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Where to eat in Bratislava

Influenced by the Czech cuisine, the Slovak follows the dietary customs of the Northern countries. In their dishes you will find thick sauces and garnishes with onions and baked vegetables, while their glasses are always filled with beer*. The first thing that is put on the table of the locals (even before utensils) is a warm soup. Then follow the main dishes that are based on roasted (and not baked) meat.

In the beautiful city of Bratislava there are mainly quaint taverns, which serve tasty and quality dishes in low prices. The cost for a full meal ranges between 15 and 25€ per person with beer. If you are looking for fast food, the city has limited choices that are mainly based on sausages, burgers and langos. Avoid the restaurants that display their menus outside with photographs of the dishes. 90% of them are tourist traps. Do not leave the city without having tried the famous Haluski, the Kapustnica soup, the fried Zemiakové placky, the local Bryndza cheese and our beloved Skalicky Trdelnik dessert. Also, taste the traditional beers, many of which will leave you totally satisfied.

*Slovaks import beers from the Czech Republic, but also produce dozens of their own brews.

Prasna Basta

The Prasna Basta tavern is located close to the old Town Hall and offers traditional, tasty cuisine in a pleasant, semi-underground environment. It is a hangout for both locals and tourists, who want to meet the Slovak cuisine. The Haluski, the Chicken pancake and friendly service are some of the reasons to visit it. For a complete, two-person meal you will not have to put your hand deep into your pocket, as prices are at normal -for Bratislava- levels.  Recommended (R)

We recommend you to try: the delicious traditional Haluski.
Our order: 1 Cabbage soup, 1 Chicken pancake (excellent choice), 1 Haluski, 1 Pork with mushrooms & 2 Draft beers 500ml. Total cost 36€.

⭐ Total score: 8.4

NYC Corner

Who said that there is no street food in Bratislava? You probably haven’t passed by the tastiest “New York” corner, the NYC corner. The stylish booth is located outside of the MY Bratislava shopping center and although it offers limited options (only four), manages to satisfy everyone with its flavors and quality. The hot-dogs with the wonderful garnishes qualify it as one of the best street food choices not only in the city, but in our overall tasting experience. Prices are in total harmony with the quality and quantity.  Highly Recommended (H)

We recommend you to try: the Hot Dog with sautéed bacon, fried onions and curry dressing! Just imagine it…
Our order: 1 Hot Dog with caramelized onions, cheese and leek, 1 Hot Dog with sautéed bacon, fried onions and curry dressing. Total cost 7€.

⭐ Total score: 8.8

Slovak Pub

The Slovak Pub is the most famous tavern in the city. It may be a self-proclaimed pub, but the environment and choices it offers demonstrate the contrary. It is housed on the 1st floor of an old building and is divided in various rooms, which are almost always full. This happens because it has the cheapest cuisine in Bratislava! Portions are satisfying in taste and quantity, while service is average. The wide variety is also included in the pub’s advantages. Do not forget to make reservations online at least two days prior to your visit.  Recommended (R)

We recommend you to try: the devil’s dish! The taste of seduction..
Our order: 1 Mushroom soup, 1 French fries, 1 Haluski, 1 Schnitzel, 1 Devil’s dish & 4 Traditional family recipe beers. Total cost only 27.5€.

⭐ Total score: 8

Traja Musketieri

The Traja Musketeer is a hangout for the Bratislava’s locals, who prefer it for its quality and very filling dishes. The three musketeers of taste promise a pleasant tasting experience in a non-central and busy restaurant. It is worth noting that the utensils, dishes, seats and the staff’s attires echo the homonymous film. Tastes are quite satisfying, as well as prices, while the enormous portions render the order of many dishes prohibitive.  Recommended (R)

We recommend you to try: The filling Mushroom soup inside a warm loaf of bread..
Our order: 1 Mushroom soup, 1 Baked potatoes, 1 Pork shank, 1 Risotto with mushrooms, 3 Leffe beers 330ml. Total cost 36€.

⭐ Total score: 8.5


Funki Punki

The Funki Punki is located in the center of Bratislava, but it is not especially popular with tourists. On the outside it looks indifferent, but inside there is a warm, homey atmosphere. The store can cover the need for breakfast, brunch or something fast, while it is known for the great variety in crepes and tasty beverages. It is suitable for any time of day, as you can take your book or laptop and relax with its Funki Punki attitude.  Highly Recommended (H)

We recommend you to try: the Crepe with traditional Slovak cheese and grilled bacon.
Our order: 1 Crepe with double Nutella and strawberries, 1 Crepe with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil, 1 Crepe with traditional cheese and grilled bacon, 1 Hot chocolate & 1 Ginger tea. Total cost 11.5€.

⭐ Total score: 9.1

Enjoy Coffee

If you want to enjoy some coffee, we have the coziest place in Bratislava. The delightful Enjoy Coffee is just a few meters before Michael’s Gate and offers quality breakfast in a very well-kept space. The store is satisfying both in tastes and service, with prices being a little high compared to the rest of the city’s cafés. A very important point is that it has a mini children’s play area for the kids’ entertainment.  Recommended (R)

We recommend you to try: the delicious Espresso with chocolate
Our order: 1 English breakfast, 1 Chocolate cake, 1 Espresso with chocolate, 1 Hot chocolate with cream and forest fruits. Total cost 18.5€.

⭐ Total score: 8.4

Kava bar

The Kava bar is located on the foothills of the Bratislava Castle and it is highly traditional. It is a hangout for locals, who visit it daily to have a quick coffee and enjoy a strengthening breakfast. The tastes it offers inside its rather limited space are satisfying. Enjoy the freshly-baked cakes while sitting next to the window wall, with trams passing constantly and people going up and down the Castle. Finally, it is worth noting that prices are reasonable and service is very good.  Recommended (R)

We recommend you to try: the exquisite Caramel Cheesecake.
Our order: 1 Complete breakfast, 1 Caramel cheesecake & 1 Hot chocolate. Total cost 10€.

⭐ Total score: 8.4

The texts depict objectively and honestly everything that we saw and encountered during our stay, at the specific time period that we visited them. Travelen holds no responsibility for any possible changes regarding prices, decorations, service, change of management or anything else that you might find different during your visit. It is also worth mentioning that our review/opinion pertains ONLY to shops that we have visited.