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Hot Tips

Take a look at most of the city’s..

..sights on the Ring Tram Vienna within 30’! It operates every day from 10:00 to 17:30 (every 30’) and the tour is in 8 languages.

Notice: Many restaurants remain..

..closed during the Christmas holidays or change their schedule.

With the Vienna Pass you have.. access (skip line) to Belvedere, Natural History Museum, Albertina, Mumok, Prater, Zoo, Winter Palace.

The State Opera is rented to..

..another company for two months a year (July-August), which brings 2nd-3rd rate shows and charges them highly, due to the name. Avoid visiting in these months

Spanish Riding School..

..Upon entering the premises, turn left and walk to the end of the hall. There you will find a small door. Go through it and turn right to reach the least crowded balcony.

More tips about Vienna

General ?️

  • The best seasons to visit Vienna are spring, autumn and the Winter Holidays (Christmas-New Year’s Day).
  • In the city everything is being watched by cameras!
  • Almost all Viennese people, no matter their age, are fluent in English, French and German.
  • It is one of the safest cities in Europe.
  • An umbrella should always be in your bag, as rain visits Vienna quit often.
  • It is a city with breezy summers and cold winters.

Transportation ?


  • The means of public transport are clean and user-friendly.
  • A ticket is valid for all means (metro, tram, bus).
  • You can purchase your tickets also from inside the bus or tram for a small extra charge.
  • Ticket validation in buses and trams happens upon embarkation, while for the metro you must validate them before entering.
  • You will find tickets, apart from ticket boots, inside tobacco shops and newsstands.
  • There are one-way tickets, 24-hour, 3-day and 8-day passes.
  • Children under the age of 6 can ride for free.
  • Purchase the Vienna Travel Card or the Vienna Pass for free transport (1, 2 or 3 days).


Flughafen Wien Airport to City Center

  • The cheapest way:
    With the S7 train – 30 minutes to the Wien-Mitte central station, 4.5€
  • The fastest way:
    With the Express City Airport Train (CAT) – 15 minutes to the Wien-Mitte central station, 12€
  • By taxi:
    20 minutes to the center of Vienna, around 25€
  • The best solution:
    Book the combo ticket from the airport for the S7 train and the metro.


  • You can rent bikes at the public stations (Citybike Vienna)
  • Payment is via card and you will need 1€ to sign up.
  • The first hour of transport is free, the second costs 1€, the third 2€ and the fourth 3€.
  • At the Metro: Monday-Friday 09:00-15:00 and after 18:30 & Saturday-Sunday and bank holidays all hours, Free.


  • Opening hours 05:00-00:30
  • On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays open for 24 hours.


  • Night buses run from 00:30 to 05:00.


  • In districts 1-9 parking is charged from 08:00 to 22:00 and is allowed for up to two hours.
  • You will find free parking in district 1 from Saturday at noon to Monday at 08:00.


  • Tariff is around 3€
  • From 23:00 to 06:00 it is increased by 5%
  • You are charged separately for each suitcase.

Sights ?


  • Purchase the Vienna Pass to have free access to the majority and the most important sights in the city.
  • With the Vienna Pass you have direct access (skip line) to Belvedere, Natural History Museum, Albertina, MUMOK, Prater, Zoo, Winter Palace.
  • The central tourist information office is located in Albertinaplatz and is open from 09:00 to 19:00.
  • Almost all sights offer for free (or for a small fee) the service of coat check.
  • It would be best to have a few 1 & 2€ coins so you can lock your belongings in the Safe Boxes that exist at the sights. Upon leaving, you return the key and take back your money.
  • At the Michaelerplatz you get the chance to have a horse-carriage ride. If you decide to do it, do not hesitate to haggle the price.
  • Take a look at most of the city’s sights on the Ring Tram Vienna within 30’! It operates every day from 10:00 to 17:30 (every 30’) and the tour is in 8 languages.
  • Most sights are located in the city center, within small distances of one another.



  • Here you will find all souvenirs 30-40% cheaper than in the city center!
  • Free WiFi is available in the market.
  • The best day to visit it is Saturday. Next to the Kettenbrückengasse metro station a giant street market is put up, with antiques, vinyl records, clothes, books, art pieces and dozens of home products.


  • At 12:00 noon, all the figurines parade, offering the most wonderful spectacle (compared to the other turns of the hour).
  • During the Christmas Holidays, festive melodies are played at 17:00 and 18:00.

Schönbrunn Palace

  • If there is a long line at the ticket office, get your ticket from the automatic vendors on the left side of the room.
  • If these are also occupied, you can visit the two machines located at the entrance of the palace. (Payment only with credit/debit card!)


Hundertwasserhaus & Kunst Haus

  • Put it early in your schedule (around 8). If you get there late, the large crowds of tourist groups will not let you photograph it in peace.
  • You cannot visit the inside of the Hundertwasserhaus, as it is an inhabited apartment building.
  • Avoid having a coffee or buying anything at the Village Hundertwasserhaus. Prices are quite high.
  • At the ground-floor café of the Kunst Haus you can watch a film about the creator of these two buildings.

Hofburg Palace

  • Skip the exhibition with Sisi’s china and silverware (right after the tickets) and go straight to the 1st floor to see the Imperial Apartments.
  • Hofburg’s entrance is exactly opposite of the Spanish Riding School.

Palm House Schönbrunn

  • Start your tour at the right hall, then continue with the central one and end up at the left, in order to have a most pleasant experience.
  • It should be avoided by those with asthma or breathing problems, because of the humidity.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

  • The ascent to the North tower of the temple is achieved via an elevator, and apart from the magnificent view, you will also get to see Austria’s largest bell.
  • For the South tower you will have to climb 343 narrow spiraling steps. It is not recommended to people who are claustrophobic or overweight and people with health issues, as there are no resting stops.

Natural History Museum

  • Start your tour at the 3rd floor and devote at least 1 hour for each floor.

Spanish Riding School

  • Upon entering the premises, turn left and walk to the end of the hall. There you will find a small door. Go through it and turn right to reach the least crowded balcony.

Belvedere Palace

  • Upon entering the palace (after you have gone through ticket check) you will find a long line. Go past it and start the tour. The line is for the coat check!


Prater Wheel

  • Visit it while there is natural light.
  • The best seat is on the right or left side of the door.

Danube Tower

  • On days with fog, heavy rain etc. visibility is limited to non-existent, so climbing up the tower is not worth it.
  • During high tourist seasons, visit it at the opening or 1-2 hours before closing, in order to avoid the line.


  • To learn about the meeting place and book a spot on the tour, you will have to send a message HERE.

State Opera

  • You can buy a ticket for 5€, as long as you are willing to stand in line for 2 hours before the show. (Standing seats at the last row of the upper level.)
  • For two months a year (July-August) it is rented to another company, which brings 2nd-3rd rate shows and charges them highly, due to the name. Avoid visiting in these months!
  • To find tickets, you must look into it two months before your visit.
  • SOS: For popular shows, you must take action at least 6 months in advance.
  • The attire for the “good” tickets (A-E) must be formal, while for the “average” (E-H & standing) it is more casual, but shorts and t-shirts are not allowed.
  • Do not pick the seats in the front rows, as you will pay too much and you will not get the best possible acoustic experience. The best seats are the central ones of the middle tier.
  • Around the Opera, some people will approach you to sell you tickets. Caution: Many of those tickets are counterfeit.
  • Book your tickets only on the official website, without commissions and inflated prices.
  • Opera Tour: Ask the tour guide to stay for 5 minutes after the end of the tour so you can get some pictures. The entire hall of the opera empty and you alone for countless photos!

Vienna Zoo

  • The best seasons to visit it are spring and summer.


  • In spring and summer the fountain is full and the church is reflected on the water, offering a unique image, especially during the night.
  • Visit it one hour before closing so you avoid the groups of tourists.
  • You get extra discount with the Vienna Pass.


Time Travel Vienna

  • With 1-2€ coins you can lock your belongings in the special lockers and take them when you leave…as well as the money!
  • You get a 20% discount with online booking.

Food ?

  • On every menu, all restaurants are required to include the ingredients they use, in case of allergies. (Capital letters next to the dishes’ names.)
  • Prefer the imported beers (Czech, German) as the local ones are not as tasty.
  • Tipping is something that they do not pursue, but it is very much appreciated.
  • In many restaurants you must have made reservations to get a table. Do not skip it if you do not want to stay hungry.
  • Prefer sausages in bread (Hot Dogs) and not cut in pieces. The ones that are must are the spicy, the traditional and the ones with curry.
  • Notice: Many restaurants remain closed during the Christmas holidays or change their schedule.

Wurst Tip

  • Start eating the part of the sausage that is sticking out and, at the same time, bite the underside, where all the bread is. This way you will not just be eating sausage at the start and then end up throwing away the bread.


  • Avoid visiting between 10:30 and 12:30. You will have a hard time finding a table. Contact us for a super secret tip (entrance from door no.14).

The Strudelshow

  • You must be there at least 20 minutes in advance so you can get good seats in order to watch the show in comfort.