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9 more attractions in Vienna

Vienna, the princely capital of Austria, is an interesting destination for every season. The city of the Strauss family, Schubert and Princess Sisi offers a plethora of attractions and activities that will leave no-one indifferent. From the oldest zoo in the world to the home/museum of the great musician Mozart, Vienna has activities that will fill your time in a pleasant fashion. If you have some extra time, visit the Belvedere Palace, the baroque Karlskirche church, the Museum of Natural History and the Museum Quarter. Finally, do not miss the chance to pass by the colorful Hundertwasserhaus apartment building, the Greeks’ Street, as well as drink some coffee on the Danube Tower, with the entire Vienna at your feet.

Discover many more attractions in Vienna.

Belvedere Palace

The Belvedere Palace was the summer house of Prince Eugene. The palace consists of two buildings (the upper & lower), which are connected through vivid gardens, impressive sculptures and wonderful fountains. In the upper palace there are artworks of the French Impressionism and some of the most important artworks of the Austrian art, one of them being the famous painting of Gustav Klimt “The Kiss”. The lower palace included the stables and the main apartments of the Prince, while nowadays it hosts the temporary exhibitions, as well as items of the medieval era. It is worth visiting (inside) only if you have the Vienna pass or you are art aficionados. Otherwise, you can walk around the beautiful gardens and take some artistic photographs. (Parts of Belvedere are also the Winter Palace and the House 21).

Suggested visit time: 1.5-2 hours
Open: Every day 10:00-18:00 & Wednesday and Friday 10:00-21:00.
Cost: Upper Palace: Adults 16€, Students & Retirees 13.5€, Children >18 years old Free, Lower Palace: Adults 14€, Students & Retirees 11€, Children >18 years old Free, Winter Palace: Adults 9€, Students & Retirees 7€, Children >18 years old Free, House 21: Adults 8€, Students & Retirees 6€, Children >18 years old Free, Combo ticket: Adults 29€, Students & Retirees 26€, Children >18 years old Free. Free Everywhere with the Vienna Pass.

 The know-it-all says: Empress Maria Theresa, while she was the one who bought the palace, never lived in it!


The Karlskirche (Church of St. Charles) is the most beautiful baroque temple in Vienna. It is located close to the Karlsplatz metro station and what steal the show are the dome and its embossed side columns. Inside, the features that stand out are the warm atmosphere, the world-famous murals and, of course, the elevator that goes up to the dome. From there you can be within reach of the wonderful murals, but also admire the center of Vienna. And while its admittedly expensive ticket disheartens many visitors, the square in front of the church attracts lots of people throughout the whole day. If you are lucky, you might stumble upon some event or concert.

Suggested visit time: 40 minutes-1 hour
Open: Monday-Saturday 09:00-18:00. Sunday & holidays: 12:00-19:00 (last lift to the dome 30 minutes before closing).
Cost: Adults 8€, Students 4€, Children >10 years old Free. Discount with the Vienna Pass.

 The know-it-all says: Inside, the dome has 1,250 m² of colorful murals!

Vienna Zoo

The Vienna Zoo is nowadays considered to be one of three best zoos in Europe. This fact can be confirmed by the high visitor rates, with two million people visiting it every year. The main reasons for visiting it are its immaculate infrastructure and…the giant Pandas*. Apart from the sweet Pandas, the zoo hosts another 700(!) species of animals, from which the Siberian tigers, orangutans, the African elephants and the polar bears stand out. Furthermore, in the stimulation rooms you can “plunge into the Amazon” or get acquainted with the tropical forest! Finally, get informed about the feeding times of your favorite animals HERE.

*You will have to stand in line, in order to see the beautiful mascot.

Suggested visit time: 2-2.5 hours
Open: Every day 09:00-16:30 or 18:30 (depending on the season). Last entrance 30 minutes before closing.
Cost: Adults 20€, Children 6-18 years old 10€, Children >6 years old Free. Free with the Vienna Pass.

 The know-it-all says: It is the oldest zoo in the world!

Hundertwasserhaus & Kunst Haus

The two buildings attract hundreds of visitors daily. They were built by the same creator and are important architectural attractions of Vienna.

a) The Hundertwasserhaus is a different, colorful apartment building that was built with the purpose to…accommodate people, as it hosts 54 families and four offices. It is logical that you cannot get inside, but you can admire its exterior or have a beer in the homonymous “village”, which is located right across the street. The tourist “village” houses shops with accessories and souvenirs, as well as cafés!

b) The Kunst Haus holds a different approach than the Hundertwasserhaus, as visitors can explore its interior and get an original taste of the painter/creator, Friedensreich Hundertwasser. It is located in close distance to the first one, while the asymmetrical materials of glass, metal, bricks, wood, ceramic tiles and the dense vegetation give the building a unique character. Inside you can see the artist’s permanent collection and a few temporary ones, but also have some coffee in the building’s ground-floor shop.

Suggested visit time: 1-2 hours
Open: Hundertwasserhaus: Always. Kunst Haus: Every day 10:00-18:00.
Cost: Hundertwasserhaus: Free. Kunst Haus: Standard 12€, Family ticket 22€, Children 5€, Audioguide 3€. Free with the Vienna Pass.

 The know-it-all says: The roofs are covered with gardens with more than 250 trees and plants!


The MuseumsQuartier (Museums District) is housed in the former imperial stables, in an area of 60,000m². The museums’ square is the most popular meeting point for the youth and more. The benches, cafés and restaurants in combination with the relaxed atmosphere and the events keep the square alive until late at night, which is pretty rare for quiet Vienna. But its most major characteristic is the museums that surround it. Among them, the most famous ones are the Mumok museum, with its impressive structure, and the Leopold museum that hosts more than 5,000 works. The MuseumsQuartier is the joy of the art enthusiasts, as well as the ones who just want to relax while drinking their coffee or beer next to the fountain!

Suggested visit time: 2-3 hours
Open: Leopold: Every day 10:00-18:00 except Tuesday. Thursday: 10:00-21:00. Mumok: Monday: 14:00-19:00, Tuesday-Sunday: 10:00-19:00, Closed: Thursday.
Cost: Leopold: Adults 14€, Students-Retirees-Children-Unemployed-Disabled 10€,
Mumok: Adults 12€, Students-Retirees-Children-Unemployed-Disabled 8€-9€.For more Combo tickets See HERE.

 The know-it-all says: The horse heads that exist in various spots reveal the premises’ previous use!

Natural History Museum

If you want to learn the history of the Earth and the untold variety of nature, then visit the Natural History Museum (Naturhistorisches Museum) of Vienna. The enormous imperial building hosts 30 million(!) items, while among them you will find the famous find of “Venus of Willendorf”, which is 29,500 years old. Old…barely! Inside the 8,700m² you will see insects, precious stones, embalmed animals, as well as the dinosaurs’ hall. In the facilities you will also find interactive and digital activities, one of them being the planetarium (with extra charge). As you can imagine, you must allocate many hours in order to see a part of the immense volume of exhibits!

Important: Tours in English every Friday-Saturday-Sunday at 15:00. For information-reservations send a message here.

Suggested visit time: 2-3 hours
Open: Thursday-Monday 09:00-18:30 and Wednesday 09:00-21:00. Closed: Tuesday, 25/12 & 1/1.
Cost: Adults 12€, Children >19 years old Free, Students 7€, Retirees 10€, Audioguide 4€, Digital Planetarium 5€. Free with the Vienna Pass.

 The know-it-all says: It hosts the largest and oldest collection of meteorites in the world, with 1,100 pieces!

Mozart House & Mozart Statue

The Mozart House is the only one of the 12 apartments of the gifted composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart that has been preserved. The musical prodigy lived for just three years on the first floor of the building with the number 5. In there, he composed some of his greatest creations, one of them being the famous opera “The Marriage of Figaro”. Nowadays, the whole building has been turned into a museum, with manuscripts, furniture, objects, compositions and costumes of the great musician, decorating its rooms and walls. Through all of these, the visitors have the chance to get acquainted with the enigmatic personality of Mozart. In Vienna you will find more places associated with the great artist, the most important being his statue (Mozart Statue) in the gardens of Burggarten!

Important: Photographs are prohibited in the interior space.

Suggested visit time: 40 minutes-1.5 hours
Open: Every day 10:00-19:00 (last entrance 30 minutes before closing).
Cost: Adults 11€, Families 24€, Children 4.5€, Audioguide Free. Free with the Vienna Pass.

 The know-it-all says: He gave his first concert in honor of Maria Theresa in the Schönbrunn Palace at the age of…6!

Danube Tower

The time has come to get out of the cosmopolitan center and get on the other side of the Danube. Over there you will find the Danube Tower, which is 252m tall. It may not be widely known and easily accessible, yet it remains one of the best attractions in Vienna, offering beautiful images from 150m height (observation deck). Go up to the café and the restaurant that offer a –unobstructed- view from 160m and 170m height respectively. These areas are a great choice for you to have a meal or some coffee, while the floor will be rotating! But we have saved the best for last, as from the tower’s platform you can bungee jump! (This activity is available for only 15 days a year*.)

*To see the exact dates and book tickets, click HERE.

Suggested visit time: 1-1.5 hours
Open: Every day 10:00-00:00 (last entrance 23:30).
Cost: Persons 14+ years old 14.50€, Retirees 11€, Children 6-14 years old 9.90€, Children >6 years old Free. Free with the Vienna Pass.

 The know-it-all says: It welcomes 500,000 visitors per year (about ¼ of the city’s population)!

Griechengasse & Ankeruhr

Close to the museum of Mozart you will find a small cobbled street that is worth visiting. We are talking about Griechengasse or the street of the Greeks, located in a quiet neighborhood in the center of Vienna. Walk along it and get lost in the peacefulness of the Greek quarter, visit the churches, notice the buildings’ architecture and look for the sign with Rigas Feraios’ quote. Later, walk to the square of Hoher Markt and admire the Ankeruhr, one of the most beautiful clocks in the world. Every hour, the art nouveau construction informs about the change of the hour, with the accompaniment of music. If you are there around 12 pm you will see the parade of all the 12 figures of Austrian history.

Suggested visit time:
Open: Always
Cost: Free

 The know-it-all says: At Rotenturmstraße 21, Rigas Feraios printed some of his most important books! is regularly updated on ticket costs and operating hours, but you should always visit your choice of destination’s official site for confirmation.