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Hot Tips

Download the…

… Citymapper app for the best touring experience!

Before paying…

…Before paying, check your bill to see if tip is included; otherwise customary tip is around 10-15% of the price.

Find the museums and attractions that…

… Stay open until late and attend their exhibitions at those hours.

Escape the..

..Crowded and bustling city with a walk to the Primrose hill.

For a cheap tour..

..(only 2£) ride the double-decker No.453 from the Marylebone Station.

More Tips for London

London is a vast city that hides many secrets but also Tips that can make your travel life easier. It is best to know everything before your arrive. Tips for London will protect you from any danger and inform you about everything going on in the city! From transportation to food, learn everything about London!

General Tips:

  • When visiting London, the first thing that you should pack in your suitcase is an umbrella, no matter the season!
  • The pound is the national currency. You should prefer a commission-free currency exchange agency, located as far from the city center as possible, unless you find a Postoffice.
  • You can drink as much tap water as you like. It is totally clean.
  • Escape the crowded and bustling city with a walk to the Primrose hill.
  • Don’t forget to pack special adaptors for the English electrical outlets. Also, keep in mind that in England the current flows at 220V, so some devices might require a converter.
  • Travel during the non-tourist months: January-February, if you would prefer not to pay much.
  • Make sure you explore at least one of London’s neighborhoods, away from the busyness and noise of its central areas.
  • If you think your feet can handle it, a free walking tour is perfect for getting to know the city.
  • Buy or order an English SIM card for as long as you stay in the city. This way, with very little money, you will have data and call time. (On the condition that your cell phone is open to all networks.)



  • Download the Citymapper app for the best touring experience!
  • Obtain the Oyster card or Travelcard so you can get unlimited transport on a low cost. The cards can be also mailed at your residence (with online purchase).
  • Rent a bike for only 2£ per day! The way…Santander Bicycle. You are charged 2£ for the first 30 minutes and if you return it in time to a station, you can get another one…for free! You can do this all day, as long as you return the bike in under 30 minutes!
  • Gatwick Airport : 1) Gatwick Express leaves every 15 minutes, from 4:35am to 1:35am and will get you to Victoria station in 30 minutes.
  • 2) If you book your tickets online, you can select the specific date and time of your trip.
  • 3)  Also, booking tickets online saves you £1-2 per ticket.


  • The network is divided in 9 zones served by 12 lines.
  • Don’t forget that you must hold your ticket or card at all times, as they are checked both while entering and exiting the train.
  • When using the escalator, stay on the right side to leave room on the left for those in a hurry.
  • Avoid using the subway 07:00-09:30 and 17:00-19:00.


  • Before boarding the bus, make sure you have a ticket, because getting one inside the bus in not an option anymore.
  • If you have an Oyster card, you must go through the ticket validating machine only when entering the bus, otherwise you will be doubly charged.
  • When using the night bus lines, remember to always press the button for your stop.


  • Renting a car in London might be a bold choice for anyone not used to driving on the left side of the road!
  • In case you get a left-wheeled car, be very careful of large vehicles overtaking.


  • A 3km distance might cost you £9-15, depending on time and traffic.
  • Only black taxis are allowed to stop and pick up customers.
  • If you are on a tight budget, do not prefer them. 30-40£ for a night route of 5km is too much!



  • There are plenty of attractions in London with no entrance fee, such as the British Museum, Tate Modern, the National Gallery, Victoria & Albert Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, Tate Britain, the Museum of London and the Imperial War Museum.
  • Obtain the London Pass Card so you get free access to 60 sites/services and Skip line!
  • For a cheap tour (only 2£) ride the double-decker No.453 from the Marylebone Station. It will drive you by: Big Ben, London Eye, Parliament buildings, Regent Street, Piccadilly & Leicester Squares and Downing Street. (It runs 24/7)
  • Avoid Oxford Street on Saturdays…The people are just so many that you might not even fit to walk on the sidewalk!
  • Book your tickets online for any of the attractions that provide this option, in order to avoid long waiting lines.
  • Avoid visiting the sights during rush hours.
  • You can get discounts up to 40% with combo tickets for many sights, like the London Eye, the Dungeon, the Aquarium and Madame Tussauds.
  • Find the museums and attractions that stay open until late and attend their exhibitions at those hours.
  • Find the perfect spots to take the most spectacular photos from all the right angles; for Big Ben, stand right under the Westminster Bridge, along river Thames or from the Parliament Square. For a Tower BridgeBelfast combination: from the London Bridge.

Westminster Parliament

  • 45-minute tours are scheduled every Saturday, for the price of £20.

British Museum

  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are the least busy days.
  • Every Friday the museum closes a little later, at 20:30, and organizes free mini-tours of specific content, called “spotlight tours”. 17:00 & 17:30 Parthenon Marbles/ 18:30 & 19:00 Enlightenment/ 17:00 & 17:30 Rosetta Stone/ 18:30 & 19:00 The World of Egypt.
  • There are daily free tours of 30-40 minutes, the “eyeOpener gallery tours” that you can attend. Starting hours are different for each thematic unit.
  • You can also attend a free 45-minute tour Tuesday-Saturday at 13:30, the “Lunchtime gallery talks” during which your tour guide might be a curator or a guest speaker.


  • Get the audio guide. It provides useful information.

London Eye

  • Book your tickets online to at least avoid the ticket line.
  • The busiest hours are 11:00-15:00, so you’re better off visiting the Eye during the afternoon, when you can also enjoy the sunset from a higher altitude!
  • You should get there 30 minutes early, if you booked your tickets beforehand and selected a specific boarding time.
  • Try to avoid visiting it on a weekend!
  • Before the capsule reaches the top, try to get at the front and on the left; it’s the best angle for an amazing view!
  • We think it would be best to visit the attraction during the first days of your trip; otherwise it might not be worth your money.


  • The trips inside the dungeon are organized in groups that can be up to 45 people during rush hours.
  • If you haven’t made reservations, you have to get there a bit earlier so you can select the show that you would like to attend. The same applies for combo tickets.

National History Museum

  • If you dislike long lines and crowded spaces, you should get at the museum before the opening hour or around 14:30-16:00.
  • The waiting line can be ridiculously long 11:00-15:00, even on rainy days.
  • Don’t waste your time waiting for the Tyrannosaurus showpiece, it’s not worth it!

Victoria and Albert Museum

  • The daily, one-hour long free tour starts at 10:30, 12:30, 13:30 and 15:30. It’s introductory and gives you a general sense of everything that you’re going to see in the museum.

Abbey of Westminster

  • On Wednesdays, the Westminster Abbey closes at 19:00 (entrance is allowed until 18:00), but the interesting part is that group visits are not allowed during this hour, so it’s much less crowded!

National Gallery

  • The National Gallery has three different entryways;
  • Prefer to visit it during the opening, so you meet the smallest crowds possible.

Buckingham Palace

  • Dirty tip: If you are a couple and want to see the change of the guard, ask your partner to stand in front of the gate and after 5-10 minutes creep through the crowd with the excuse that you want to get close to them!
  • To get to the palace, walk from Trafalgar Square to Mall Boulevard so you can enjoy a route full of beautiful trees and greenery!

Madame Tussauds

  • Get there 30 minutes to 1 hour before the opening, so you can avoid large crowds and get right inside! Otherwise you might have to wait in line for 4 hours on Sundays and 2-3 hours on weekdays!

Tourist Traps:

  • The most well-known way to trick tourists in London is the game where they hide a small ball under one of (usually) three cups and ask you to tell which cup hides the ball. They trick you by hiding the ball under a different cup without you even noticing.
  • Do not accept any drink offers from strangers.
  • Keep your things away from indiscreet looks. Hang them under the table or keep them in your pocket.
  • Water bottles cost €3-4 in tourist shops, sweetshops and bakeries, but you can buy them for 25-50 cents in supermarkets and minimarkets.
  • Keep your bags close and eyes open for pickpockets in busy places, like the means of public transport.
  • Do not trust those that suggest by themselves to take your picture with your phone or camera. (cell phone thieves)


  • Before paying, check your bill to see if tip is included; otherwise customary tip is around 10-15% of the price.
  • In pubs, you order and pay at the bar.
  • In Notting Hill you will find the best restaurants.
  • Do not skip the Sunday Brunch. It’s a must…
  • Look for Happy Hour offers in restaurants and save up to 70% on your meal or drink.