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15 must-see Attractions in Santorini

The first questions that come to mind of whoever decides to travel to Santorini are “What should I see and do”. Santorini is a gorgeous island with its strong weapon being the rare geological attraction, the Caldera. But this on its own is not enough to fill your days. However, this should not concern you, as you will have so many things to see and do that at the end of the trip you will be saying “I could use a few more days”! We present you with the best attractions in Santorini.

Check out the best Attractions in Santorini


Oia could be characterized as the Ekali of Santorini! It is pinned on the north part of the Caldera and it is a daily attracting factor for thousands of people, as (by all accounts) it has the most wonderful spots for one to enjoy the sunset. Along the central, luxury walkway of Oia you will find tens of stores for shopping, to have some coffee or a drink, as well as for dining. Oia also stands out for its marvelous churches, the Venetian castle of Agios Nikolaos, the windmills and its colorful streets.

Suggested visit time: 1-2 days

 The know-it-all says: In Oia there are more than 60 churches!

Trip to Santorini’s volcano (Nea Kameni)

A visit to Santorini’s volcano (Nea Kameni) is something that is considered a given. The trip is divided into visiting the volcano (Nea Kameni) and optionally the thermal springs (Palea Kameni) and Therasia. Meet the place where everything began and climb up to the top of the volcano (20-minute ascent). Walk around the large crater (named Daphne) and you will be impressed by the topography and the sulfur smell that oozes from the ground, reminding us that the giant still exists.

Mini tip: Daily trips from the old port that start from 10:30-12:00 (only for the volcano) and 11:00 & 14:00 (springs & volcano).

Suggested visit time: from 1.5 hour (volcano) up to 5 hours (volcano-springs-Therasia)
Open: Every day
Cost: from 12€ (volcano) to 25€ (volcano-springs-Therasia)

 The know-it-all says: The volcano’s latest explosion happened in 1950!


The well-known Imerovigli, which the Greek singer Christos Kyriazis was singing about, is a romantic village for the few, as the prices of accommodation sites are pretty high. But equally high is its location! As a matter of fact, the highest in Santorini’s Caldera, thus offering images of rare beauty. Wander around its uphill winding roads, gaze at the wonderful view from the balcony of Agios Georgios and walk down to the picturesque chapel of Agios Ioannis. From there you will also see the famous rock of Santorini, Skaros, which you can visit through a 15-minute long trip.

Suggested visit time: 2-3 hours

 The know-it-all says: The name Imerovigli (imera is Greek for day and vigla roughly translates to observatory) derives from the latin verb vegliare, which means to guard!

Sunset in Santorini

It is no secret that Santorini is known to the entire world for its sunset. Thousands of people visit it every year just to see for themselves the red sun diving into the Aegean. There are tens of ideal spots, but the most well-known is the castle of Oia. You can also enjoy it from Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli (Skaros), as well as from the Lighthouse, in Akrotiri. Alternative locations are Prophet Elias (Pyrgos) and the beach of Vlychada, with the volcanic landscape changing colorations as the sun is setting.

Mini tip: In order to reserve a spot in Oia, you must be there at least 2-3 hours in advance!

Suggested stay time: 2 hours

 The know-it-all says: 98% of visitors have watched the sunset from Oia at least once!


Fira or Thera is the capital of Santorini, which offers a plethora of options for food, drinks and shopping. It is also where the heart of entertainment beats, with many cafés, bars and clubs. You can take shopping trips around its streets, walk to the old port (and return with the lift), visit the remote church of Agios Minas and walk up to the famous Three Bells of Fira, in order to enjoy the beauty of Santorini. Finally, do not miss out on visiting Firostefani, an especially pretty settlement, located between Fira and Imerovigli.

? You will get the best view from the “Patsouli” point.

Suggested visit time: 2 days

 The know-it-all says: In order to reach the old port of Fira, you must climb down 588 steps!

Pyrgos Kallistis

Pyrgos Kallistis is (probably) the most beautiful village on the island! It is located just 5km away from Thera and it is also the highest settlement of Santorini! It is an uphill, picturesque village with plenty of churches and cobbled alleys, which hide souvenir shops, cafés and restaurants. At its top you will find the castle, from which you will take the best view in the village but also in the entire island. The beautiful images, quaint corners and tranquility of the village will relax you from the hustle and bustle of the island.

Suggested visit time: 2-3 hours

 The know-it-all says: The village is built on top of underground galleries that were used as shelters!

Wine tour Santorini

The dry and arid land of Santorini is covered from May to September with a green veil. We are talking about grapevines, which are set in the form of a nest, so that they are protected from winds! In Santorini you will find varieties such as Mavrotragano, Mandilaria, Nychteri (combination), Assyrtiko, Vinsanto and more. As you can see, a visit to a canava (underground winery) is a must! Meet the island’s first winery, Venetsanos winery, and have a tasting of its amazing wines with a view of the Caldera.

Book a wine tour at Venetsanos winery.

Suggested stay time: 2-3 hours
Open: Every day

 The know-it-all says: At the winery, you will find the ninth telephone in Greece!


Therasia is Santorini’s younger unknown sister. Contrary to the cosmopolitan island, Therasia lives away from the lights, the extravagance and luxury of its older sister, while time has stopped somewhere around 1950-60. Here, stress and anxiety are words unknown, as life flows in harmony. It is worth walking on its arid volcanic land, gaze at the view from the caldera, meet its people and their “monastic” lifestyle, take a dive at the black beach of Agia Irene and lose yourself in the tranquility and serenity of this place.

Learn everything about Therasia through the Complete Guide

Suggested stay time: 6-8 hours

 The know-it-all says: At the Riva port there is the chapel of Agia Irene, after whom Santorini was named (Santa Irene)!

Instagram-able Santorini (hot spots)

Santorini is among the 10 best destinations in the world and this has been assisted by…Instagram! Thousands of people visit the island every summer influenced by photographs that they saw posted on the popular app. We present you with the hottest spots to take the best Instagram-able photos:

1) The photograph posing in most Greek and international magazines: The two churches (Oia) 2) The spot where most bloggers get photographed, attracting thousands of likes: The two churches (Oia) 3) Another famous photograph of Santorini: The Three Bells of Fira (Fira) 4) The spot that reminds that Santorini is part of the Cyclades: The Windmills (Oia) 5) One of the most special churches of the island: The colorful church with the bougainvillea (Fira) 6) The carved black beach: Vlychada (Vlychada) 7) A church different from the others: The Colorless church (Agios Ioannis Theologos Fira)8) One of the favorite spots of travel bloggers: The Garden of colors (Oia)

Suggested visit time: 1 day

 The know-it-all says: Visit rates in the island have increased by 20% because of Instagram!!

Santorini Food Tour

Food is an integral part of the island, so the Santorini Food Tour should not be missing from your list! With Telis as the leader, you will have the chance to take a full “dive” in the Santorinian cuisine. The culinary dive includes coffee, bougatsa, beer, appetizers, melitinia, cherry tomatoes, fava, pastrami, olive oil, souvlaki or gyros, local wines, octopus, tsipouro, domatokeftedes, moussaka and loukoumades…for cooling off(!), while many surprises are also on the table. During the Tour, you will also see images of Santorini, you will walk in small alleys and become a fun group (with Telis’ help).

Mini tip: The stops for food are many, so you should start off on an empty stomach.

? Santorini Food Tour: Book Here

Suggested visit time: 4-5 hours
Open: Every day
Cost: 85€ per person

 The know-it-all says: There have been periods when 7,000 tons of tomatoes were being cultivated!

Kamari Cinema

Welcome to Europe’s most beautiful open-air cinema, the Kamari Cinema! It is housed in an outdoor semi-circle space, which is surrounded by tall trees and leaves the spectator with the impression that they are in some exotic land. The acoustics as well as the quality of the image are perfect, while the space is smartly decorated with machines and objects from the old age of cinema. Finally, it is worth mentioning that all movies are played in English version and have Greek subtitles.

Caution! Seats are limited (around 170) and there is no possibility of telephone or electronic ticket purchase, you can only purchase tickets from the cinema booths.

? Read the rest of the tips Santorini to enjoy a wonderful night of entertainment! 

Suggested visit time: 1-3 hours (depending on the film)
Open: Every day
Cost: 8€ per person

 The know-it-all says: Cinema Kamari has been in operation for 30+ years!

Fira-Oia trail

Santorini is connected from side to side with trails, with the most well-known one being the Fira-Oia trail. It is a 10km-long route, of medium difficulty, which you can travel in 2½ hours (fast-paced walking and 2-3 stops). The route starts from Fabrica in Thera and ends up at the church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary in Oia. The best options for rest stops are the chapel of Prophet Elias outside of Imerovigli (in the middle of the route), and the chapel of Virgin Mary (with a view of Oia and the Aegean).

? Read the Tips with all the information about the Fira-Oia trail!

Check out the route for the Fira-Oia trail

Suggested visit time: 2-3 hours
Open: Every day

 The know-it-all says: Fira, Firostefani and Imerovigli are individual villages, even though they are now connected to each other!

Photoshoot at the Caldera

A photoshoot at the Caldera of Santorini is one of the main reasons for visiting the island! The Caldera creates a scenery that is unique in the world, that only the camera is able to capture.

Suggestions: Showcase the wild beauty of the Caldera from the street after Imerovigli, as well as from Skaros. If you prefer something more romantic then visit the turn to Firostefani. For something alternative, visit the Venetsanos winery which apart from its excellent wines also offers an ample view of (almost) the entire Caldera. There are also many more locations that you will discover on your own, as long as you are in mood for walking.

Suggested visit time: 4-5 hours
Open: Every day
Cost: Free – With a professional: from 90 up to 120€ per person.

 The know-it-all says: Every year, tens of serious injuries occur, due to the people being photographed and their passion to take the best picture!

Stay in an undercut cave in Santorini

The question that will pop up in your mind is why you should stay in an undercut cave in Santorini. The answer is very simple! Because the experience of staying in an undercut room is different from the ordinary and it will bring you closer to the island’s culture. Over there you will experience how people used to live inside the rock, while you will have total silence (stone offers great soundproofing) and a direct visual of the Caldera! The modern undercut structures in Santorini have excellent architecture and layout, while they provide all the amenities.

Suggested stay time: At least one night

 The know-it-all says: The undercut caves of the Caldera were the houses of the poor, while the ones of the rich (Captains) were located higher…!

Santorini black beaches

Are you ready to dive in the waters of Santorini’s black beaches? The waters around the island might not be turquoise or green-blue, but they are quite clean and offer moments of coolness and relaxation. It is significant that there are organized and free places, giving everyone the opportunity to choose if they want to lie on the black sand or enjoy a cocktail under an umbrella. The top black beaches of Santorini are located in Perissa, Kamari, Perivolos, Agios Georgios and Vlychada.

? Check out the Tips section to find out the locations of the most quiet and worthwhile beach and the best beach for entertainment, as well as other pieces of information.

Suggested visit time: 2-3 hours
Open: Every day
Cost: Free

 The know-it-all says: The water is dark due to the volcanic rocky ground!