Spetses: a trip to the cosmopolitan of the Argosaronic

Fasten your seatbelt. A trip to Spetses; the cosmopolitan of the Argosaronic is about to start!  A few words Spetses is the most cosmopolitan island in the Argosaronic Gulf. The island of the woman “Legend” is just two hours away […]

New Destination: Cappadocia the land of beautiful horses

Cappadocia is not a city or a village, as most people think, but a vast region that consists of five provinces. From the very first moments we realized that it is a place very different from any other we have […]

More Tips Cappadocia

Tips Cappadocia A trip to Cappadocia can generates so many questions, such as which is the best season to visit, what am I going to see and what should I be careful about. It is best to know everything before […]

There is a chance you might not..

.. fly, due to bad weather or strong winds.

The Museum Pass is..

.. advantageous as it offers free entrance to a lot of museums and places like the Göreme Open Air Museum and the Dark Church, the Ihlara Valley, the underground cities of Derinkuyu and Kaymakli, the Zelve Open Air Museum and […]

In Turkey 1MB costs..

.. 12€!! While if someone calls you, both you and the person calling you are getting charged! 

SOS: The nazar (blue eye beads) that..

.. you hang on the wishing trees are taken down, to free up space, and re-sold!!

When you book a car, many companies..

.. bring you another one that is much smaller, on the pretext that it is similar to the one you booked! Insist that they give you one that is actually similar or a discount of about 30-35%.

Loft Nargile

It is a beautiful place in the heart of Göreme, which offers moments of relaxation, especially in the evening hours. At the Loft Nargile, apart from a variety of hookah flavors, you will find options for beer, tea or some […]

Kuytu Kose Nargile

We have for you the best place to relax and have a great time in Cappadocia. The Kuytu Kose Nargile is not among Göreme’s tourist shops, but it stands under the imposing shadow of its rocks. It might not have […]

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