings to transform into disappointment, because of some unpleasant surprising that start to appear, which you had not taken into account. Read the list with the most common mistakes that happen before and during a trip, so you can get a head start on yours.

1. You do not book the trip way in advance.

Fast decisions are the best decisions. Sometimes, it is hard to plan your trip in advance, but the earlier you book your tickets and accommodation, the more the money you will save.

Piece of advice: If you search three to four months prior to your trip, you will find bargains even if you plan traveling during high season.

2. You do not check your passport’s validity.

Reaching the spring (airport, station etc.) and not being able to drink any water can only fill you with unpleasant memories and frustration, with you staying behind and waving your friends goodbye!

Piece of advice: Do not plan the trip before checking your travel documents.

3. You carry a lot of cash.

It is certainly necessary to have some cash on you, but by overfilling your wallet you will just end up being a target.

Piece of advice: Calculate in detail where and how much you are going to spend or use debit/credit cards.

4. You exchange money at the airports.

The airports’ money exchange offices depend on commission as well as exchange value, which is even higher than at the central exchange offices in the city.

Piece of advice: Choose the ones that are not located on busy streets. Of course, the best option is to use debit/credit cards and ATMs.

5. You carry your entire wardrobe.

Come on, I will just take a few garments, I always promise and then the whole wardrobe is in my suitcase. (You get me, right??) Aside from the fact that we pay for those extra kilos, there is no space left for the stuff we buy during the trip. (It would be best for men no to read this!)

Piece of advice: Check the weather forecast and take outfits that you can mix and match. Visit Style/Beauty to get a few ideas about each destination.

6. You wait countless hours in the lines for famous attractions.

In the line for the Eiffel Tower, or the Anne Frank House (as well as other sites with high tourist traffic) time can go by pleasantly, if the weather and company is nice! But the wait might become tiring, if it is cold, rainy or hot, so your patience will just dry up.

Piece of advice: Skip the line! This magic ticket gives you the chance to plan the visit and save some valuable time.

7. You do not print your documents and tickets.

Print any online booking, check in and other tickets. Even if you have them in your e-mail, there is a chance you won’t be able to open them, or they won’t be accepted.

Piece of advice: Apart from the tickets, copy all of your travel documents, such as IDs, passports, visas. In case you robbed, you should at least be able to prove who you are!

8. You only visit the tourist sites.

You will certainly visit the Colosseum, you will take a cruise in Amsterdam’s canals, you will go up the Statue of Liberty and walk on the Great Wall of China. I.e. you will do what all other tourists do.

Piece of advice: Roam through some unknown, non-tourist areas. Most gems are hidden there, while at the same time it makes it easier to meet the locals’ culture and customs.

9. You do not research.

Even if you are the kind of travelers who just pack a backpack and head on for an adventure, it would be best to do a small research before reaching the destination.

Piece of advice: Read about the attractions, local dishes, the residents’ customs and make a list with the ones that best fit your interests. This way, you will save time and money, avoid lots of traps and will have the chance to get to know the place better.

10. You do not calculate the budget.

Trips are really great, but a scrappy planning can turn them into an unpleasant experience, burning a hole in your pocket. Get informed about the prices of tickets, food, accommodations and entertainment, so you know how deep you will have to shove your hand in your pocket.

Piece of advice: Make a realistic plan for the trip’s expenses, always leaving some room for unexpected costs. .



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