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Gozo is the most northern of the seven islands of the complex of Malta and hosts around 40,000 residents. Despite its small size –just 14km long- it has a lot of attractions and activities that will “claim” at least one day of your overall schedule.

Gozo is a place with more than 5,600 years of life, while it is also known as the island where Calypso kept Odysseus for seven whole years! A destination for rock-climbing, canoe and kayaking, water sports, cycling and horse-riding or maybe for a honeymoon trip, agrotourism, walking, good food and rest? The choice is yours. The island’s favorite sport is scuba-diving, as it has one of the most interesting seabeds in Europe. Finally, Gozo lives and breathes for the festivals, events and religious celebrations (see the detailed schedule for each year).

What to see/what to do in Gozo  ?

1) Tal-Mixta Cave & Calypso Cave The cave of Calypso where –it is said that- she kept Odysseus for seven years might not present anything extraordinary (it is now closed), yet the Tal-Mixta cave is the most must-visit attraction of the island. It is also located in Ramla Bay and both the interior beauty and the amazing view will make it a part of your own legend!

2) Ta’ Pinu ChurchThe wonderful Basilica of Ta’ Pinu makes for a reason on its own to visit Gozo. Plain, serene with unsophisticated beauty, Ta’ Pinu will swiftly win your hearts as well…The photograph says it all..

3) Ggantija Temple (3600 BC)The Ggantija Temple is in the list with the 10 most ancient monuments of the world, as it has been around for over 5,600 years! The gigantic stones arouse surprise, awe and leave visitors with a big question-mark about the way that they were carried by human beings?

4) Ramla BayThe red sand with the crystal clear waters is the best option for you to enjoy the sea and sun of the Mediterranean. Its long range provides comfort, while the pellucid waters enchant you…like some other Calypso!

5) In motion Rock-climbing, canoe & kayak, water sports, cycling, horse-riding, agrotourism, walking and, of course, scuba-diving, are a few of the activities that will keep you fit while at the island! The only thing you have to do is pick the right one for you and enjoy it.

6) Rotunda St. John the BaptistThe church with the third largest –unsupported- dome in the world is located in Gozo. Its interior is rather unremarkable, unlike the view from its dome! This will compensate you (small fee).

7) Cittadella castle The newly renovated Cittadella Castle is located in the capital of Gozo, Victoria (Rabat for the locals). The visitor has the chance to enjoy a breath-taking 360° panoramic view of the island, as well as learn its history through live representations. Inside you will find the old prison, the cathedral, the museum of natural sciences and more.

8) The Salt Pans In the area of Żebbuġ you will find the famous Salt Pans of Gozo. They stretch across –about- one kilometer, with their most well-known spot being at the start.

Mini tip: Get to the point they end, so as to avoid large tourist crowds.

9) Instagram-perfect photosGozo is a place where you can take beautiful instagram-perfect photos, so for this reason we present you a few spots worth stopping by. These are the Aqueducts, the Salt Pans, the fields across the Ta’ Pinu church, the Blue Hole, the Wied il-Mielaħ Window, the towers of Dwejra, Mġarr ix-Xini, Santa Maria, Ta’ Isopu and many many more that you will discover on your own!

10) Wied l-Għasri The Wied l-Għasri Window is still relatively unknown to the general public. The surrounding area is perfect for walks and bike-rides, while in the middle of the two hills there is a narrow and secluded bay. This is an ideal refuge for the ones seeking a quiet place for swimming, while it is a favorite spot for divers, who explore the submarine caves.

11) Dwejra Tower – Former Azure Window The Dwejra Tower is the most well-known tower on the island, as both its architecture and view of the Mediterranean are captivating. Close by there is the former Azure Window, which –even though it has fallen apart- is one of the most popular spots on the island (inexplicable)!

12) Fungus rock
The 60-meter tall rock is in the Dwejra bay. On its top the rare fungus mushroom used to grow, which became known for two reasons: for its appalling smell and therapeutic qualities. For the locals, it is a sacred place, as it has saved dozens of people.

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Info Gozo a) Its second name in Greek is Gavlos, while in Maltese it is called Għawdex! b) Despite its small size, on the island you will find 46 churches! c) The name of the capital used to be Rabat, which was later named Victoria. Nonetheless, the locals still call it by its original name. d) Its cuisine is clearly inspired by the Italian, as the first residents that inhabited the island came from Sicily. e) The Rotunda of St. John the Baptist is the church with the third largest –unsupported- dome in the world!

Food Gozo  ?With many influences from the Arabic, Italian and English cuisine, but always based on the Mediterranean, Gozo serves delicious dishes. The gbejniet sour cheese with the extraordinary taste, the olive oil accompanied by local bread, the Zalzett Malti sausages, sun-dried tomatoes, caper and olives are a few of the local viands that will open up your appetite. Of course, on the island they love fish, so you will find it roasted, in soups, fried and in the form of croquets!

Among the main dishes the ones that stand out are the Ross fil-forn (oven-baked rice), the Timpana (something like the Greek pastitsio with bacon and eggs) and the recipes that include rabbit (fried or cooked in the pot, with red sauce). Most dishes are served with potatoes or baked vegetables and are accompanied by fine local wines. The average price in Gozo’s restaurants ranges between 35€ and 55€ per couple.

And as for dessert, you will find the Maltese Figolli biscuits, honey rings, cannoli and our favorite Imqaret!

The Fat Rabbit: The Fat Rabbit serves traditional dishes, amazing platters and tasty snacks in very reasonable prices. It is one of the best options for food in Gozo!

The Boathouse:For fresh fish, right by the sea, prefer The Boathouse restaurant. Well-kept space, fresh fish with prices reflective of the quality!

Cafe Jubilee: A restaurant in the capital that, apart from coffee, also serves notable dishes and snacks. It also has excellent décor that takes you on a journey to another era.

Rangers Bar & Restaurant: Traditional atmosphere, beautiful view and very good dishes in reasonable prices are all you will find in Rangers Bar & Restaurant.

Francesco’s: It is an inexpensive and good option for food…and, mainly, for pizza. It also has an amazing view!

Jessica’s Delights: For fresh cakes, all roads lead to Jessica’s shop! Many options, low prices and home-made sweets that melt in your mouth..

Transportation Gozo  ?Access to the island can be achieved only by ferry, but in a few years the islands will also be connected with an underwater road tunnel (under construction). Transportation in Gozo happens mainly by car or motorcycle, as buses rarely pass and only connect central villages! If you are really fit, you can also rent a bike to explore it, but you should keep in mind that uphill routes will add hardship to your mission. Also, you should not forget that we are in Malta and driving is on the right side! Finally, it is worth mentioning that in the capital as well as in large towns you will have to park far away from the center, so as to avoid unpleasant surprises (tickets, getting your car towed and more).

Accommodation Gozo ?Accommodation in Gozo used to be something hard to find, as visitors dedicated only a few hours to explore the island. Nowadays, it has managed not only to keep tourists, but also attract new visitors. This was possible through the many activities offered, as well as the promotion of the island as one very affordable honeymoon destination. Many hotel units are built every year, resulting in the steadily rising quality of accommodation on the island.

DGolden Valley Boutique & Breakfast: Tasteful areas, modern, spacious rooms and an amazing breakfast are the elements that will make you love this Boutique hotel! (100€/night/high season)

Quaint Hotel Xewkija: Modern rooms, plain lines and large areas are the characteristics of Quaint Hotel Xewkija. Also, prices are very reasonable (89€/night/high season).

Maria’s B&B: Maria’s B&B is offered for economical accommodation. It exudes a traditional aura, has comfortable rooms and a wonderful home-made breakfast. (70€/night/high season

The Duke Boutique Hotel: Large and spotless rooms, awesome breakfast, high-quality amenities and reasonable prices are everything that The Duke Boutique Hotel offers! (100€/βραδιά/high season)

Ikhaya Lami: Ikhaya Lami is the ideal option for anyone seeking traditional decoration, large and clean rooms and direct access to the capital. (75€/night/high season)

Tips Gozo  ?

  •  You can reach the Tal-Mixta cave also through the trail from Ramla Bay. Δείτε εδώ.
  •  Visit Gozo, and more specifically the small town of Nadur, in late January / early February to watch its colorful carnival!
  •  Ramla Bay is the starting point of the longest walking trail on the island, which is 10km long (Ramla Walk).
  •  On the island there are not a lot of ATM machines, while many shops accept only cash.
  •  Transportation to and from the island can only happen by ferry. Cost around 5€/passenger and 16€/passenger with car.Payment takes place at the port of Gozo, namely upon return.
  •  Trip duration: 25 minutes.
  •  It is sunny 300 days a year!
  •  In order to discover the island you will have to rent a car or motorcycle.
  •  There are free parking spaces everywhere.
  •  At the Cittadella Castle there is free wifi access.
  •  Transport by bus is extremely difficult, as they rarely pass by!
  •  All electrical outlets are English type.
  •  Gozo is pretty big so you should dedicate a whole day.
  •  Lowest temperature is 10°C!
  •  Wied l-Għasri is the favorite spot for divers, as it has interesting submarine caves.
  • For a free tour of the Cittadella Castle, download the app (Ćittadella app).

Gozo Guide Discover it in 24 hours

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Cittadella Castle Gozo
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