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Tea in Ihlara Valley

Have you ever drunk coffee or tea inside a river? If not, get ready for a wonderful experience in the Ihlara Valley. After a 1.5km-long walk you will come across some small houses that stand inside the river. Over there you can sit and enjoy some coffee or hot tea, along with the ducks that will be passing by you. The experience might be slightly touristy, but it is very extraordinary. You should definitely not miss it.

Read which the best houses are for you to enjoy your tea…

We suggest you to try: The hot tea!
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Kuytu Kose Nargile

We have for you the best place to relax and have a great time in Cappadocia. The Kuytu Kose Nargile is not among Göreme’s tourist shops, but it stands under the imposing shadow of its rocks. It might not have a beautiful view and excellent décor, but it has a wonderful courtyard where you can enjoy the best hookah in Cappadocia. The variety of flavors is satisfactory, while the quality of the hookah is very soft. Prices and service are at average level.

We suggest you to try: Hookah with fresh fruits!
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Loft Nargile

It is a beautiful place in the heart of Göreme, which offers moments of relaxation, especially in the evening hours. At the Loft Nargile, apart from a variety of hookah flavors, you will find options for beer, tea or some snack.

We suggest you to: relax and enjoy the wonderful location!
Cost: €€€
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