New Destination: Santorini

It was a warm and quiet morning, in Autumn of 2009, when we headed out for Santorini from the port of Thessaloniki (back then there was a direct route)! For 22 hours we battled the waves, and not even in […]

Mangiare Gastro Bar

Mangiare Gastro Bar is located on one of the busiest and most “in” crossroads of the city (Mitropoleos & Komninon). Inside a beautiful environment you can taste high quality dishes, such as original salads, pasta dishes, pizzas and more. The […]

More tips Santorini

More tips Santorini Santorini is an island that hides plenty of traps, while due to high visit rates the stay and transport aspects might hold a lot of difficulties. Read the useful Tips Santorini to make your holidays more pleasant, […]

The best location to watch the sunset is..

..the Byzantine castle in Oia. But you will have to be there 2-3 hours in advance in order to secure a good spot!

The best time to take a..

..walk around the streets of Fira is 1-2 hours before the sunset (everyone is going towards Oia in order to secure a good spot for the sunset)!

Many hotels offer free..

..transportation from and to the airport and the port of Santorini (ask at the hotel you are staying).

It is forbidden to operate a..

..drone in the Caldera of Oia and Fira!

Many cruises have extra charges for..

..water, soft drinks, food or other hidden charges that you are expected to pay! Get clarifications for everything, before you embark.

218° Cafe (Oia)

The 218° Café is one of the cafés with the best view in Oia. As one can easily understand, it is a 218° space, which offers plenty of moments of relaxation and amazing images of the Caldera. The options for […]

Koo Club (Fira)

Koo Club is a good option to spend one or some of your evenings on the island. The club is located in Fira and it has a pleasant (indoor and outdoor) environment, nice music, while its drinks and service are […]

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