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The best food in Morocco

Food in Morocco is something that will concern you due to both the limited options and low quality of the dishes! The three elements that prevail in Moroccan cuisine are Tajine, cumin and mint tea! Mint tea is consumed all day long and it accompanies every meal, since alcohol consumption is forbidden in the country. It is excellent in taste and it is served with either fresh or dry mint…All year long! Tajine is something that you will also find EVERYWHERE! It occupies 70% of the menus, but it is not food! It is the clay pot in which the most famous dishes of the Moroccan cuisine are cooked. Every dish is accompanied by baked vegetables, salad or couscous and dressed in a plethora of spices; the most usual among them is cumin! You will find it in dishes with meat, vegetables and rice, in soups and sandwiches, in pies and even deserts!!

Restaurants in Morocco are many, with most of them not serving quality dishes. Only dine in restaurants recommended by legitimate websites or by your Riad*. The average cost for a complete meal with soft drinks or tea is merely 7€ per person!

Do not leave Morocco without having tried chicken, beef, vegetables and meatballs (with eggs) in Tajine, the hand-made couscous with seven different vegetables, the Harira soup and fresh fish from the seas of Oualidia and Eshawira. The most daring can try the Bastilla (pie with chicken, lamb or fish and raisins, cinnamon, powdered sugar, saffron) and snail soup. For those with a strong stomach, there is street food that costs just 1€ or even less! Try the maakouda (pie made from potato), sardines with tomato, Moroccan pizza, brochettes (something like the greek souvlaki) and sandwich with minced meat-sausage-egg-vegetables. To sweeten up, you will find the chebakia (fritters with honey) and dates! Also, at the stands among the Souks you will find prickly pears. They are delicious, dirt cheap and full of nutritional value! Finally, try a glass of fresh orange or pomegranate juice, which you will come across on dozens of stands.

Food in Morocco

Food Tips

? No matter how “strong” your stomach is, pack some Rifacol pills (or whichever your doctor recommends)…The food and water in the country are full of microbes and they can cause various stomach disorders!
? Prefer to drink only bottled water. (Do not be afraid to drink tea made with tap water, as it is boiled and all the microbes are killed.)
? Do not trust guides. 99.9% of them get commission to take you to restaurants with food of mediocre-bad quality!
? * Small Riads will recommend you restaurants from which they take commission (and, usually, they are of low quality).

Turkey Clock

Turkey Clock is a fast, very economical (1€ per sandwich) and tasty option for food. It is located on a central street in the Medina of Fez and it is open from noon until the evening, covering the hunger of hundreds of passers-by. Although it is street food, its products are of decent quality (considering the quality of materials inside Morocco’s Medinas) and compose a very tasty result, which does not cause any stomach disorders.

Our suggestion: Sandwich with minced beef and sausage.

Total score: ?????

Made in M

Made in M is located on the central Rue Talaa Kebira street, in the Medina of Fez. It is a small gem, which is housed in a small but beautifully decorated space. At Made in M you will find coffee, juices, breakfast and selected dishes made with quality materials. Both the friendly attitude of the staff and the toothsome flavors will ensure that you have a good time and relax, something that you will certainly need after an exhausting walk in the Souks of the Medina.

Our suggestion: The wonderful tea with fresh mint & the breakfast combinations.
Cost: €-€€

Total score: ?????

Beldi Bab Ssour

Beldi Bab Ssour is a good reason to come closer to the authentic Moroccan cuisine. The restaurant is on a small street of Chefchaouen and offers a pretty wide variety of dishes, which follow the traditional cooking methods. The result might be simple in appearance, but it is rich in flavor and scents. The staff is friendly and prices are pretty low considering the quantity and quality of the dishes. Its rooftop offers an excellent view of the Medina of the blue city.

Our suggestion: The “sizzling” beef with cumin and olives.
Cost: €-€€

Total score: ?????

Vert Midi Marrakech

In the new city of Marrakech and specifically in the Gueliz Square you will find many modern dining establishments, such as Vert Midi. This restaurant, however, stands out for its wide variety of tacos, burritos, hot/cold sandwiches and its quality. Also, the freshly-squeezed juices complete the modern meal, while the restaurant’s positive image is amplified by the quality of the dishes, the staff’s politeness and reasonable prices.

Our suggestion: The fresh juices and the club sandwich with chicken.
Cost: €-€€

Total score: ????

Street food in Rabat

Street food in Rabat is a trustworthy option for food! In the city there are dozens of restaurants, but the one that steals the show is fast food. In the streets of the Medina you will find many joints for something quick such as Moroccan pizza, soups, fried fish, sandwiches and more. Most shops are on Avenue Mohammed V (inside the walls). Caution: Trust shops recommended by a reliable person or website. Our suggestion: 3Ando.

Our suggestion: a different version of pizza…the Moroccan pizza.

Total score: ????

Le pain Quotidien

Most Riads may offer breakfast, but under no circumstances can they offer the quality and variety of Le pain Quotidien (big Riads excluded). The shop is located in the new city of Marrakech and offers many options for you to start your day in taste! You can take your breakfast to-go or sit in its modern and clean dining area. Prices are reasonable and service is at very good levels.

Our suggestion: The rich breakfast combinations.
Cost: €€-€€€

Total score: ?????

Cafe O’ clock

Cafe O’ clock is probably the most well-known shop in Fez. It is very close to the Blue Gate, on one of the most central streets of the Medina. Despite the high prices, it manages to fill all three of its floors, with quality food and many options as its weapons. The staff is attentive and polite, while the view from the rooftop, as well as its environment are very beautiful and relaxing.

Our suggestion: The special camel burger.
Cost: €€€-€€€€

Total score: ????

Comptoir darna

Comptoir darna is the most famous restaurant in Marrakech. A fully tourist-oriented multi-space with many options for food and drinks that will guarantee a pleasant evening. Comptoir darna has an outdoor space, a backyard and a nice indoor area. On a daily basis, the restaurant is jam-packed, as it combines quality food with shows, music, oriental dances (only if you sit inside) and alcohol. The food is decent, but prices are sky-high and service is at medium levels.

Our suggestion: Book a table to sit inside.
Cost: €€€€

Total score: ???

Marrakech henna art cafe

Up until now we knew that there is food accompanied by music…but in Morocco we discovered food accompanied by henna! In many restaurants, as in Marrakech henna art café, you have the chance to enjoy your meal while you are waiting to have a henna tattoo. The shop offers limited options for food, satisfying in taste and quantity. We could not say the same for henna, as there are dozens of options, done by specialists of the art.

Our suggestion: one of the amazing henna patterns.
Cost: €€-€€€

Total score: ??

The texts depict objectively and honestly everything that we saw and encountered during our stay, at the specific time period that we visited them. Travelen holds no responsibility for any possible changes regarding prices, decorations, service, change of management or anything else that you might find different during your visit. It is also worth mentioning that our review/opinion pertains ONLY to shops that we have visited.