Check in: Premier Luxury Mountain Resort

The decision – Our criteria And once again the time came that we said “I really need a break”…This time, we searched for a 3-day winter excursion that would combine luxury, relaxation and an adrenaline rush. Are you close to […]

Bansko: Tips for Visiting

A few words about Bansko 🗣️ Bansko Tips for Visiting! Bansko is synonymous with skiing… The town makes for an excellent winter excursion, where you can enjoy your favorite sport, as it has one of the best and most organized […]

Alternative winter activities

Winter excursions are gaining more and more supporters, who seek for adventure combined with some good times. But there are a lot of people who want something more than just a trip for skiing/snowboarding, ice-skating and romantic walks in the […]

2017 Travelen-memories!

2017 was a very important year for us, as after two years of struggles, Travelen was officially launched. The year had many trips, adventures, suspense, great moments, lots of food and beautiful images. Through this article, we are going to […]

30+1 Amazing Photographs without Photoshop!

Are you tired of seeing photographs with incredible colors, which only exist in the panel of CS6? Are you tired of seeing tweaked photographs from places, landscapes and moments, which are nothing alike when you see them in person? Do […]

Travel fitness tips by Maria Topouzi

Physical exercise is something that you can take with you always and everywhere, even on holiday. It does not require much time, it does not require much energy…it does not even require equipment. What it does require is will and […]

Amsterdam through the eyes of the locals

Every city hides its own, unknown gems and only someone who lives there can know about them! Parks, hidden pathways, attractions, restaurants, café-bars, churches and other places that are not included in the tourists’ priorities, make the list of the […]

Check In: Papaevangelou Hotel

The decision – Our criteria There is nothing better than looking at each other and at the same time saying “I just need a break…Do you want to go somewhere?”. And this somewhere, of course, is nowhere else than a […]

Sfakian Pie (by Elpida Charalampidou)

The trip to Chania left us with a sweet taste…Could it be because of the countless Sfakian pies we tasted on every corner of the region? Returning to our base, we tried many times to make it, but our attempts […]

Which is the best Autumn destination for 2017?

Autumn is here for good and a new trip is knocking on our door…Not for any other reason, but so as not to stand still! Autumn is full of magical colors, the cold is bearable and the heat has decreased […]

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