Rabat is a pleasant surprise for anyone that visits it! It may not be as tourist-oriented, but it is suitable for visiting and exploring, while it offers many images and flavors from the Moroccan cuisine. The country’s heart beats in Rabat as all the decisions are taken there, by its king. A city as beautiful and tameless as the Atlantic Ocean that “breaks at its feet”. A city full of contrasts, hidden secrets and traditions that are deeply rooted in its every step. Do not miss out on visiting the Kasbah Udayas, a neighborhood that resembles a Greek island, walk around the Medina, visit the Mausoleum of Mohammed, the Hassan Tower and walk along the Atlantic.

Suggested visit time: 1 day

 The know-it-all says: Rabat in Arabic means a fortified location!

5 attractions that you must visit in Rabat..


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