Where to hide your valuable items on a trip!

When starting your trip to a new destination, an invisible bull’s-eye is automatically placed upon your head. Every city has groups that “specialize” in tourist mugging, as according to research reports they are the most vulnerable targets* within an organized community. This is why you should always hide your valuables in spots (on you) from which no-one ever will manage to take. And as for which these places are, do not worry at all; Travelen searched and found the safest accessories to help you avoid a likely theft and have a pleasant trip.

Where to hide your valuable items on a trip.

Women’s bootsThese leather boots are the ideal place to hide your phone, cards and money, thanks to their inside pockets. It is the absolute must for you to wander around in style and safety.

Unisex waist bandThe elastic band allows you to hide your cards, phone, passport as well as money on your waist! It is worn, ideally, underneath the clothes, so as not to be detected by potential thieves.

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BeltIt is probably the safest way to carry cash, cards and valuable items. Its only disadvantage is the difficulty in use of the contents.

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Flip-flop/walletThe next product may be the most original of all! The flip-flops with secret storage space are the perfect summer hiding place. The waterproof material keeps the content in mint condition. The accessory is especially useful for the pool as well as the sea.

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Unisex wrist walletA handy, safe accessory that gives you the chance to use its content directly. It is easily adapted to all wrists and closes up with a zipper.

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BraA bra/hiding place where you can keep your money, cards, keys and phone, thanks to its specially designed pocket. Tip: DO NOT keep your phone there for a long period of time.

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Unisex ScarfThe magic scarf arrives to ideally complete the puzzle of the accessories/hiding places. On a part that nobody would dare to snatch at (your neck), you can hide passports, cards, money, watches, keys and your phone. The scarf is available in lots of colors, because safety is great, but style comes first!

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Pocket AlarmFor the end, we have a gadget that will become your personal guard. It is a smart pocket alarm, which gets inside of or connected to your valuable items. If somebody tries to pull it, they automatically draw the pin and the 120db sound notifies you and everyone else within a 400m radius! Ideal for wallets, bags and phones. It is also suitable for self-defense, if you are walking in the street in the late hours.

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Hiding JacketThe jacket is the flagship of this article and the reason for this is that it has not one, not two, not three, but 15 different hiding spots! Yes, you read that right! Inside it you can hide everything from your pen to your tablet!! It is available in three colors and comes out in men’s and women’s line.

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  1. David Hoyt says:

    Nice list.

    That special belt is a great way to hide money. I knew pocket alarms could be used for self defense, but attaching them to valuable items is a new one for me. I’ll keep that in mind when I travel.

    1. Nikos says:

      David thank you for the comment! Yes it’s really smart accessories to hide some value items (or money) when you travel!

      1. David Hoyt says:

        I actually just purchased one. Liking it.

        1. Nikos says:

          Great news David! Very glad to hear that!

  2. Tepco India says:

    It is great blog post about for best kids travel accessories. helpful and Informative blog. Thanks for sharing these information with us.

    1. Nikos says:

      Thank you..!

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