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The best food in Prague

The Czech cuisine may be a bit heavy, but it’s still very tasty, unique and rich in flavor. Still, it does not excite vegetarians, as most of its dishes are mainly based on meat, thick sauces and cabbage. There are many restaurants in the city, where you can have a taste of the local cuisine. And as for prices, they are at reasonable levels. Of course, there is always the option of street food, but it’s kind of poor in variety. It will be really hard to find something decent and quickly prepared to fill your belly, aside from sandwiches with sausage, cabbage and onions. Also, another option for inexpensive fast food is the Christmas and Easter markets that get put up in squares and serve cooked meals and mulled wine. Also, it is worth mentioning that in Prague beer is cheaper than water (in some shops), so either you are a fan of it or not, quench your thirst with some of the dozens of Czech labels!

food in Prague


In the Kozna alley, just 150m from the Old Town Square, you will find a culinary gem, the Mlejnice restaurant! This traditional tavern with the warm colors and tasteful decoration, offers high quality and delicious dishes in decent portions. Their menu is full, covering even the demands of vegetarians, while its service is very attentive. Even though it is quite the tourist destination, they managed to keep their quality high and their prices low. It would be best to book a table, as it is always packed. Highly Recommended (H)

Our suggestion: the pork shank.
Our order: 1 serving of pork shank, 1 goulash soup, 2 0.5L glasses of beer & 1 apple strudel with ice-cream.
Cost: €€-€€€

Total score: ?????


Trdelnik is a delicious pastry that we first came across in Budapest (fair enough, since it’s a traditional Hungarian dessert). The dough is wrapped around a wooden stick and it’s baked on coal, in a gas cooker or in an electrical oven and, in the end, it is sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. You can also “decorate” it with dry nuts, whipped cream, chocolate, ice-cream, jam and lots of other garnishes. You can always find it in stores like Creperie U Kajetana, Krusta and Good Food Coffee and Bakery, but also in street stands that get rigged up during various periods throughout the year in the city squares. Prices range between 2€ and 4€ per piece, depending on what your choice of garnish will be. Highly Recommended (H)

Our suggestion: Everything!
Our order: Many combinations.
Cost: €-€€

Total score: ?????

U Maltezskych Rytiru

U Maltezskych Rytiru is located in Malá Strana, about 400m away from Charles Bridge and 200m away from St. Nickolas Church. It is a place where you can taste the original Czech cuisine, in an underground cellar with low lighting. The old cellar has been preserved in a way that it sustains its initial splendor and mystique! The restaurant offers lots of menu choices and can cover anyone that eats meat or fish, as well as vegetarians. Both the quality and portions of the dishes leave everyone totally satisfied, with prices being pretty standard. Do not ignore it when you find yourselves hungry and in the area. Highly Recommended (H)

Our suggestion: the delicious pork shank.
Our order: 1 serving of shank, 1 serving of pork chops with honey, 1 bottle of wine.
Cost: €€-€€€

Total score: ?????

V Korunni

If you would like to get away from your tourist status and have a meal in a local hangout, V Korunni is the place for you! This place is located in Prague’s second district and provides a quite extensive menu, with tasty food in excellent prices. Their dishes are not particularly well-presented but they are delicious and are bound to make you happy! The restaurant’s disadvantages are the fact that they allow smoking in all areas and their really uncomfortable wooden chairs. Nonetheless, its intense Czech character guarantees you a great time and you will leave full of tasty food and…Czech experiences. Recommended (R)

Our suggestion: the bull fillet.
Our order: 1 500gr serving of beer marinated pork, 1 serving of bull fillet, 2 0.5L glasses of beer.
Cost: €-€€

Total score: ????

Ginger & Fred Restaurant

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers “await” you in their restaurant, which is located on the top floor of the famous Dancing House! Ginger & Fred Restaurant is housed in a modern and tasteful space, which, in combination with their remarkable and tasty dishes, truly makes it stand out! Portions are average and the stuff is very kind and willing to attend to your needs. On top of that, one of the restaurant’s major advantages is the view, which is even more beautiful at night, when the lit up Prague Castle is painted on the river through the reflections. And now that we mentioned painting…don’t miss the chance to express your talent on the special placemats that look like canvases! It is recommended both for lunch and dinner. Recommended (R)

Our suggestion: the black burger.
Our order: 1 serving of duck with orange sauce, 1 black burger marinated with Coca-Cola & 2 glasses of wine.
Cost: €€€-€€€€

Total score: ????


Cafe Lounge

Before you begin your ascent on Petrin Hill, have a delicious breakfast in Cafe Lounge polymorphous café/restaurant, located in Mala Strana. Its unique decoration makes it look more like a welcoming house, rather than a busy café. Inside its charming and clean interior space, the wonderful breakfast flavors combined with the lounge environment will occupy much of your time. The variety of food and beverages is also really wide and appeals to every taste, while prices are reasonable for what is offered. If the weather allows it, choose to sit in the courtyard. Highly Recommended (H)

Our suggestion: the pancakes.
Our order: 2 butter croissants with home-made jams, 1 serving of pancakes with cream cheese and raspberries, 2 fried eggs with bacon, bread and salad & 2 double cappuccinos.
Cost: €€-€€€

Total score: ?????

Home Kitchen

Do not overlook one of the four “home kitchens” that you will come across. The shops are housed in neat, warm spaces and offer tasty breakfast, in decent prices. They mostly stand out because of their welcoming style, earthly decorations, dominated by wooden and stone features, as well as their high quality dishes. The most central/well-known is “Kozi” (Old Town Square), while the most charming (in our opinion) is “Andel”. You should definitely order the special Home Kitchen breakfast, which must be combined with an espresso. Finally, the shops offer various soups, snacks and dish choices for your meals. Recommended (R)

Our suggestion: the Home Kitchen breakfast.
Our order: 1 Home Kitchen breakfast, fried eggs with bacon, hot chocolate & fresh juice.
Cost: €€-€€€

Total score: ????

Krusta Artisan Bakery

Krusta Artisan Bakery is a great choice if you want to grab a quick bite to go. It is located just 200m away from the Old Town Square and attracts tons of people throughout the whole day, offering a great variety of tasty breakfast goods. If you are not bothered by semi-warm (or cold in some occasions) breakfast delicacies, then you are going to love it. It is worth mentioning that prices are a bit high, while their service is good. To sum up, this store is a great choice for you to fill your batteries in the morning and kick start your day. Good Choice (G)

Our suggestion: the danish dessert.
Our order: 1 danish dessert with forest fruits, 1 sausage puff & 1 salty croissant.
Cost: €€-€€€

Total score: ???

The texts depict objectively and honestly everything that we saw and encountered during our stay, at the specific time period that we visited them. Travelen holds no responsibility for any possible changes regarding prices, decorations, service, change of management or anything else that you might find different during your visit. It is also worth mentioning that our review/opinion pertains ONLY to shops that we have visited.