The 11 most special hotels in the world

How would you like the first thing you see in the morning to be a shark, the absolute void, or the Northern Lights? The fact that there are alternative hotels that offer much more than a rich breakfast and a couple of slippers, fired up the need inside us to write this article. Seeing images of rare beauty from your bed is an unparalleled experience. This is why we present you the 11 most special hotels of the world.

And don’t think that staying on a tree or inside an igloo will cost you any less…on the contrary! Prices in these accommodation sites are quite steep…But bear in mind that the images that you will get to take with you are simply PRICELESS!

Meet the 11 most special hotels in the world..

1) Kakslauttanen Hotel And Igloo Village (Finland ??)What would you say about nights under the Northern Lights, inside of a futuristic igloo, built from glass? This hotel turns nights into magical moments, as the independent igloo rooms offer sleep under the rare phenomenon of Aurora Borealis. Temperatures inside the room might not be at desirable levels (-3°C), however, they do not come close to the outdoor ones that reach as low as -35°C! Snuggle up..

The advantage: Sleeping under the Northern Lights.
? The disadvantage: The low temperatures indoors.
? Price per night: 500 – 800€ !

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2) Skylodge Adventure Suites (Peru ??)How would you find the idea of sleeping in the absolute void, while being safe? The capsules/rooms are pinned on the rocks and offer a literally terrifying view of the valley of the Incas, from an altitude of 400m. The only way to reach your room is to climb, of course, for about 120m. This is the embodiment of a room with a view..!

? The advantage: The view
? The disadvantage: The ascent
? Price per night: 400€

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3) Αtlantis the palm (Dubai ??)If you love water and want a view different from the usual ones, then we recommend the underwater rooms of the luxurious Atlantis Hotel. The price may be unapproachable, but the experience will be unforgettable.

? The advantage: Having sharks swimming outside of your bedroom window!
? The disadvantage: Its insanely high price!
? Price per night: 5000€ !

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4) Icehotel (Sweden ??)And from biting prices we move on to biting cold…The Icehotel is the only hotel solely constructed with ice and snow. Its frozen doors are open from December to mid-April and its standard indoor temperature is -5°C! Do not worry, you will not have to sleep on the ice, but in special sleeping bags, placed on top of the ice-beds!

? The advantage: You are not going to need a Botox, as with this much cold the skin stays naturally tight!
? The disadvantage: The extremely low temperatures (indoors).
? Price per night: 250€

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5) The Bird’s Nest (Norway ??)Did you always dream of living as a bird? This is your chance…! The next hotel can be found in the trees and it is a giant bird nest. The amenities that it offers inside can even cover the needs of a family. You get inside the nest via a collapsible staircase. Do you believe you can fly?

? The advantage: What else other than its appearance?
? The disadvantage: The climb to get to the room.
? Price per night: 500€

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6) La Balade des Gnômes (Belgium ??)We move a little to the south, in Belgium, to find a hotel that resembles the Trojan horse. It is constructed with natural materials and has 10 different theme rooms that will take you on a journey to other times.

Tip: The smartest move is to book a different room for each day, so as to experience an all-inclusive fairytale.

? The advantage: The fairytale-like atmosphere.
? The disadvantage: The difficult access.
? Price per night: 200€

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7) Free Spirit Spheres (Canada ??)The next hotel is not in the sphere of your fantasy, but in three spheres in the forest area of Vancouver Island. The unprecedented hotel hosts its guests in three spheres of different sizes, which are hanging by the trees. If you feel like you are swinging a little more than the usual, do not get alarmed, there might be a little breeze!

? The advantage: Easy ascent.
? The disadvantage: It swings a little bit!!
? Price per night: 300€

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8) Giramisu Cave Hotel (Turkey ??)In the depths of Turkey, the faraway Cappadocia, you have the chance to stay in cave-rooms, inside the rocks. It is the oldest hotel, as it is more than 1,000 years old (it started out as a monastery) but provides all the contemporary commodities.

? The advantage: The temperature does not exceed 20°C (without a trace of air-conditioning)!
? The disadvantage: The limited natural light.
? Price per night: 100€

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9) Montana Magica Lodge (Chile ??)If someone asked us to describe the next hotel on the list, our description would be “The Montana Magica Lodge is a lush green “volcano”, with water gushing out from its top, washing its sides”! It is located in the heart of Patagonia and in its green yards you will find the tiny, rare Pudu deer, which is just 33 centimeters tall!

? The advantage: The lush green locale.
? The disadvantage: Access is achieved through a hanging staircase.
? Price per night: 230€

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10) Palacio de Sal (Bolivia ??)About 2,000km north of the Montana Magica Lodge, we find a hotel that drives the blood pressure of its guests through the roof! Do not be afraid, it is not hanging from anywhere, nor do you have to pay a bunch of money. The reason is that it is entirely made of salt*!! It is remarkable that even a lot of its furniture is made of salt! Caution: It is strictly prohibited to taste the hotel…After all, salt blocks the arteries.

* For its construction, more than one million bags of salt were used, but without this creating any actual problem, as 70% of the world’s salt production comes from the area!

? The advantage: The salted baths
? The disadvantage: The salty foods.
? Price per night: 130€

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11) Tree tent camping (California ??)Who wouldn’t want to sleep hanging in a tent under the stars? Tree camping might not be popular, but it is very alluring and steadily gaining ground. Elk in California is recommended as the most suitable location, or wherever else you think is right!

? The advantage: Sleeping in the air (literally).
? The disadvantage: You are unprotected against weather conditions.
? Price per night: Free but you should have the special equipment for tree camping.)

?️ Have a nice stay!

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