More Tips Moscow

More Tips Moscow General The national currency of Russia is the Ruble. The exchange rate with the Euro is about 1/70. Exchange some money from your country of origin so that you have some (at least) for the first expenses. […]

The greatest disadvantage of the winter is..

..not the cold but the few hours of daylight, which results in a) you running around trying to do it all or b) having to stay more days.

All museums have free..

.. coat check.

Buy Russian Vodka at a very low price

At supermarkets you will find famous brands of Rusin Vodka at prices even three times lower! SOS: only 1L/person is allowed to take with you.

At the metro there are groups who..

..operate by snatching phones right before the doors close and they disappear.

Free Museums in Moscow

Every year, in mid-May, the Night of the Museums takes place, with free entrance to 300 museums!

Design hotel Tchaikovsky

Design Hotel Tchaikovsky belongs in a category of hotels that are seeing big growth in Moscow. It is among the hotels that are housed on floors of apartment buildings. It is located on the second ring (Garden Ring), just 2km […]

Izmailovo Alfa Hotel

The Izmailovo Alfa Hotel is a good option for accommodation in Moscow, suitable for work as well as rest. It might be located 9km outside of the city center, but you will be there in just 20 minutes, as the […]

Strawberry Duck Moscow

The Strawberry Duck Moscow hostel is one of the most vfm options for accommodation in Moscow. It is located in a quiet area, just 20 minutes away from the Red Square (on foot), 600m away from the metro, and 300m […]

The best Hotels in Moscow

Hotels in Moscow With more than 8,000 hotels, apartments for rent and hostels, Moscow can not but be considered as a very good destination in terms of accommodation. In Russia’s capital you will find accommodation sites for all tastes and […]

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