Vienna Pass: Is it worth purchasing it?

Vienna Pass: Is it worth purchasing it?

The princely capital of Austria is full of royal palaces, interesting museums, peculiar houses and unique attractions; this is why it is flooded with people all seasons of the year.

It is expected that when you find yourself in Vienna you will visit the luxurious rooms of the Hapsburgs, you will get inside the house where Mozart composed all the amazing melodies and you will take a romantic boat ride in the Danube or a ride with the historic tram. As an art enthusiast, you will admire countless paintings, in the city’s dozens of museums, while as a friend of desserts you will take a strudel class. But in order to do aaaall of the above, you must either be a descendant of the sweet Princess Sissi (!), or obtain the Vienna Pass, since ticket prices are steep!

What is the Vienna Pass;The Vienna Pass is Vienna’s tourist card that will help you visit as many points of interest as you wish, at a lower cost. It is easy to purchase and use, while there are various day packages, which cover the needs of every traveler.

❗️Caution: It is different from the Vienna Card (which only offers discounts).

What it includes? Free entrance to more than 60 museums and attractions.
? Unlimited access to Hop-on/Hop-off buses, for all the days it is valid.
? Direct access (skip line) to many attractions, such as the Albertina, Belvedere (Upper and Lower), Schloss Hof and Schloss Niederweiden Imperial Palaces, Imperial Treasury Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna (Museum of Art History), Leopold Museum, Museum of Natural History, Schönbrunn Zoo, Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel and more.
? Mini tour guide.
? The Vienna Pass App with much information on attractions, Hop-on/Hop-off buses and events in the city.
? Refund in case you do not manage to use it. (100% within 30 days of purchase and 90% thereon after. Shipping cost is not refunded if you have purchased it online with home delivery.)

What it does NOT include

? Use of the Means of Public Transport. But you can combine it with the Vienna travelcard (See at the end).
? You cannot reuse it for the same museum/attraction.

What you should pay attention toThe card is valid for calendar days and not hours. This means that from the moment it is activated it is valid until midnight of the day it expires. This is why it is better to be activated early in the morning.

How much it costs

There are four options. The 1/2/3/ & 6-days cards, which cost 70/95/125 & 155 Euros respectively. (Get informed from the official web site for price changes.)

Mini Tip: Very often there are offers with up to 15% discount.

How it worksIt is valid from the moment you use it for the first time and not from the moment you purchase it.

It is valid until the end of the day it expires; this is why it is best to activate it early in the morning, so that you make use of the entire first day.

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How you can purchase it

1) Online with:

Receipt in electronic form on your phone. Advantages: a) There is no fear of losing it. b) Direct use, as you can scan it through your phone screen.

Home delivery (extra shipping cost)

2) Purchase it at designated booths

a) Flughafen Airport: from the AirportDriver desk. Every day 06:00-23:00.
b) At the VIENNA SIGHTSEEING & Vienna PASS Service Center: which is located close to the Vienna Opera. Monday-Saturday 09:00-18:00 & Sundays 09:00-15:00.

Traveling with childrenThe Vienna Pass can also be purchased for children aged 6 to 18, and it actually costs 50% less. Cost for the Vienna Pass kids 35/47.50/62.50 & 77.50€ for 1/2/3 & 6 days respectively.


According to Vienna’s DoDo and More you will need 217€.

This means that with the Vienna Pass you save around 60 to 120€ (depending on the pass you will get).

Is it worth purchasing it?The Vienna Pass, as we mentioned, offers free entrance to more than 60 attractions and museums. We know that it is a tad difficult to visit all of them, but you will still benefit from it, even if you visit part of them. The only thing you need is some right planning and the right attitude to visit Vienna and its culture in depth.

Note: Even if you stay in the city for one day, if you are planning on getting to know it, you will save plenty of money.

If you need help to organize your trip, take a look at the DoDo and More categories about Vienna.

Extra Bonus Vienna TravelcardThe Vienna Pass does not include free use of the means of public transport, but you can combine it with the Vienna Travelcard. The Vienna Travelcard is valid for 24/48 and 72 hours and costs 8/14 and 17€ respectively. Children under 6 years old get a 50% discount.

Vienna Pass: Is it worth purchasing it?

  1. Shiela Escartin Salvado says:

    This is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever visited, so in my mind is is worth it. You have so many things to see and visit. Museums, Belvedere Palace, Opera house, it is just one great experience.

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