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Tranquilo, a colorful place different from the usual. The beach bar Tranquilo is located on the black beach of Perissa and stands out for its relaxed atmosphere, the cocktails and huge vegan salads! At the vegan beach bar, you will also find a wide range of dishes, snacks, beverages you can enjoy either in its indoor space or at the beach. Prices are pretty low (for Santorini’s standards) and the staff is attentive.

We suggest you to try: their huge vegan salads!
Total score: ????

Volkan on the Rocks (by Ergon)

Right where the absolute view meets relaxation and enjoyment, is where Volkan on the Rocks begins. The well-known Ergon chain distributes on the island the local Volkan beer, which is served cold, along with many delicious side dishes. Its ally is of course the endless view of the caldera. Service is at high levels and the beer is great, establishing the bar as one of the best options on the island. At Volkan on the Rocks you will also find cocktails, drinks and plenty of dishes, which are made with the well-known Ergon quality.

We suggest you to try: their own beer brand, Volkan!
Cost: €€€
Total score: ?????

Stoa bar Santorini restaurant (Fira)

In a pretty well “hidden” alley in the center of Thera, you will find Stoa bar Santorini. The space is divided in two parts, the café (lounge atmosphere, light food) and the bar. It can also be characterized as a hangout spot for locals and “well-read” tourists who want to enjoy just some coffee or even small dishes and a hookah and have fun until late at night. The staff is polite, while their cocktails are so good that you can easily lose control and try as many as you can.

We suggest you to try: their wonderful cocktails!
Cost: €€€
Total score: ????

218° Cafe (Oia)

The 218° Café is one of the cafés with the best view in Oia. As one can easily understand, it is a 218° space, which offers plenty of moments of relaxation and amazing images of the Caldera. The options for seating are many, the staff is polite and attentive and prices are reasonable (considering its location). At the 218° Café you will find a plethora of options for food and quality dishes, drinks and coffees.

We suggest you to try: their quality coffee!
Cost: €€€€
Total score: ????

Koo Club (Fira)

Koo Club is a good option to spend one or some of your evenings on the island. The club is located in Fira and it has a pleasant (indoor and outdoor) environment, nice music, while its drinks and service are mediocre. On holidays, what you ask for is good company, decent options and a pleasant mood…and Koo Club delivers. Enjoy.

We suggest you to: order for yourself at the bar!
Cost: €€€
Total score: ???

LukuMum (Fira)

LukuMum is the joy of doughnut-lovers everywhere! It is located very close to the central square of Fira and serves very tasty loukoumades (traditional Greek doughnuts), accompanied by chocolate, ice-cream as well as fruit. At LukuMum you will also find waffles, coffee as well as tasty breakfast delicacies. Service is quick and polite and prices are at reasonable levels.

We suggest you to try: the rich in flavor Loukoumades!
Cost: €€€
Total score: ????