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In Methoni you will find one..

..of the best spots in the Peloponnese to enjoy the sunset!

The only railway line.. operation is Corinth-Patras and the Diakofto-Kalavryta “Odontotos” rack railway.

Get a round-trip ticket..

..(from Kalavryta) to be sure that you will also find a seat on your return.

Visit the castle-town on a..

..weekday to have more quiet and space for photographs!

You will find the best and most..

..economical foods outside of cities and tourist-attracting villages!

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Tips Peloponnese

The Peloponnese hides plenty of traps. But Tips Peloponnese will make your travel life easier. It is good to know everything before you arrive, so that you avoid lines, move around in comfort and ease and save money and time.


  • In the Peloponnese it is sunny most days of the year.
  • You will find the most pristine seas in Eastern Peloponnese, while the most tourist-attracting (and sandy) in Western Peloponnese.
  • Free entrance in archaeological sites: March 6th – Melina Merkouri Memorial Day, April 18th – International Day for Monuments and Sites, May 18th – International Museum Day, The last weekend of September of every year (European Days of Cultural Heritage), October 28th, every first Sunday of the month from November 1st to March 31st.
  • Many of the locals do not speak English well, but they are all polite and willing to help.
  • The ideal number of days to discover it is 15-20.
  • The best season to visit it is mid-September, when people are fewer, the weather is wonderful and prices are lower.
  • You will find waters at their warmest from late September to early October.
  • All shops, restaurants and hotels have POS payment systems.
  • THIS is the most unknown and beautiful place for swimming in the Peloponnese (a small cove that fits two persons across the church of Ayios Georgios at Poulithra).
  • In Methoni you will find one of the best spots in the Peloponnese to enjoy the sunset!
  • In many tourist-attracting villages, in the summer months, the central streets close in the evening (from 20:00 onwards) and are turned into pedestrian walkways.
  • Visit Mycenae at the opening or in the afternoon when the groups leave. From 9:30 to 15:00, it is chaos!


  • From the Eleftherios Venizelos airport in Athens you can rent a car or take the intercity bus.
  • The Peloponnese has two airports, one in Patras and one in Kalamata.
  • Every day there are intercity bus routes for all areas of the Peloponnese.


  • There are two entrances, one from the Isthmus of Corinth and one from the Rio-Antirio bridge (with steep toll charges)!
  • It is the easiest way to travel around in the Peloponnese.
  • You will find the cheapest gas station in Nafplio. As you approach the heart of the Peloponnese, prices rise higher.

There are three highways

  • Highway 7 or Moreas that connects Corinth with Kalamata and Sparta (tolls).
  • The Olympian route that connects Athens with Patras.
  • The highway that connects Patras with Pyrgos.


  • The hydrofoil starts from the port of Piraeus to Tolo, Nafplio and Porto Heli.
  • From Porto Heli there are routes for Leonidio and Monemvasia.


  • The only railway line in operation is Corinth-Patras and the Diakofto-Kalavryta “Odontotos” rack railway.


Cape Tenaro

  • To cross the path wear only shoes, not slippers because the sharp rocks will cause you wounds.
  • The ground’s red color dyes shoes without mercy.
  • If you want to “live” the magic of the landscape, then bring a tent and camp next to the lighthouse, under the starlit sky!
  • Be extremely cautious on days with strong winds and rain.
  • During the summer months you will need sunscreen, hat and water.
  • The best time for the trip to Cape Tenaro is 40 minutes before sunset. Then there are much fewer people and the colors you will get are extraordinary.
  • In order to reach the location, you will have to park your car at the end of the road and follow the demanding, 30-minute, 2.1km-long route, which you will find HERE.


  • The waters are pretty cold but extremely clean and offer a sense of revitalization. Do not miss the chance to take a dive.
  • At the last (and largest) waterfall you will find a rope ladder that will lead you to various levels of the rock, so that you can take your dives…The daring should rush!
  • The return route is pretty uphill.

Ayia Fotini of Mantinea

  • It might not be located at some point of interest, but you should deviate from your course to visit it. It is a true life experience.
  • If the central entrance is closed, you can enter the church from the side (left) entrance.


  • The S-shaped route will make driving more difficult and irritate your stomach. It would be best to bring some Dramamines!
  • This is the best spot to photograph Lagkadia.

Neda Waterfalls

  • Avoid them in the month of August, as traffic is pretty heavy.
  • Parking spots are very few, you may have to park your car on the road!
  • The best and shortest route is through the village of Kypseli. Check it out HERE. But there is also an alternative route. Check it out HERE.
  • There are a lot of rills so the dirt road becomes very difficult to cross, especially for low cars. It needs low speeds and patience!
  • The route from the parking to the large waterfall is around 500m and it is of low to medium difficulty.

Vytina (Forest and Love Road)

  • The Love Road is here
  • The Forest of Vytina is here


  • Check out HERE the route for the Navarino castle.
  • Going down from the Navarino Castle to Voidokilia Beach you will come across the large Nestor’s Cave.

Vlychada Beach

  • Through the village of Rihia, there is a 7km-long asphalted road that leads to the beach.
  • Caution while driving, the road is narrow and with a lot of turns.
  • There is parking space above the beach.
  • On windy days you will not be able to enjoy your trip to the beach.


  • Visit the castle-town on a weekday to have more quiet and space for photographs!
  • The best establishments for food are located outside of the castle.
  • Leave your car at the parking spaces before or after the bridge, with no charge.
  • The Upper Town does not attract a lot of tourists, as access to it is somehow tiring. Visit it and you will get the most beautiful images.
  • If you are in the mood for walking, take a stroll to the lighthouse (30-40 minutes).
  • Prices at the castle-town are pretty high on all products, as well as for accommodation.


  • Wear comfortable shoes, hat and sunscreen.
  • Access to the island is not allowed without escort.
  • Hunting is allowed only in specific months of the year and with a lot of restrictions.

Cave of the Lakes

  • In the summer months it is easier to notice the formations due to lack of water.
  • The lakes are dry or full depending on the season and rainfall.
  • In the winter, with all the rainfall, natural waterfalls are formed in many parts of the cave.

Odontotos (Rack rail)

  • Get a round-trip ticket (from Kalavryta) to be sure that you will also find a seat on your return.
  • Apart from the points of sales of TRAINOSE, you can also buy your tickets online, at the website, up to 10 minutes before departure.
  • You can buy electronic tickets via a mobile phone application, with a 10% discount.

Foloi Forest

  • The route that starts at the chapel of Ayios Georgios and ends up close to the Foloi-Koumani crossroad, is one of the special routes of the Acropolis Rally.
  • One part of this route is also known as “path of the necktie”, as instead of road signs, it is marked by three hundred neckties(!).
  • The best route: Start from the Museum of Foloi and follow the road to the Erymanthos gorge.
  • At the Museum of Foloi they will give you useful information for all routes.
  • You can leave the car at one of the clearings and start hiking.


  • The best view of the city can be found between the 730th and 900th steps at Palamidi!
  • On the days devoted to Virgin Mary (August 15th), the squares are filled with bands and delicious foods.
  • You can reach Palamidi also by car.
  • At the old town, you will have to leave your car at the special parking spots at the port, at the start and end of Kostourou Street, or outside of it.
  • The “round of Arvanitia” is (officially) closed, but its door is open! You enter at your own risk, as falling stones/rocks might injure you.


  • The best season to visit it is mid-September. Beaches are not very crowded, the weather is good and prices at hotels are reasonable.
  • The sea remains warm until early October.
  • If it is windy, sand-blasting is so strong that it will not let you enjoy the island’s beaches.
  • You can go around the island by car, as the road is connected.
  • Prefer to take the Vigla-Vardia hiking trail at sunset, when the view is painted with wonderful colors.
  • For optimal and easiest transportation, prefer a scooter. Economical, fast and you can park it anywhere.
  • Some restaurants do not bring menus and charge for the dishes whatever they want!
  • Prices in accommodation and food are pretty high compared to the rest of the greek islands.
  • Be cautious about where you park your car. The coast guard is constantly issuing tickets for illegal parking.


  • You will find the best and most economical foods outside of cities and tourist-attracting villages!
  • The original PDO Malvazia wine costs around 120€ per liter and has dozens of awards under its belt.
  • Almost all shops accept credit cards, but avoid mentioning it.
  • Almost all restaurants and taverns in the Peloponnese follow continuous schedule.
  • On weekends, in order to find a table it will be best to make reservations.
  • Avoid the taverns in the old town of Nafplio. They serve food of mediocre quality.
  • For a two-person meal with wine you will pay 35-45€, a price that more than accurately reflects everything you will experience and taste at a tavern.
  • Try the authentic gkogkes of Argolis, the well-known tsakonian eggplants at Leonidio, the delicious oranges of Monemvasia, the lalagkia, sygklino and sour trahana of Mani, the diples and the best olive oil in the world at Kalamata, and the graviera cheeses, local pasta, spoon sweets and excellent game stew (birds or wild meat) at Central/mountainous Peloponnese.


Tips Peloponnese