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Finding accommodations in Zagorochoria is a pleasant and easy business. Each one of the complex’s 47 villages offers a fine and pleasant stay, with their common trait being the traditional architecture and décor. The choice for the perfect accommodation is based on the location, the amenities and the room’s size. During high season, prices start at 40€ and can go as high as 150€ per night (30-40% lower during the rest of the year.) You should also know that many of them remain closed during the summer, due to low visitor traffic.

“Choose the right combination and surrender yourself to nature’s peacefulness.”

Papaevangelou Hotel: Papigo

Mr. Papaevangelou’s inn is an excellent choice of accommodation in Zagorochoria. It stands in Papigo, in a delightful location, where the real stars are Astraka’s towers and the surrounding natural landscape.

The inn provides 10 rooms, with a capacity to host two to six people. The rooms are comfortable, bright, have a TV, wifi, a fridge, toiletries, a hair-dryer and a breath-taking view of the mountain. Some of them are equipped with a fireplace and a kitchen, attending to every need of a family or company. The room’s decoration is unique, with pretty, traditional touches and refined taste. Every bathroom is spacious, with a different style and architecture. What is really impressive is the cleanliness of the rooms, as well as the other spaces, which is better than the one you might find in a 5-star hotel!

Their breakfast is exquisite, with local products and hand-made, home marmalades, cakes, pies, rice pudding, kneaded bread, other delicious recipes and more. Because of the owner’s kindness, attentiveness and friendly attitude, staying at the Papaevangelou Hotel is a really pleasant experience that will leave you with the best of impressions. The only downside is the faint wifi signal in the rooms and the difficulty to reach it, if there is snow.

Prices range between 70 and 140€ per night, and they are perfectly representative of everything the inn provides. Having as a basic prerequisite the satisfaction of every visitor, makes it one of the most anthropocentric accommodations that we have ever visited. It will certainly be our first choice for our future visit to Zagorochoria. Highly Recommended (H)

Accommodation Score (Average): 9.6
Cleanliness: 10
Staff Kindness-Service: 10
Quality of Life and Area Safety: 9
Room Quality: 10
Value for Money: 9.5
Location: 9.5
Breakfast: 10
Benefits: 9

Zagori Suites: Vitsa

The Zagori Suites is located in the village of Vitsa (central Zagori) and it is a very good choice for anyone that is interested in visiting the scenic Zagorochoria. It is a room complex of traditional style, dressed in wood and stone both on its exterior and inside the rooms. All of the hotel’s spaces are very clean, neat and tastefully decorated.

The two-person room is quite spacious and polished . Its wooden floors, dressed with carpets, and anatomic mattresses offer a “homely” warmth and comfort that makes it really hard to say goodbye! The bathroom is large, clean and includes a spa bath with hot water throughout the whole day. Furthermore, every room has its own fireplace, with plenty of logs. Finally its benefits include satellite TV, wifi, toiletries and a hair-dryer.

Another trait that steals the show is their delicious breakfast with hand-made pies, fresh eggs, home-made jams and traditional products from the regional land, a kind of breakfast that is hard to find these days. Also, the view and the hotel’s location are pretty good, with the only downside being the rubble that lies around in front of it (the hotel is not responsible for it). Finally, something that is worth noting is the owners’ kindness and attentiveness, as well as the staff’s, with Alice leaving the best of impressions.

For three nights, we paid around 290€, a price that is fairly reasonable for everything the hotel offers (although a little steep). Recommended (R)

Accommodation Score (Average): 8.6
Cleanliness: 9
Staff Kindness-Service: 9
Quality of Life and Area Safety: 9
Room Quality: 9
Value for Money: 7.5
Location: 8.5
Breakfast: 9.5
Benefits: 8.5

Pyrreion Hotel: Ano Pedina

Pyrreion Hotel is located in the village of Ano Pedina and is a springboard for most of the area’s attractions. Access to it is really easy, as it is located in Zagori’s center.

It is a newly constructed building, with the stone element being dominant in every spot. At the entrance the two large spaces, the lounge and dining room, are high-ceilinged and decorated with traditional items and products. Mrs. Helen will greet you there, offering home-made delicacies, before showing you to your room.

The double room is not spacious enough, as the bed takes up most of the space. Nonetheless, its anatomic mattress offers a high quality sleep, so you can recharge your batteries, after a tiring day of exploring the area. In the room you will find a hair-dryer, wifi, toiletries, a safe, a minibar, TV, small working desk, mirror and a telephone extension. The owners’ service and kindness are great, as well as the breakfast, with the hostess’ rocking, fresh, home-made jams!

Apart from the rooms’ limited space, the hotel has a few more cons, like the fact that there is no parking lot, the mould in the bathroom (which is odd for a new building) and the so-so quality/price ratio. The average price per night is 90-100€, including breakfast. Good Choice (G)

Βαθμολογία Καταλύματος: 7.6
Cleanliness: 7
Staff Kindness-Service: 8
Quality of Life and Area Safety: 9
Room Quality: 7.5
Value for Money: 6
Location: 8.5
Breakfast: 9.5
Benefits: 8

Travelen was hosted by the “Papaevangelou Hotel”, but the views and everything presented here regarding the accommodations, service, food and benefits, fully capture everything we saw and experienced, without any preconception, affinity or distaste, in complete objectiveness and honesty.

Scores, opinions and reviews about accommodations are completely subjective, but fully capture everything we saw and experienced without any preconception, affinity or distaste. Also, prices may vary depending on time period and demand.