Useful travel gadgets

The results of the recent study “Technology and Traveling” have shown that most people consider their phone more necessary on a trip than a change of socks! So, we clearly see that the electronic media have not only gotten into our life for good, but they have also become an indefeasible part of it. Travelen, of course, researched the most useful travel gadgets for you, so that you never stay behind on the times!

No more will you have to worry about your clothes getting wrinkled or about being left with an empty battery. In this post you will find the most useful gadgets that will make your travel-life easier.


Smart Travel Bag

Would you like a suitcase that shows its weight, can be tracked anywhere, charges all devices and locks with your phone? There is no such thing? Who said that? You probably haven’t searched very well. The smart travel bag is one of the most must-have travel gadgets, as it provides lots of options and it literally unties your hands!

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Power Bank

One of the most useful travel accessories is the portable charger. It can fully charge up to two devices or half-charge four different ones, through a USB port. It is small, handy and you can always have it with you.

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DJI Osmo Mobile 3

This is the best travel gadget if you want to return from your trips without shaky videos and cropped photos. DJI Osmo Mobile 3 provides total stability to the phone or action camera it is attached to and takes professional shots. It can also charge the device, working as a power bank at the same time.

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Travel Pillow

A travel pillow is the traveller’s best friend and the favorite accessory of anyone that wants to sleep peacefully during their trip. But you don’t need just a travel pillow to ensure that. You need a pillow with ergonomic design that it’s supportive, it makes you feel comfortable and it’s easy to pack. You need OSTRICH PILLOW GO, by OSTRICHPILLOW!


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Current Adaptor

This one is a useful tool, especially if you are traveling to countries that have different electrical sockets than the ones in your country. With a single click, you can turn it into the ideal socket, with the 6 different types it provides.

Type I (Australia/China), Type E/F (Europe), Type L (Italy), Type J (Switzerland), Type G (England, Dubai, Hong Kong), Type B (America).

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Noise-cancelling headphones

Wireless headphones are the best friends of everyone that seek some quiet during their trip. They offer amazing sound, isolating almost 100% of all external stimuli, like talking, honking, crying etc. Their huge advantage is that, by touching them, the sound lowers at such a level that it allows you to talk or listen to something that drew your attention. They may cost a bit much, but remember that quiet is not a cheap commodity!


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Travel Iron (Steam!)

The new trend demands just a few clothes in the carry-on and off to traveling. The big problem is that the clothes come out of the bag all wrinkly. But, the mini steam iron swoops in to solve this travel problem, too. At a length of just 13cm.(!), it can fit anywhere and makes your clothes fresher than ever.


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Wireless Travel Router

If you are in the hotel and the wifi signal is weak or scant, make sure you have the wireless router with you. With this device, you convert any wired internet socket to personal wireless wifi router. This way, you can surf the web for hours, without ever losing the signal.

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Window Solar Charger

If you are in the plane, train, bus or car and are out of battery, then this solar charger is your solution. Stick it on the window and let it transfer the energy of the sun to your device. Before you realize it, it will be charged…Simply and efficiently!

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Door Alarm

You are sleeping at the hotel, motel, hostel or an apartment (of Airbnb) and you are scared that someone could break in. Do not be afraid, just rig yourself with the door alarm, so you always feel ensured and safe. It starts ringing immediately and it notifies you and everyone else around.

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USB Flash Disk

The next gadget is something simple that we all keep in our home. The USB Flash Disk is one of the most necessary travel gadgets, as you can transfer all the material of each trip in it. This way, you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises!

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The bookworms, as well as anyone who loves reading are going to love this gadget. It can store thousands of books, magazines and other texts and read them in amazing definition. Its second advantage is that it can be read equally well during the day, despite the reflections.

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Useful travel gadgets

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Travel pillow, headphones and bottle of water are my must-haves for traveling.

    1. Travelen says:

      Thanks for reading Courtney! These gadgets are the best for a comfortable flight!

  2. Helen Tailor says:

    It’s Really helpful to me.

    1. Travelen says:

      We are glad you liked it Helen!

  3. Wow, …you have an excellent collection of travel gadgets. It will be helpful for me.
    Robert Kendrick recently posted…Best Wireless Gaming Headset 2017

    1. Travelen says:

      We are glad to hear that!!! Happy -gadget- Travels
      Travelen recently posted…Pets & traveling: What you should know before the flight!

  4. Rekha Barla says:

    Hey Elena and Nikos,

    Excellent article about travel gadgets.

    I enjoyed reading this article, it’s so informative. I appreciate that you’ve shared such amazing collection of travel gadgets.

    I really like reading while travelling and what could be better than an E-book. Some things were really new for me like Smart travel bag, Noise-cancelling headphone, Travel iron and Window solar charger. It’s really helpful.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    – Rekha

    1. Nikos says:

      Thank you Very much Rekha.. We are glad to help people! Have a lovely day

  5. Paul Mills says:

    I do not know how you managed to write so good blog 😀 when you travel a lot, you need some kinds of stuff like these. I do not know how all this came to your mind, but this is just perfect! Besides technology, Travel Pillow is my favorite. Who else has a problem sleeping while traveling? 😀

    1. Elen says:

      Thank you so much for your comment Paul. The truth is that it’s a full time job but we love it! There is a lot of stuff that can make the traveller’s life easier but we have to agree, travel pillow is the most useful. Nick and I having the same problem while traveling, especially in long flights. Most of them don’t have comfortable seats so it is the best gadget! Hope you enjoyed the article. Have a nice day!

  6. olivia dunn says:

    Hey, Nice Article about Travel Gadgets. Great List.Very Helpful for Every Traveller. As a Traveller, I won’t forget to Carry Headphones and travel pillow.
    Thank You so Much for sharing Such a beautiful Article with Us. Please Keep Sharing

    1. Nikos says:

      We are so glad to hear that! Keep traveling..

  7. Vlucht volgen says:

    I have the external battery and the noise cancelling headphones at the moment and I don’t think I’d want to travel without them again. That battery has saved me from getting lost many times by charging my phone.

  8. Robert M. Adams says:

    It’s really helpful to me. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Nikos says:

      Happy to hear that!

  9. Happy Hiller says:

    Great list of gadgets!

    1. Nikos says:

      Happy to hear that

  10. Rifat says:

    I have learned huge knowledge from here. I am waiting for your updates

    1. Nikos says:

      Thank you!

  11. LeMitri's says:

    Nice Travel Bag!

  12. sarara says:

    I found here many useful resources. Thanks a lot for sharing your travel gadget.

  13. Pete09 says:

    I read your article and found it informative and very helpful. Keep writing informative and useful content.
    Thanks again for providing us a great information.

  14. Gadgetbox says:

    Travel bags, noise cancellation headphones, power banks are more usefull.

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