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The North’s capital is an upcoming tourist force, as more and more people are visiting it, while at the same time it is the most popular stop & go destination in Greece. Accommodation in the city is an easy business, with dozens of hotels and Airbnb apartments offering pleasant and warm hospitality. Most accommodation sites are well-maintained and located close or inside the city center. Prices are normal, with the average cost per night being around 70-80€ (for a double room with breakfast). Avoid the sites located in the areas of Kassandrou, Olympiados and Hagios Demetrios’ Streets, as they are not safe enough at night.

Colors Hotel

Many neo-classical buildings in the city center have been renovated and turned into exquisite accommodation sites, with style and finesse having the first word. One of these buildings is the urban Colors Hotel, located on the city’s most central street, Tsimiski. Being on such a central spot, it works as a springboard for most of Thessaloniki’s attractions, while being just 3 minutes away from Aristotelous Square and 10 minutes from the White Tower. It stands out for its modern and youthful character, with the appropriate thematic and chromatic combinations completely justifying its name!

All of the hotel’s spaces are clean, with pleasant smells emerging from every corner. Colors’ friendly visage is also reflected through its staff, who are willing to help and give out any information, always with a smile. Also, the hotel provides a luggage storage space, a massage room and the well-known Garden bar.

No matter how many times you stay there, you are not going to get tired of it, as every room has a different theme/décor. But, the rooms, apart from the charming style, also have mini bars, satellite TV, bathroom amenities, hair-dryers, safes and autonomous heating/cooling systems. Their interior space is so pleasant and warm that it will be hard to say goodbye to it. We should also note that all rooms are spacious, while most of them offer a nice view of the neighborhood. Only a few of them, though, have a view of the hotel’s inner courtyard (!).

The hotel’s scarce disadvantages include the bad sound-proofing and the lack of parking space. (As far as the sound-proofing is concerned, the hotel bears no responsibility, as it is prohibited to intervene in a neo-classical building’s structure.)
The cost of accommodation reaches up to 80-90€ per night (with a great breakfast), which makes it one of the best VFM (value for money) options in the city. The hotel is recommended for business purposes, as well as for pleasure. Highly Recommended (H)

Tip: Ask to stay at the amazing room with the graffiti (No 35). You are going to fall in love with it…!

Accommodation Score: 9
Cleanliness: 9
Staff Kindness-Service: 9
Quality of Life and Area Safety: 9.5
Room Quality: 8.5
Breakfast: 9
Value for Money: 9.5
Location: 9.5
Benefits: 8

Escape in Style Gate 305 (Airbnb)

Ioanna and Michalis’ apartment is located in the heart of the city, just 1 minute away from Aristotelous Square, Tsimiski Street and the seafront! Because of its location, it is the perfect springboard for meeting Thessaloniki and gathering the most beautiful moments. In the neighborhood, you will find some of the best cafés and bistros in the city, supermarkets, pharmacies, shopping stores, while across the street there is a parking lot for your car. Furthermore, within a distance of only a few meters, you will find the “Aristotelous” bus stop, so you can move easily in the city. Although the apartment building is not in the greatest shape, this is of little importance, as you will spend hardly any time in its common spaces. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the neighborhood’s safety is very high, as it is busy 24/7.

The renovated apartment is very bright, with design and functionalism being the two words that describe it best. The apartment has a small living-dining room with a kitchen, a small but charming bathroom, and a resting area with earthly colors and modern details. The photographs on the website depict perfectly the cozy apartment, while the benefits may be even better than the ones mentioned. On the building’s 1st floor there is a cafeteria for snacks and beverages, which can come to your door with just one phone call (low prices). The apartment may not have a balcony, but from one of its sides it gives you the chance to admire the Thermaikos Bay. Concluding our description, we must highlight two more things. The first one is that the space is clean and ideal for two persons (30 m²) and the second one is that the owners are exceptionally polite and give solutions to any problem that may come up.

In the downsides, we would only include the noise from the cafés and the pizza place during the evening hours, about which, of course, the owners bear no responsibility.

The price for every night is around 50€, a fact that brings it at the top spots of accommodations in the city, and establishes it as one of the best accommodation options in the value-for-money category. Highly Recommended (H)


Accommodation Score: 9.2

Cleanliness: 9
Staff Kindness-Service: 9.5
Quality of Life and Area Safety: 9
Room Quality: 9
Breakfast: –
Value for Money: 9.5
Location: 10
Benefits: 8.5

The Caravan

The Caravan hotel is located in the city center, just 10 minutes away from Aristotelous Square. It is housed in a newly-conserved building behind the Hamza Bey Mosque (Venizelou Street) and in its interior spaces they have managed to combine the old, the ethnic and the modern elements, characteristics that result in a unique style. All of the hotel’s spaces are filled with pleasant smells, while both the owners and the young staff are willing to attend to your needs and provide you with any piece of information. On the ground floor you will find two rooms with extraordinary decoration to enjoy your coffee, relax or play one of the board games that they keep.

Leaving the common spaces, we go up to the rooms, which are high-ceilinged, spacious and clean, with satisfying benefits, considering its 3 stars. A few of said benefits are the safe, fridge, water boiler and beauty products. The beds are comfortable and suitable for many hours of rest, while in the colorful the bathroom you will find hot water any time of day. Finally, it is worth noting that many rooms have a view of the beautiful Hamza Bey Mosque.

Some of the very few disadvantages are the lack of parking space and work desk, as well as the mediocre breakfast. It could also be considered as a disadvantage the fact that the front desk, as well as the ground floor spaces close during the evening hours (after 22:00).

The cost of accommodation reaches up to 65-85€ per night (including breakfast), which makes it a good choice, for the quality stay that it offers. The hotel might look like a hostel (on the ground floor), but it operates with the philosophy of a well organized hotel. Recommended (R)

Tip: Book the deluxe double room with the number 30.

Accommodation Score: 8.1: 8.1
Cleanliness: 8
Staff Kindness-Service: 9
Quality of Life and Area Safety: 8
Room Quality: 8.5
Breakfast: 7
Value for Money: 8
Location: 8.5
Benefits: 8

Travelen was hosted by the “Colors Hotel”, the “Caravan” and stayed at Ioanna and Michalis’ apartment, but the views and everything presented here regarding the accommodations, service, food and benefits, fully capture everything we saw and experienced, without any preconception, affinity or distaste, in complete objectiveness and honesty.

Scores, opinions and reviews about accommodations are completely subjective, but fully capture everything we saw and experienced without any preconception, affinity or distaste. Also, prices may vary depending on time period and demand.