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The best Hotels in Moscow

Hotels in Moscow

With more than 8,000 hotels, apartments for rent and hostels, Moscow can not but be considered as a very good destination in terms of accommodation. In Russia’s capital you will find accommodation sites for all tastes and budgets. The creation of new hotel units is not in their immediate plans, as the already large number is sufficient to cover the visitors’ needs.

Moscow is one of the most noteworthy forces in the tourism industry, with 24 million people visiting it every year! These numbers are rapidly increasing, as more and more people want to get to know the city of the Tsars, the Romanovs, Dostoyevsky, the famous Kremlin, the Red Square and the Bolshoi Ballet.

Most hotels in Moscow sport a sophisticated old décor, which transports the guest to the era of the Tsars. The decoration of the hotels might be heavy and show off elements of the Russian culture, however most are “dressed” with contemporary amenities. One important point is that they have continuously operating reception desks, comfortable and clean lobbies, while they offer amenities such as laptops, tablets and more.

Moscow presents special interests every summer and Christmas period. These seasons, capacity markers can reach up to 80-90%, with prices following the same route. Fast tip: The best period to visit it is the Christmas holidays, when it is decorated and looks like a fairytale.

Mini tips: a) Many hotels and apartment rentals in Moscow include breakfast in the price. b) The average price per night ranges between 90 and 120€. c) If you want to score a better price, especially during the high seasons (Summer-Christmas) you must book at least two months in advance. d) For cheap accommodation, pick one of the 500 hostels. Cost 40-50€/night with private bathroom.

The best Hotels in Moscow

Strawberry Duck Moscow

The Strawberry Duck Moscow hostel is one of the most vfm options for accommodation in Moscow. It is located in a quiet area, just 20 minutes away from the Red Square (on foot), 600m away from the metro, and 300m away from the bus stop. The area around Strawberry Duck Moscow is safe, beautiful and well-kept, while on Pokrovka street, which is just a breath away from the hostel, you will find many supermarkets, cafés, restaurants and bars.

It is housed in a 19th century manor, which has architectural elements of the ancient times. In the hostel you will find a fully equipped kitchen, with plenty of utensils, as well as a cozy space with satellite TV and work desk. The free WiFi connection is unlimited and covers all common areas and the rooms.

The warmth of Strawberry Duck Moscow is based both on its colors and on the flawless and always discreet service of the staff, who are at their posts 24/7. In the premises you will also find safe boxes for safekeeping of valuable items, as well as 24-hour parking, with pre-booking and extra charge. Finally, visitors are granted free access to the clothes cleaning space, which is equipped with professional washing machines and ironing service.

Strawberry Duck Moscow adds quality and a different point of view to Moscow’s hostels, while at the same time it constantly upgrades its quality and services. If you too want to have this unique experience, you should simply..

Book at the Strawberry Duck Moscow

Accommodation Score: ★★★★★
Cleanliness: ★★★★★
Staff Kindness-Service: ★★★★★
Room Quality: ★★★★★
Breakfast: —
Value for Money: ★★★★★
Location: ★★★★
Benefits: ★★★★

Izmailovo Alfa Hotel

The Izmailovo Alfa Hotel is a good option for accommodation in Moscow, suitable for work as well as rest. It might be located 9km outside of the city center, but you will be there in just 20 minutes, as the metro station is just 50m away. The area around the hotel is pretty quiet and safe, while just 4 minutes away, on foot, you will find the Izmailovo Kremlin, the Izmailovo Park, the antiques market and more.

The four-star hotel is ready to cover the demands of all visitors. It has a huge lobby, as well as a large reception area, which is open 24/7. At the hotel you will find 11 conference halls, a night club, six restaurants, functions halls, a fully equipped gym (Delta building), luggage storage area, beauty salon, ATM and a currency exchange office. Finally, in front of the hotel you will find parking with very small daily charge.

In order to better understand the size of the Izmailovo Alfa Hotel, it suffices to tell you that it has 950(!) rooms, of 17 different categories! Characteristics of the rooms are the heavy Russian décor, as well as the fact that they are especially spacious and bright. Among the rooms’ amenities we find air-conditioning, fridge, work desk, sitting area and more. The bathrooms are also spacious and have free care products, slippers, bathrobes and light rain showerhead. 

The Izmailovo Alfa Hotel is a VFM option for accommodation in Moscow, as it offers quality in a rather reasonable price.

Book at the Izmailovo Alfa Hotel

Accommodation Score: ★★★★★
Cleanliness: ★★★★★
Staff Kindness-Service: ★★★★★
Room Quality: ★★★★★
Breakfast: ★★★★
Value for Money: ★★★★★

Design hotel Tchaikovsky

Design Hotel Tchaikovsky belongs in a category of hotels that are seeing big growth in Moscow. It is among the hotels that are housed on floors of apartment buildings. It is located on the second ring (Garden Ring), just 2km away from the center of Moscow. In close distance there is also a metro station (500m), which will transport you to the city center in very short time. The area around the hotel is buzzing and has tens of options for breakfast, coffee, drinks and food!

The three-star Design hotel Tchaikovsky is pretty warm, modern and friendly to the visitor, exuding a sense of relaxation. It might not have large common areas, but it offers free coffee at its cozy lounge, while it provides the option of breakfast, for a small charge, at the “daily Bread” café that is right downstairs. Also offered are clothes washing and ironing service, set of dental care products, printing service, extra bed and more. The staff is polite and willing to help you with everything you might need.

The rooms of Design hotel Tchaikovsky are modern and clean with beautiful decorative touches. The wooden floors and double, comfortable beds make the room feel even more homey and warm. The rooms’ amenities are few, but very useful and functional. Among them are the flat TV, air-conditioning, small safe box, work desk and free WiFi connection. The bathroom is also modern and pretty with free care products, towels and light rain showerhead. Also, for anyone who loves cleanliness, you should know that there is additional cleaning service.

Design hotel Tchaikovsky is a rather quality option for accommodation in Moscow and, in fact, at a very reasonable price. 

Mini tip: If you want to find an available room, you should book at least 2-3 months in advance.

Accommodation Score: ★★★★
Cleanliness: ★★★★★
Staff Kindness-Service: ★★★★
Room Quality: ★★★★
Breakfast: —
Value for Money: ★★★★★

Scores, opinions and reviews about accommodations are completely subjective, but fully capture everything we saw and experienced without any preconception, affinity or distaste. Also, prices may vary depending on time period and demand.