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Nola bar

In Dubai entertainment is not the easiest thing, as alcohol is only served in hotels! However, we have the best suggestion for you to spend your nights. The Nola bar is housed in a beautifully decorated space and it is the ideal night station, where you can enjoy a few cocktails. The space fills with live music, by the various bands it hosts, while the polite staff do everything they can for you to feel comfortable and have a pleasant evening. Finally, it is worth noting that it is next door to the most high-quality restaurant of the city, Mythos Kouzina & Grill. Highly Recommended (H)

Our suggestion: Their Cocktails!
Our order: 2 Cocktails & 1 Cheese platter.
Cost: €€-€€€

Total score: ?????

Sky View Bar: Burj al Arab

The Sky View Bar is the main bar of the Burj al Arab. It is on the 27th floor of the hotel and the view it offers is truly unique. The bar of the 7-star hotel could only be one of the fanciest options to enjoy your drink. The flavors of the cocktails, the snacks, as well as the staff’s attitude are…on another level. In order to be allowed to enter, you must have made reservations, without any charge. There is also the option of taking your afternoon tea (prepay 175€/person for a table by the window). Highly Recommended (H)

Notes: a) Read the Dress Code, b) Alcohol is served 19:00-02:00, c) Minimum charge is 85€/person.

Our suggestion: Their unique Cocktails!
Our order: 3 Cocktails, a Platter with 4 snacks & Tiramisu.
Cost: €€€€

Total score: ?????

The Courtyard Manzil Downtown Dubai

We find the beautiful yard of The Courtyard Manzil Downtown Dubai in the entertainment category as well (apart from the food category), since you can also drink your cocktail and relax while enjoying some hookah in its comfy chairs. The establishment is located downtown and access is easy. The space is beautifully decorated and air-conditioned –albeit being outdoors-, with the Arabic element being distinct. The staff is polite and ready to attend to you at any moment, while prices are slightly steep. Recommended (R)

Our order: 2 Cocktails & Hookah.
Cost: €€€-€€€€

Total score: ????

Uptown rooftop bar

Exactly opposite of the famous Burj al Arab hotel, at the top (24th) floor of the Jumeirah Beach hotel, you can find the Uptown rooftop bar. The bar is a great option to relax with some cocktails, wines and various viands. Their drinks are good, prices are reasonable and service is at very good levels. Of course, the show-stopper is the unobstructed view of Dubai, which is totally impressive from sunset to the late evening. Note: Even though it is opposite of the Burj al Arab, the view of the 7-star hotel is limited. Recommended (R)

Our suggestion: Their Cocktails!
Our order: 2 Cocktails
Cost: €€€-€€€€

Total score: ????

Oeno wine bar

The Oeno wine bar is located inside the 5-star Westin Mina Seyahi hotel, close to the Dubai Marina, and it is a good option to spend your evening. The bar –almost- nightly offers special nights with live bands, unlimited wine, ladies’ night and more, while the space is clean, well-kept and almost always full. At the bar you will also find plenty of snacks to accompany your drink. Prices, as in most bars of the city, are at high levels, while the staff is polite and attentive. Good Choice (G)

Our suggestion: the Cheese platters!
Our order: 1 Glass of wine, 1 Drink & 1 Cheese platter.
Cost: €€€-€€€€

Total score: ???

We specially thank the Nola bar and especially the chef Ilias Kokoroskos and Evangelia Pispirigkou for the impeccable hospitality.

The texts depict objectively and honestly everything that we saw and encountered during our stay, at the specific time period that we visited them. Travelen holds no responsibility for any possible changes regarding prices, decorations, service, change of management or anything else that you might find different during your visit. It is also worth mentioning that our review/opinion pertains ONLY to shops that we have visited.