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The villages of Zagori are a key destination for foodies, fans of meat and skewers! However, vegetarians will also find lots of options to fill their bellies…as the traditional Zagorian pies, mushrooms, greens and vegetables cannot go unnoticed. Fast food is an expression strange to this area, which is self-sufficient and relies solely on everything the land has to offer. In the complex’s 47 villages, you will find every kind of meat, cooked in every possible way. Also, due to the cold weather, for most of the year’s months, they love having soups with meat, legumes, as well as vegetables. In order to enjoy a Zagorian lunch or dinner, prefer to visit one of the many taverns. Prices in most of them are reasonable and the dishes’ quality is more than good. Finally, don’t miss out on a full local breakfast, in which all of the products come from the area’s land and animals, as well as the lamb chops from pure local meat.

Virginia: Aspraggeloi

The small tavern is located in Aspraggeloi village and it is a meeting place for the foodies of the region and beyond. Inside, the elements of stone and wood dominate (as in any genuine Zagorian building), but it also has a lovely outdoor space for the warm days. Its two most distinguishing features are the owner’s gentle presence and the excellent in quality and quantity dishes. Do try the traditional pies, the eggplant dish and of course the unparalleled chops, all in reasonable prices. If you plan to visit it on a weekend, make sure you book a table, as it has only a few tables and you may end up being left with the appetite! Highly Recommended (H)

We recommend you to try: the world’s best lamb chops (without hyperbole)

Our order: 1 Chicken pie, 1 Metsovone grilled cheese, 1 Serving of lamb chops, 1 Serving of eggplant with chicken & ½ liter of wine. Total cost: 32€

Total score: 8.9

Product quantity: 9
Product quality: 9.5
Taste: 9
Cost: 9
Environment: 8.5
Service: 9
Product appearance: 8

Mikri Arktos: Tsepelovo

The best place to wrap up your tour of the scenic Tsepelovo, is mr. Thomas’ tavern. The interior is cozy, with wood making its presence felt everywhere, while the décor is simple. The shop offers home-made, well-cooked dishes, in reasonable prices, and the flavors and variety of dishes will leave your belly full! The portions are satisfactory, as is the quality of meat. And among all of these things, the added benefit of the owner’s friendly service will make you feel nice and homey. Recommended (R)

We recommend you to try: the all-time-classic Bear’s Dish

Our order: 1 Bear’s Dish (jugged pork), 1 Serving of pancetta, 1 Kefalotyri, 1 Spinach pie, & 500mL of bulk wine. Total cost: 35€**

Total score: 8.5

Product quantity: 8.5
Product quality: 8.5
Taste: 8
Cost: 8.5
Environment: 8
Service: 9.5
Product appearance: 8

Taste routes: Papigo

The owner of this restaurant, which is located in Papigo, promises a journey of flavors. This is achieved through a menu that is rich in quantity and quality, all in reasonable prices. The portions are adequate and the service is quick and polite. The interior is cozy and delightfully decorated, with a style and choice of music that is obviously not entirely consistent with the region’s quaint charm. Do not miss the chance to enjoy some of the fresh desserts, with Aris’ (Greek for Mars) secret recipe. Finally, it is worth mentioning that it is ideal for breakfast, coffee, drinks and features a variety of cocktails. Recommended (R)

We recommend you to try: the ambrosial zygouri with pasta

Our order: 1 Serving of zygouri (lamb) with pasta, 1 Serving of pork with oregano, 1 Spinach pie, 1 Metsovone cheese, 1 Bottle of wine & 1 Chocolate cake. Total cost: 42€

Total score: 8.4

Product quantity: 9
Product quality: 9
Taste: 8.5
Cost: 8
Environment: 7.5
Service: 8.5
Product appearance: 8.5

Kanela & Garyfallo: Vitsa

The mushroom-shop is located in Vitsa and it is a warm place with nice colors and good (although a bit slow) service. The menu is limited in choices, most of which are based on the various kinds of mushrooms*. Portions are average, but what really wows you is the tastes and their quality. As expected, if you want to enjoy their special dishes, you will have to pay a little extra, as you can call it anything but cheap. It is highly recommended to anyone with a demanding palate that prefers more unusual, refined tastes. Good Choice (G)

*It is based mainly on mushrooms that are either produced or picked by the restaurant’s owner/chef and they are totally safe to consume.

We recommend you to try: the exquisite Mushroom and truffle oil risotto

Our order: 1 Porcini mushroom tart, 1 Mushroom soup, 1 Burger with brandy and porcini mushrooms, 1 Mushroom and truffle oil risotto & 1 bottle of wine. Total cost: 65€

Total score: 8

Product quantity: 7
Product quality: 9
Taste: 9
Cost: 6
Environment: 8.5
Service: 8
Product appearance: 8.5

Astra Papigo

In Papigo you can find yourselves among the…stars (astra in greek). Spyros and his brother have decorated the shop with great care, combining the modern and the traditional with their own taste. They offer coffee, tsipouro and food and great flavors in prices that are above average. The greatest advantage is that it has its own vegetable garden, with fresh products that are incorporated in the dishes. The variety of appetizers that come with the tsipouro might not be wide, but flavors are good, with the local kefalotyri (EN) stealing the show. Good Choice (G)

We recommend you to try: the local, mouth-watering Kefalotyri

Our order: 2 Glasses of tsipouro with appetizers. Total cost: 9€

Total score: 7.8

Product quantity: 7
Product quality: 8.5
Taste: 8
Cost: 7
Environment: 8.5
Service: 8
Product appearance: 7.5

Beloi tavern: Vitsa

The Beloi tavern is not very popular with travelers, but it is a good solution for a meal, if you are in the area of Vitsa. The owner has an animal unit, so it makes perfect sense that meat is the star of the menu! Prices are reasonable and the flavors and presentation of the dishes are sufficient, as is the service. Furthermore, the variety of options, as well as the dishes’ portions, is good enough. It is not recommended for vegetarians or those looking for unique flavors. It is a great place to eat some meat without great cost and…requirements. Good Choice (G)

We recommend you to try: their meat products

Our order: 1 Bougiourdi, 1 Serving of French fries, 1 Grilled burger, 1 Grilled steak & 1 Liter of bulk wine. Total cost: 28€

Total score: 7.6

Product quantity: 8
Product quality: 8
Taste: 7
Cost: 8.5
Environment: 7
Service: 8
Product appearance: 6.5

Ioannidis Restaurant: Papigo

It is a café/ restaurant/ cafeteria/ take away/ tavern (a bit confusing as to its identity), with a large outdoor and indoor space. It is located in the village’s center, opposite the church of Ag. Vlassis. Its indoor space is pleasant, clean, combining the old with the modern and offers coffee, tsipouro and food at steep prices. The variety, quality and flavors are good, while service and staff courtesy are not included in the restaurant’s selling points! If you happen to be close by and are in the mood for some coffee or tsipouro, you can make a quick stop. Meh (M)

We recommend you to try: the BBQ meats

Our order: 2 Glasses of tsipouro & 1 Two-person variety of appetizers. Total cost: 15€

Total score: 7

Product quantity: 7
Product quality: 7.5
Taste: 7.5
Cost: 5.5
Environment: 8
Service: 6
Product appearance: 7.5


Zagorian Breakfast

In Zagorochoria you are not going to find breakfast in bakeries and other stores. But this does not mean that you will have to go without it in your diet, quite the opposite actually. Almost every hotel in the area includes breakfast (EN) in their main benefits, while using pure, local flavors. In most of them the quality is superb, with show-stealing fresh eggs, home-made jams, kneaded bread, fresh butter and various local pies with all kinds of fillings (from greens and mushrooms to chicken and minced meat!). With all these and many other delicacies, each day begins in Zagorochoria.

Note: Even if breakfast is part of the hotel’s extra benefits, do not hesitate to add it (no matter the cost). You will not regret it..

**Travelen was hosted by “Mikri Arktos” in Tsepelovo. The views and everything presented here regarding the service, food and benefits, fully capture everything we saw and experienced, without any preconception, affinity or distaste, in complete objectiveness and honesty.

The texts depict objectively and honestly everything that we saw and encountered during our stay, at the specific time period that we visited them. Travelen holds no responsibility for any possible changes regarding prices, decorations, service, change of management or anything else that you might find different during your visit. It is also worth mentioning that our review/opinion pertains ONLY to shops that we have visited.