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Hot Tips

Be very careful when driving at…

… night, as the area’s animals cross the roads freely.

You won’t find…

… a Health Center anywhere. There are only some community clinics.

Avoid buying…

… original Zagorian pies from tourist and other shops, as they are standardized and prepackaged for a few days.

Some hotels…

… remain closed during the summer.

Visit the tourist sites…

… before the groups start flooding them.

More Tips about Zagorochoria


  • It is one of the safest places in Greece. It’s highly unlikely that someone walks away with your stuff, even if you leave it in a public space.
  • You will not find a bank or ATMs in any of the villages.
  • It is one of the most hospitable and cordial places in Greece.
  • None of the villages host any pharmacies.
  • Autumn and winter are high seasons for tourism.
  • Some hotels remain closed during the summer.
  • The only gas station is located outside the village of Aspraggeloi.
  • Lots of accommodations offer up to 70% discounts during the summer, so that they attract more visitors.
  • SOS: Get away from the “tourist” villages and get to know the locals’ relaxed way of living.
  • You won’t find a Health Center anywhere. There are only some community clinics (in Aspraggeloi, Aristi & Tsepelovo).
  • You should probably carry some cash, as some shops do not provide the option of card payment.
  • There are no bakeries or supermarkets in the villages.


  • During the winter months, the cold, in some areas, can be sensed even if you have layers of warm clothes on.
  • The temperature is 4-9°C lower than the country’s average temperature.
  • On summer nights, you are going to have to wear a jacket.
  • An umbrella should be one of the most essential items to carry at all times, in any season, as the rain is a permanent resident of the area.



  • The nearest airport is located in the city of Ioannina.
  • The public transport options to travel from one village to the other are limited.
  • The villages are interconnected through trails, easy but ruttier.
  • Nonetheless, there are bus lines from Ioannina to almost every village. The duration of the trip ranges from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours!
  • Most visitors rent/own a car, or travel in organized groups.
  • Be very careful when driving at night, as the area’s animals cross the roads freely.
  • Pay extra attention when driving through the villages’ narrow lanes. Aside from them being poorly constructed, there is a chance you might not fit through or be able to turn.
  • During the winter months, snow chains are necessary.
  • You should be very careful while turning, as road curves are sharp, narrow and steep.

Sights – Activities:


  • During spring and summer, you have the opportunity to try all the activities that the area has to offer.
  • Notice: If you choose any extreme sport, make sure you do it via an agency. With professional assistance you will enjoy the experience in complete safety.
  • You should certainly bring comfortable, loose clothes and non-skid shoes.
  • For hard hikes, trekking sticks are necessary.
  • People with kinetic, heart-related or other problems, are advised not to follow the trails (easy or hard).
  • Before embarking on any trip you must be equipped with a bottle of water and a snack (the fatigue demands immediate hydration/strengthening of the body).
  • Hike through the safe, national O3 trail and get to know the area’s beautiful traits.
  • Don’t miss the chance to try rafting in Voidomatis River.
  • Visit the tourist sites, like Oxia viewpoint, the Agia Paraskevi monastery, the three Bridges during the morning hours, before the groups start flooding them.
  • If you are a sucker for hard hikes, seek for an organized group. This way you can admire all of the area’s wonders, while remaining completely safe.
  • Notice: In the villages of Dilofo, Koukouli, Mikro Papigo and Kapesovo, access-transportation via car is not possible.

At Oxia viewpoint:

  • Beyond “God’s balcony”, there is a small, narrow path that leads to the edge of the cliff.

Kolympithres Papigo:

  • The deeper inside you get, the less the people you meet.
  • Be careful, as some spots are slippery.
  • Lots of passages are rutty and dangerous.

Agia Paraskevi monastery:

  • The incitement to visit the monastery’s museum/shop in order to buy a few souvenirs might get insistent and wearing.

Monastery of Panagia:

  • Do go down to the church, if you want to experience the magic of the trip and the landscape.
  • It should be avoided by everyone when it rains or snows!


Bridges (Giofyria):

  • In order to get to Kokkoris’ from Misios’ bridge, follow the path next to Voidomatis’ springs.

Mpalta di Strigga waterfalls:

  • If you are a fan of silence, visit them on a weekday.

Stone forest (Petrino Dasos):

  • During spring and summer, it gets lost inside the leaves and bushes. Visit it during autumn and especially winter, so you can appreciate its extent and beauty.

Vradeto’ Stairway (Skala Vradetou):

  • 200m outside Kapesovo, you will find the sign “Skala Vradetou” which will lead you through a dirt road, to the Mesaria creek. From there, you will cross the small, stone bridge to find the stairway, where your ordeal…sorry, we mean walk, can begin!!

Tourist Traps:

  • Avoid buying original Zagorian pies from tourist and other shops, as they are standardized and prepackaged for a few days.
  • There are extreme sports agencies that offer lots of services in order to attract more customers, demoting matters of safety.


  • The residents, as well as the area’s shop owners, are very kind, willing to help and provide any piece of information.
  • Don’t miss the chance to taste the delicious chops.
  • Only a few shop owners speak English well enough for you to be able to communicate easily with them.
  • Prices for all products, as well as restaurants, are a bit higher than the country’s average.
  • In the 47 villages of the complex, there are often events and festivals being held, like the mushroom-fair, the fair of the tsipouro, Saint Mary’s fair, etc. Search for ones organized according to the time of your visit!
  • Try the delicious, traditional Zagorian pies.
  • Tips are not included in the final bill. It is not considered an insult to leave it on the table.