Heroes’ Square

As any big city, Budapest has its own historic square, the Heroes’ Square. It is located in the city’s north side, close to the Zoo, and is accessible by metro, bus, taxi or bike. It was constructed in honor of […]

St. Stephen’s Basilica

The Basilica is in the city center and stands out, due to its “high stature” (about 100m tall) and its exterior charm. Devout, magnificent, imposing and marvelous, St. Stephen’s Basilica will grip you and take you on a journey through […]

The Parliament

The Parliament is a remarkable piece of architecture that spreads along Danube’s bank. You can only comprehend its size and greatness when you stand right in front of it! Its interior is magnificent, while the golden details and the fact […]

Buda Castle

No trip to Budapest is complete without visiting one of Europe’s most beautiful castles, which is massive and impressive in its architectural style. Access to the castle can be achieved in many ways, like using a cable car (costs 7€ […]

Chain Bridge

Many lines have been written about this bridge that we feel that there is nothing we could add…oh wait! There is! It is one of the most B-E-A-Utiful, glorious bridges in the world! (High on our list are also London’s […]

Magyar Christmas

We made the decision to skip the traditional, Greek family meal on Christmas, though there is absolutely nothing like it, and spend our Christmas holidays abroad for the first time. After doing a bit of research on the web, we […]

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