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The best food in Cappadocia

Food in Cappadocia is something that will not really give you a hard time, as in all places you will find quality dishes for (almost) all tastes. The local cuisine is mainly based on the Turkish-Arabic cuisine, while it has influences from the Mediterranean.

Prevailing in Cappadocia’s local cuisine are cooked dishes, while you should not forget that it is in a Muslim country, which means that pork is missing from the menu. But there is instead beef, chicken and lamb, which are perfectly accompanied by the vegetables and fragrant spices of the East. Fans of fish will not find numerous and worthwhile options, as seafood is missing from the locals’ dietary habits. Finally, we should mention that a lot of restaurants with Chinese food have opened up, since Chinese tourists visit Cappadocia by the hundreds, on a daily basis.

As tourism is growing, restaurants in Cappadocia will increase in number at the same rate, with many of them bringing new influences to the local cuisine. For a complete two-person meal the average cost is 20-30€, including wine. While for anyone who wants something fast and cheap, there are the options of Doner and Pide (the so-called Turkish pizza).

Do not leave Cappadocia without having tried the yaprak or sarma (vine leaf rolls with filling), börek (baked or fried pastry with filling), pancakes with greens (Gözleme), tahini (sesame paste), traditional cheese, soups with vegetables and legumes, Turkish Ravioli (Manti) and Meatballs with sauce cooked in clay pot. Finally, the dish you will find everywhere is the Pottery Kebab. It is a combination of meats (lamb, chicken or beef) with vegetables that are cooked in a ceramic pot for 4-6 hours. And what would be better to finish off your meal than some juicy baklava? Maybe a bowl of some traditional Turkish rice pudding!

Important: a) In order to find a table (in good-quality restaurants), you will have to make reservations 1-2 days in advance, otherwise you will make do with some Doner! b) The biggest advantage of the local cuisine is that cooked dishes are always served with rice or vegetables or both.

Cappadocia Steak House (Uchisar)

In Cappadocia’s Uchisar village you will find the paradise of meat, the amazing Cappadocia Steak House. The shop is housed in a very beautiful space with a wonderful view of the valley. They serve a variety of options, from aged tomahawk steaks to meat with chestnut sauce baked in a Turkish clay pot for 12 hours (it melts in your mouth)! As you can see, at Cappadocia Steak House quality is overflowing, while the politeness and good service make every customer feel special. In the shop’s downstairs space there is a wine-tasting space, also used for other gatherings.

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We suggest you to try: Their slow-cooked for 12 hours meat!
Cost: €€€
Total score: ?????

Pumpkin Art Gallery (Goreme)

The Pumpkin Art Gallery is located in the center of Goreme and as its name implies, it is a restaurant full of pumpkins. The owner and chef of the establishment transforms pumpkins into table lamps with the same ease and love he cooks his delicious dishes. The menu is different every day, but fixed, and is made with A quality products. The only thing you have to do is choose between vegetarian or meat-inclusive main dish, and leave the rest to the amazing staff.


We suggest you to try: the wonderful lamb dish!
Cost: €€
Total score: ?????

Sofra Restaurant (Urgup)

The pleasant surprise of food in Cappadocia comes from the Sofra Restaurant in the town of Urgup. It might be located on a central spot of the town, but it has maintained the quality at good levels and prices at very low ones! It has a pretty satisfactory variety of traditional appetizers and main dishes, which are cooked daily by the owner and his mother. Another positive element is the excellent service.

We suggest you to try: the home-made Turkish Ravioli!
Total score: ????

Topdeck Cave Restaurant (Goreme)

A highly traditional option for food in Cappadocia is the Topdeck Cave Restaurant. It is located in Goreme, inside an underground cave and it is known for the way they host their guests. Either at a table, or, if you prefer something more traditional, at the floor cushions there are on the ground. The variety of main dishes is limited, as only 4-5 dishes come out every day, while appetizers are plenty. Prices are reasonable and the service is at satisfactory levels.

Mini tip: You must have made reservations, as it is always full!

We suggest you to try: One of the dishes of the day
Cost: €€
Total score: ????

Turkish Ravioli Restaurant (Goreme)

This restaurant has taken its name after Cappadocia’s traditional dish, the Turkish Ravioli, a.k.a. Manti. The Turkish Ravioli Restaurant is located in Goreme and it is known for the volcanic rock that exists in front of it. It is housed in a very beautiful and well-kept space, which has a large veranda. The dishes are tasty and portions satisfying in size, however prices and service are at average levels.

Mini tip: In the afternoons it is usually full, this is why you must have made reservations

We suggest you to try: Meatballs with sauce cooked in clay pot!
Cost: €€€
Total score: ???


Breakfast in Cappadocia

Breakfast in Cappadocia is a quite tasty and easy subject, as (almost) every hotel includes it in the room price. The flavors you will find in Cappadocia’s breakfast are mainly flavors of the East. Among them you will find pastrami, hot tea, molasses, tahini, Turkish olives, Simit (something like Thessaloniki’s koulouri), borek (fried pastries) with cheese, vegetables or meat, crepes with greens and cheese (Gözleme), traditional pies (Yufka) and more. As you can see, breakfast in Cappadocia is very rich and will fill you with energy and strength for the rest of the day. Now if your hotel has a view of the hot-air balloons, like ours does, then you are double lucky!

The texts depict objectively and honestly everything that we saw and encountered during our stay, at the specific time period that we visited them. Travelen holds no responsibility for any possible changes regarding prices, decorations, service, change of management or anything else that you might find different during your visit. It is also worth mentioning that our review/opinion pertains ONLY to shops that we have visited.