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Black Light Theatre METRO

The theatre’s name is enough to reveal the play’s script. Black Light Theatre is a performance in which the heroes are…the neon lights, which (moved by people) create images and scenes of rare beauty! The fast alternations of themes and images keep the audience’s interest undimmed until the end of the show. The professionalism, coordination and talent of so many people on that stage can only draw admiration, while time passes pleasantly and constructively. The show is also a children’s favorite, due to the lights’ fast motions and the scenes’ pluralism. You can get there a bit earlier, so you can enjoy a drink in the specially designed space. Highly Recommended (H)

Open: One performance every night at 20.00
Cost: 18€ for people aged 10+ and 9€ for children under 10 years old.

Total score: ?????

BeerGeek Bar

You can’t imagine the Czech Republic without beer! Combine at least one of your outings with the enjoyment of Czech beers. BeerGeek Bar is the perfect choice for this purpose, as it offers dozens of draft and bottled beers, mostly Czech, German, Polish and Belgian. It is housed in an underground space, dominated by wooden features, while the ideal lighting makes it just the place for you to relax and taste a few cold beers. Their alcohol percentage ranges between 4% and 17.5%!! Service is okay, without being too indifferent or the opposite. This bar will surely cover your beer cravings. Recommended (R)

Our order: 3 Czech draft beers & 1 German draft beer.
Cost: €-€€

Total score: ????

Cafe Imperial

The Imperial Hotel is the best place in the city to enjoy some coffee in a luxurious art nouveau space! In this large, clean and impressive place you can have a nice cup of coffee, some dessert, as well as lunch and dinner. You will be impressed by the fresh and fine products, the staff’s service and the first-class restrooms. Another trait that does not go unnoticed is the vast variety of coffee blends, drinks, snacks, desserts and dishes. Prices are a tad high, but the products’ quality/taste and appearance counterbalance the cost. Make sure you try their exquisite and fresh desserts. Recommended (R)

Our suggestion: the Chocolate Bomb.
Our order: 1 cappuccino, 1 marocchino & 1 Chocolate Bomb dessert.
Cost: €€€-€€€€

Total score: ????

Pipa Beer Story

This store, despite the fact that it is fairly new in Prague, has its own tale to tell about beer! Pipa Beer Story is literally inside the heart of the city, only 200m away from the city center and it is housed in a welcoming, underground space, with a nice wooden decor. The most important factor, though, is that it can host lots of people and fulfill their wishes with the 160+ beer labels and the side dishes that they offer! The staff is very polite, patient and willing to explain each of the beers’ perks! Admittedly, prices are not included in the store’s pro list, as they are pretty high for Prague’s standards. Recommended (R)

Our suggestion: the special beers.
Our order: 1 0.5L Irish draft, 1 0.75L beer with chocolate flavor & 1 0.5L special edition.
Cost: €€€-€€€€

Total score: ????

Potrefena Husa Narodni

Potrefena Husa Narodni is a good choice for anyone that wishes to enjoy an original Czech Staropramen beer. It is located on the central Národní Street and access to it is very easy. It is housed in an oblong, clean and charmingly decorated space and has good prices and polite staff, who speak English fluently. You can sit there and relax while enjoying your drink, beer, coffee or meal. It is a great option for you to spend a pleasant evening in a modern and warm environment, away from all the buzz. Good Choice (G)

Our suggestion: the lemon Staropramen beer.
Our order: 1 lemon Staropramen, 1 fruit Staropramen, 1 0.5L draft beer &1 cheese mix.
Cost: €-€€

Total score: ???

Grand Cafe Orient

Grand Cafe Orient is one of the most famous cafés in Prague. It is located in the heart of the city, inside the building of the “Black Madonna” and it is a historical place where all of Prague’s most distinguished individuals used to have their cup of coffee. But, nowadays, it is a tourist…trap! Inside its large interior space you can try their mediocre products, like coffee, beer or some wine, as well as various snacks/dishes. What make the customers’ stay unpleasant are the cigarette smoke and the staff’s awfully rude attitude. It is not worth wasting your time and money, since there are lots of great cafés in Prague. Meh (M)

Our order: 1 cappuccino, 1 hot chocolate & 1 carrot cake.
Cost: €€€-€€€€

Total score: ??

The texts depict objectively and honestly everything that we saw and encountered during our stay, at the specific time period that we visited them. Travelen holds no responsibility for any possible changes regarding prices, decorations, service, change of management or anything else that you might find different during your visit. It is also worth mentioning that our review/opinion pertains ONLY to shops that we have visited.