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Bruges is a difficult destination, when it comes to accommodations. This is due to the small number of accommodation options and the vast demand throughout all seasons of the year. As expected, accommodation prices are pretty high and only 3% of them offer rooms at a reasonable cost (70-100€ per night). For a quality 3-day stay*, close to the city center, you will have to pay around 400-500€. Unless you choose one of the rooms offered via Airbnb.

*The ideal period in order to get to know the city.

Apartment in heart of Bruges

The “Full-equipped apt in heart of Bruges”, as it is Hans’ apartment’s title in Airbnb, is a smart choice for your stay in the city. It is just 5 minutes, on foot, from the central Markt square and combines quality with affordability.

The photographs on the website depict the apartment perfectly. It is fully equipped and consists of five spaces (kitchen, bathroom, wc, bedroom and living room). The rooms are spacious, very clean and tidy. It has a coffee maker, hair-dryer, TV, free wifi, heating and many more. In the advantages also added is the municipal parking lot, which is right across the street and it is the most inexpensive option (only 9€ per day).

The only downside that Hans’ apartment has is the very narrow wc and the equally narrow bathroom.

The price/night ranges between 60 and 90€, depending on the season and demand. We paid 80€/night +4€ for the visitors tax in the Belgian state. Recommended (R)

Accommodation Score (Average): 8.6
Cleanliness: 8.5
Staff Kindness-Service: 8
Quality of Life and Area Safety: 9
Room Quality: 8.5
Breakfast: –
Value for Money: 8.5
Location: 9
Benefits: 8

Note: Make sure you book at least 2 months before your visit, as it is very popular and it is booked for most of the days!!

Leonardo Hotel Brugge

The Leonardo Hotel is a charming retreat away from the…equally quiet city center. It is located inside the forest, in a 5km distance from the city, and it makes for a pretty decent and affordable option. It offers activities for all ages, such as a swimming pool, playgrounds, jogging in the forest, bike rentals and more. Furthermore, in its wonderfully decorated spaces you can rest, drink your coffee or enjoy your meal. The staff is very attentive and always with a smile they are ready to give you any piece of information or solution to your problem.
The rooms are spacious, bright, pretty clean (except from a few spots on the carpet that are a bit worn out) with sufficient benefits. The bathroom is also comfortable, with hot water all day long, while its double bed is decent. Finally, it is noteworthy that you can adjust the room’s temperature according to your preference.

Among the few downsides is the lack of a fridge, the problematic wifi *and the non-change of sheets. Also, access to it requires that you have a car. Do not pass on renting the hotel’s bikes to go to the city center. Finally, if you have a car, you can leave it at the free parking.

For two nights we paid an amount of 140€ (without breakfast). Good Choice (G) (if you have a car)

Accommodation Score (Average):  7.7
Cleanliness: 7.5
Staff Kindness-Service: 8.5
Quality of Life and Area Safety: 7
Room Quality: 8
Breakfast: –
Value for Money: 8
Location: 6
Benefits: 9

*The signal is great in the common spaces.

Value Stay Bruges

The hotel’s name in no way reflects what we experienced during our stay. It is located pretty far from the city center, around 4km, so we would not recommend it if you do not have a car. But this is not the most important reason for why you should avoid it. The rooms are extremely dirty, with stained sheets, while the bathroom is full of mold and without any soap, shampoo and toilet paper. Worst of all was all the “fauna” that was going around the space unhampered! The wifi signal was there a few times, while others not. And as for the room’s security? Simply non-existent. The door opens in a thousand ways…even with an ID card! It is certain that just staying outdoors is cleaner, safer and of higher quality than staying in this “hotel”*.

For two (horrific) nights we paid 150€.  Pass (P)

Accommodation Score (Average): 2.7
Cleanliness: 1
Staff Kindness-Service: 7
Quality of Life and Area Safety: 3
Room Quality: 2
Breakfast: –
Value for Money: 2
Location: 3
Benefits: 1

*We arrived at the scheduled time but there was no-one to give us the key. So we stayed in the car for two hours waiting for her. Her politeness and good attitude made us forget the incident for a bit, until we entered the room!

Scores, opinions and reviews about accommodations are completely subjective, but fully capture everything we saw and experienced without any preconception, affinity or distaste. Also, prices may vary depending on time period and demand.