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11 more attractions in Dubai

The attractions and activities that Dubai offers satisfy every visitor, while you will ideally need eight days to discover it. Walk around the old town of Al Fahidi and the Dubai Marina, visit the Miracle Garden and play in the Global Village. Enjoy some skiing in the Mall of the Emirates and shop at the IBN Battuta Mall. If you prefer to take a dive along with camels or among sharks, opt for the JPB and the Aquaventure Waterpark of Jumeirah Palm. Whatever you pick, Dubai will always offer more than one reasons to visit it and gather extraordinary images that will remain unforgettable.

Discover many more attractions in Dubai.

Jumeirah Palm & Atlantis Hotel

The “beautiful palm tree” as is the name of the Jumeirah Palm, is an artificial island in the shape of a palm tree. Its “leaves” are dominated by the villas of celebrities, while the famous Atlantis Hotel is located on its top. Tour the hotel, take a dive at its private beach (Nasimi beach) and have fun at one of the parties that take place daily. Next to the Atlantis Hotel is the Aquaventure Waterpark. The park is suitable for endless hours of entertainment and adrenaline, with the tube that passes by the sharks taking everyone’s breath away.

Suggested visit time: 4-5 hours
Open: Always
Cost: Free

 The know-it-all says: It is the hotel with the most expensive room in the world!

Miracle Garden

One more contemporary miracle must be added in the Dubai list. This is none other than the colorful Miracle Garden, the location of which used to be a desert! Besides, this is the miracle, that in the middle of the desert they manage to maintain temperature and humidity under control, so that the flowers are kept in mint condition. The Miracle Garden has more than 100 million(!) blossomed flowers, which are planted not only in flowerbeds, but also in boats, houses, airplanes and more. It is acknowledged as a unique spectacle for children, as well as adults, since the eye fills up on colors and original designs.

Important: The Miracle Garden is constantly being renewed, so it remains closed during some periods. Get informed at the Official website.

Suggested visit time: 2-4 hours
Open: Sunday-Thursday 09:00-21:00 & Friday-Saturday 09:00-23:00. Get informed at the Official Website.
Cost: Adults 9€, Children 7€, Babies >2 years old Free.

 The know-it-all says: In the garden there is the largest flowers installation in the world, which, as a matter of fact, has gained a spot in the Guinness book of world records!

Global Village

The Global Village is probably the top family –but not exclusively- recreational experience in Dubai. The gigantic theme park opens its gates every night and takes you on a journey around 70+ world countries. In the Global Village you will find food from various cuisines, you will see Hollywood events and have the chance for endless play time on the Fantasy Island (amusement park). Furthermore, at the pavilions of each country you will find local products and have the opportunity to get to know parts of their culture. The only disadvantage is that it is 23km (!) away from the city center.

Suggested visit time: 4-5 hours
Open: Thursday-Friday 16:00-01:00 & Saturday-Wednesday 16:00-00:00 (Opens for season). Check out when it is open HERE.
Cost: General entrance ticket 3.5€

 The know-it-all says: It stretches over 1,600,000 square meters & every year it welcomes over 5,000,000 visitors!

Abra Boats at the Fountains & Madinat Jumeirah

Do not be surprised if you see small boats (abra boats) sailing in the fountains of the Dubai Mall or in the canals of Madinat Jumeirah. The small motor boats make for a pleasant note for anyone craving a different experience. The ride in the Fountains of the Dubai Mall lasts for 30 minutes, in which you can watch one of the fountains’ “dances”, from just one breath away. On the other hand, the ride in the canals of Madinat Jumeirah offers oriental images, information about the resort and many picturesque photographs.

Important: a) For the Fountains of the Dubai mall you will have to acquire the printed tickets from the desk of the Burj al Arab. The electronic ticket is not enough! b) The ride at Madinat Jumeirah starts at the Trattoria Toscana.

Suggested visit time: 30-50 minutes
Open: Dubai Fountains Every day 17:45-23:00 duration 30 minutes, Madinat Jumeirah Every day 10:00-23:00 duration 20 minutes.
Cost: Dubai Fountains 15€/person / Madinat Jumeirah 20€/adults, 11€/children.

 The know-it-all says: The word abra means “to cross”!

IBN Battuta Mall

The IBN Battuta Mall is a shopping center different from the usual, as each one of its sectors hosts a different culture (Tunisia, Egypt, Persia, India, China and Andalusia). In its theme sectors you will find more than 200 stores, and among them restaurants, cafés, cinemas, a bowling alley and playgrounds, all for the entertainment of children and adults. Another advantage of the IBN Battuta Mall is the limited tourist visit rates, due to the distance from the city center. This way, it has been established as the market of the locals, without lacking in organization and luxury in comparison to the other malls.

Suggested visit time: 2-3 hours
Open: Every day 10:00-00:00
Cost: Free

 The know-it-all says: It owes its name to the adventurer-explorer IBN Battuta!

Al Fahidi Neighbourhood (Al Bastakiya)

Visit the historical neighborhood of Al Fahidi, a.k.a. Al Bastakiya, if you want to live in 18th century Dubai! When there were no skyscrapers, nor highways or super cars. The neighborhood was saved from the construction mania of the Sheikhs, because of the efforts of a British architect! Nowadays, it is an excellent place to see the old Dubai and escape the tourist crowd. In the neighborhood of Al Fahidi you will find small museums, quaint accommodation sites, cafés-restaurants and the amazing Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding.

Suggested visit time: 1-2 hours
Open: Always
Cost: Free

 The know-it-all says: The small turrets on the terraces used to trap the air and transfer it inside the houses, operating as air-conditioners!

Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina is a place that combines contemporary architecture, the sea, beautiful boats and the emirate’s luxury. It is suitable for many hours of rest and walks, while it excites its night visitors with the lights and luxury, which is reflected on its every nook and cranny. In the surrounding area you will find many –expensive- restaurants and cafés, while you should not miss out on an evening cruise, with the glistening skyscrapers catching your every look. In the Marina you will also find the Marina Mall and the Marina Yacht Club.

Suggested visit time: 2-3 hours
Open: Always
Cost: Free

 The know-it-all says: The Dubai Marina has spots for 500 boats!

Swimming at the Jumeirah Public Beach

Is there anything better that swimming at the Jumeirah Public Beach, with all the skyscrapers and the Burj al Arab in the background? The waters of the Persian Gulf are always warm and clean, the only thing you have to do is put on your swimsuits and great attitude. Now, if you see camels passing by you do not get alarmed, they are in their natural habitat! Important: a) The beaches with the most people and free access are the JBR and Jumeirah Public Beach. b) You must absolutely be equipped with lots of sunscreen, as the sun in Dubai does not mess around.

Suggested visit time: 2-3 hours
Open: Always
Cost: Free

 The know-it-all says: The beach stretches over 130 acres!

Mall of the Emirates & Ski Dubai

The second most well-known shopping center in Dubai is the Mall of the Emirates. Inside you will find dozens of famous brands, restaurants-cafés and many activities such as the Magic Planet and the Ductac. In the Mall of the Emirates you will also find something truly impressive…This is none other than ski slopes! Yes, people managed to bring snow in the heart of the desert! So, inside a very organized space, fans of the winter sport have the chance to enjoy it in safety (the equipment is offered by the mall).

Suggested visit time: 4-5 hours
Open: Sunday-Wednesday 10:00-22:00 & Thursday-Saturday 10:00-00:00.
Cost: Free

 The know-it-all says: Every year it welcomes over 42,000,000 visitors!

Dubai museum

A former fortress, which was turned into an armory and later was used as a prison, nowadays houses the short history of Dubai. Built two centuries ago, the Al Fahidi Fort, remains in the neighborhood of Al Fahidi to remind of the frenetic construction and technological development that the emirate went through, within a few years. From houses that were no taller than two meters, now buildings are constructed that might be taller than 1km (!). From the city center being a desert with only camels passing by, now there are streets filled only with expensive Ferraris! The low price of the ticket is one more reason to visit the Dubai museum.

Suggested visit time: 30 minutes-1 hour
Open: Saturday-Thursday 08:30-20:30 & Friday 14:30-20:30. Closed: Sunday.
Cost: Adults 0.70€, Children 0.20€

 The know-it-all says: It is the oldest building in Dubai!

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo makes for an interesting visit. It can be combined with a visit to the Dubai Mall, since it is housed inside the mall, while part of its show window is on display for all visitors. Walk inside the water tunnel, explore the underwater zoo, the tropical forest and admire rare species of fish. Book the right ticket (according to your interests) and enjoy a pleasant aquatic experience. It is especially recommended for families with children. The visit, despite the steep price of the ticket, guarantees captivating images.

Suggested visit time: 2 hours
Open: Every day 10:00-00:00
Cost: General entrance 20-75€ per person (Free for children under the age of 3).

 The know-it-all says: The royal crocodile, which you will meet in the aquarium, has the strongest bite of all the animals on the planet! is regularly updated on ticket costs and operating hours, but you should always visit your choice of destination’s official site for confirmation.