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The best food in Santorini

Food Santorini


Food in Santorini is a case for “strong” wallets (for the Greek standards)! Prices, however are reasonably higher, as both rent rates and taxes in Santorini are sky high.

Despite the high prices, the island is famous for its good food and quality products of the dishes. In almost all restaurants you will find dishes made with local ingredients and served with imagination and creativity. What you might not be aware of is that a two-person meal costs 60 to 80€ with glasses of wine! Options are countless and you must pick based on mood, location and budget. Vegetarian dishes, a plethora of meat options and, of course, fresh fish are lined up in the restaurants and taverns of the island.

Food Santorini

Do not leave Santorini without having tried its traditional products and dishes! We start off with the famous Cherry Tomatoes of Santorini, the creamy Fava of Santorini and the delicious domatokeftedes (tomato fritters) a.k.a. “pseftokeftedes” (“fake fritters”). The flavorsome caper, the small white eggplants, the chlorotyri (fresh cheese) and fresh fish from the Aegean are accompanied by the wonderful Santorinian wines from PDO varieties.

Some of the local dishes are the Santorinian salad with cherry tomatoes, fresh cheese, rusks and caper, the skordomakarona (garlic pasta) and the Atherinopita (sand smelt pie) with sand smelts, flour and onions fried. In more sophisticated places you will also find kselouristos bakaliaros (cod fish), which is eaten (uncooked) in small pieces accompanied by tomato salad, as well as the traditional Easter dessert, the Meletinia or Melitinia, which resemble the Cretan skaltsounia.

Mini Tips: a) If you want to find a table, you must make reservations (any day during high season and Friday & weekends the rest of the year) b) You will find the best and most economical taverns outside of Oia and Thera. c) It will be hard to find a main dish that costs less than 17€!

Food Santorini: Check the best restaurants

Giorgaros (Akrotiri)

The fish tavern Giorgaros is the definition of the local tavern that stands outside the tourist trails. Some of its characteristics are the huge portions, first class products and, of course, the fresh fish. Also, the politeness and promptness of the staff could not be missing from the restaurant’s list of advantages, while the view from the balcony will claim many moments of your meal. Finally, we should mention that prices are totally reasonable, considering the quality and size of the dishes.

Mini tip: Make absolutely sure you book a table. It is sold out during high season!

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We suggest you to try: The incredible lobster pasta for two persons!
Cost: €€
Total score: ?????

To Psaraki (Vlychada)

After a swim at Vlychada’s unusual beach (with the volcanic dust), it is time for a meal at Psaraki. To Psaraki is one of the most well-known fish taverns of the island and not in vain. The restaurant’s kitchen allows in only freshly caught fish, which arrive at your table after being ideally cooked and garnished. But apart from the fish, the rest of the dishes are also “dressed” with top quality products. Finally, the view from the port of Vlychada, quick service and politeness of the staff come to perfectly complete the option for fish.

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We suggest you to try: Their fresh fish!
Cost: €€€
Total score: ?????

To Briki (Firostefani)

Get ready for a meal with a breath-taking view at…To Briki! The establishment is located in Firostefani and excites fans of fish, vegetarians and meat eaters alike. The dishes are made with excellent products and served with creativity and imagination. Service is quick, polite and totally discreet, while the variety and sizes of servings are perfectly satisfactory. The view of the caldera, Therasia and Imerovigli will accompany your meal until the sunset, offering a unique spectacle.

Mini tip: Reserve one of the front tables on the top floor so that you get a view of the magical sunset

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We suggest you to try: The veal fillet!
Cost: €€€
Total score: ?????

Metaxi Mas (Exo Gonia)

Metaxi Mas (meaning just between us in Greek), this restaurant is among the top options for food in Santorini. It is located in the village of Exo Gonia, which became known because of the tavern! At the restaurant you will find excellent cooked dishes, made with traditional recipes and lots of passion. The variety of dishes is wide, portions are satisfactory and the environment ideal for you to enjoy a Santorinian meal. Finally, the pretty low prices and high-quality service will make you love it a bit more.

Mini tip: You should absolutely make reservations in order to get a table. The restaurant is full at all times.

We suggest you to try: The oven-baked pork shank with eggplants and cherry tomatoes!
Total score: ?????

Kantouni (Pyrgos Kallistis)

In the beautiful Pyrgos Kallistis, under the quiet and shade of the pine trees, we find Kantouni. The establishment is recommended for anyone who wants something quick, tasty and of good quality. The options in coffees, juices, snacks, appetizers as well as food is wide and covers all tastes. The staff is very polite and willing to help you at any moment (despite the fact that the shop is always full), while the dishes come to your table pretty quickly. As for the prices and quality, they are at very good levels.

We suggest you to try: Their tsipouro appetizers!
Cost: €€
Total score: ????

Food Tour Santorini

The next option is not another tavern or some gourmet restaurant. It is a complete Food Tour with local flavors as well as many images of Santorini! The dive into the Santorinian cuisine is realized with the help of the amazing food leader Telis and it includes coffee, bougatsa, beer, beer side dishes, melitinia, cherry tomatoes, Santorinian fava, pastrami, olive oil, souvlaki or gyros, local wines, octopus, tsipouro, domatokeftedes, moussaka and loukoumades…for cooling off! As you can imagine, you must begin with an empty stomach and be prepared to dive deep into the local cuisine.

Food Tour Santorini: Book Here

We suggest you to try: Everything on the tour!
Cost: €€
Total score: ?????

Anemoloos (Exo Gonia)

Anemoloos is located in Santorini’s Exo Gonia village, with a view of the Kamari beach, and it is a good option for a quick stop. In the restaurant you will find a variety of side dishes to accompany your tsipouro, wine or beer. Prices and service are at good levels.

We suggest you to try: the appetizers and especially the fried saganaki!
Cost: €€€
Total score: ???