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8 more attractions in Cappadocia

Cappadocia’s lunar landscape is an attracting factor for millions of tourists that want to see from up close this miracle of nature. Although most people think it is a town or village, in reality it is a pretty large region that is difficult to explore in one day. The ideal visit time is 4-5 days, as it has a lot to offer you. Carved castles, beautiful valleys, interesting trails and traditional villages are a few more attractions worth visiting in Cappadocia.

Discover more attractions in Cappadocia

Uchisar Castle

Built on the highest point of the region, the Uchisar Castle can be visible from many locations in Cappadocia. But what impresses the most is not its size, but the dozens of rooms and alleys that make it look like a rock full of holes! The road to the top is easy and accessible with just 100 steps leading to a wonderful panoramic view that will captivate you for quite some time. Quick tip: It is –probably- the best location to watch the sunset.

Suggested visit time: 1.5 hour
Open: Winter Season 08:00-17:00, Summer Season 08:00-19:00
Cost: 9 Turkish liras

 The know-it-all says: At the top there are three tombs!

Stay in a Cave Hotel

One of the most wonderful experiences that one can have in Cappadocia, apart from the hot-air balloon ride, is staying at a Cave Hotel. The once traditional houses of Cappadocians have been turned into hotels that offer quality accommodation for every budget. Most have terraces for countless instagram-perfect photographs, traditional breakfast and contemporary amenities. Traditional or luxury, with view of the valleys or the castles, each Cave Hotel provides the visitor with the opportunity to experience the local culture in…depth! Enjoy your stay..

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Suggested stay time: 2 nights
Cost: 70-300€

 The know-it-all says: The caves were originally used as hideouts, while later they were turned into residences!

Ihlara Valley

The Ihlara Valley is completely different from any other you will come across in Cappadocia. Over there you will not see volcanic formations, but a lush green gorge of 14km, ideal for plenty of hours of rest. With dozens of small bridges and 105(!) churches, it is also one of the most beautiful strolling routes in Cappadocia. Cappadocia’s pearl is crossed by the river Melindiz, in which (!) you can drink your tea in the company of the…ducks.

Suggested stay time: 2-3 hours
Open: Winter Season 08:00-17:00, Summer Season 08:00-19:00
Cost: 36 Turkish liras

 The know-it-all says: It was once thermal springs!

ATV ride Cappadocia

The ATV ride is an alternative way to explore Cappadocia’s unique landscape. Get ready for an off-road activity that will entertain you, while at the same time “guide” you around valleys, castles and hidden trails of the region. Tour packages address to groups or individuals and start at one hour and can be as much as one day! Quick tip: Prepare to eat a lot of dust (so wear something casual).

Caution: Children under the age of 12 cannot drive, but can ride with an escort.

Suggested stay time: 2 hours
Cost: 20-90€ per person

 The know-it-all says: The first ATVs used to have 6 wheels!

Hiking in Cappadocia

Cappadocia’s natural diversity qualifies it as an interesting hiking destination. Valleys, unusual geological formations, countless caves, hidden churches, castles, rivers and, of course, the dozens of hot-air balloons create a dreamy landscape for exploration. From Avanos to Nevsehir there are plenty of trails that you can cross, depending on your capabilities and time. The most beautiful route is the one from the Love Valley to Uchisar, while the easiest one is in the Ihlara Valley.

Caution: Due to the volcanic ground, many spots are slippery and are not stable.

Suggested stay time: 1 day
Open: Always
Cost: Free

 The know-it-all says: Every October the Salomon Cappadocia Ultra Trail takes place, which is 119km long!

Walk in Pigeon Valley

The Pigeon Valley is one of the most well-known in Cappadocia, due to the hundreds of pigeonholes that are carved on its slopes and hills. It starts a bit outside of Uchisar and ends up at Göreme, through a beautiful but pretty long route (6km length). There are also a lot of spots from where you can see the formations, with the best one (and most tourist-attracting) being this. Here you will also find the famous Wishing Tree (Small tourist scam. CHECK the tips to find out why).

Suggested stay time: 2 hours
Open: Always
Cost: Free

 The know-it-all says: Pigeons, apart from means of communication, were also being bred as pets!


Ortahisar is located close to Göreme and it is known for its castle. Unlike the other towns, it is not as touristy and you will feel this once you are in its square, which is really quiet. Around the castle you will find stone-paved streets that lead to hotels, taverns as well as the famous red wagon. Ortahisar is also a springboard for exploring Cappadocia, as it is just a few minutes away from the most famous points of interest.

quick tip: The climb up to the castle is only allowed until half-way, but the view is equally impressive.

Suggested stay time: 3 hours
Open: Always, Castle: Winter Season 08:00-17:00, Summer Season 08:00-19:00
Cost: Free, Castle: 9 Turkish liras

 The know-it-all says: The hill that the castle is carved on is also known as the largest Fairy Chimney in Cappadocia!


Urgup or Prokopi in Greek is one of the largest towns in Cappadocia. Its landmark is the “Three sisters” (geological formations similar to the Fairy Chimneys) that is located a bit outside of it. In Urgup, apart from the old village, which is filled with Greek mansions, you will find shopping centers, cafés, restaurants and traditional taverns. Fans of wine will love it a little more, as it is considered Cappadocia’s wine capital and hosts the region’s largest winery.

Suggested stay time: 4-5 hours
Open: Always, Castle: Winter Season 08:00-17:00, Summer Season 08:00-19:00
Cost: Free, Castle: 9 Turkish liras

 The know-it-all says: 60%(!) of the wine consumed in the entire region of Cappadocia comes from the local winery of Turassan! is regularly updated on ticket costs and operating hours, but you should always visit your choice of destination’s official site for confirmation.