Easy summer exercises (by Maria Topouzi)

Summer is here for good and everyone has planned to go somewhere for holidays. But what will become of the sculpted legs and the abs, in the style of Tom Hardy, if we neglect them? This is a problem, as nobody wants to let this body go, after all the hard work they put in it. Do not worry…Travelen cares about you and asked the well-known fitness instructor-personal trainer Maria Topouzi to create an easy and fast program so we can all stay in shape! So we stop here and leave it to Maria…Who, by the way, has sculpted legs and abs, like Tom Hardy!!

With only 10’ of workout per day you will stay in shape…thanks to Maria Topouzi.

My beloved workouteers, or even better, summer workouteers “Hello…”. The thermometer is now showing higher and higher temperatures ? and I joyfully wish you a happy summer with lots of exercising, with me of course… Now you may say, Maria I am on holiday, I do not have much time or a gym at the place that I chose to spend the holidays…It goes without saying that you should not require to visit a gym during the few days you get to go somewhere and relax.

This is why I have prepared a set of exercises, easy, fast and you will not even sweat ??. While relaxing in your favorite lounger and amazing beach ?, you can perform 2-3 or 4, at most, exercises for the body parts in question.

I am Maria Topouzi and today I will show you exercises for men and women, for the whole body.


1st exercise: Squats ?

Open your legs so that your feet stretch as wide as the span of your shoulders and bent your knees so that they do not go farther than the tips of your toes, and perform 15 repetitions in slow tempo. Rest for 1’ and repeat 2 more times.

2nd exercise: Push-ups ?

Beloved push-ups with your body being like a plank, keeping your core tight. Perform 12-15 repetitions and repeat 2 more times.

3rd exercise: Bulgarian split ?

The easiest way is to use the lounger. You place one of the legs first, as you see in the picture, and perform 12-15 repetitions, always keeping in mind that the knee should not go farther than the tip of the toes, and then you change legs. 3 sets for each leg and you will feel the burn while walking to the pool or the beach…

4th exercise: Spiderman ?

From the plank position, with your palms on the sand or on a wall that you may find, you bring alternately each knee to the respective elbow. You will experience intense pressure in your abs, and more specifically the side abs! Now, this summer you, too, will arrive at the beach all ripped! 15 & 15 repetitions on each leg (total 30 repetitions) with 3 sets being ideal..

4 very simple but miracle-working exercises for the whole body to stay fit on your holiday without having to visit a gym…! Eleni and Nikos tried this easy workout and they will keep it for all of their tripsYOU????

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For more exercises by Maria Topouzi, stay tuned on her Facebook page

Travelen thanks the fitness instructor and personal trainer Maria Topouzi for the wonderful and easy program that she prepared for all our readers…Do not waste any time and get to it. You…yes, you…stop shirking because later you will be nagging and wondering how your body got like that. Have a great summer with lots of exercise!


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