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Le Trappiste

Le Trappiste is the most famous bar of the city’s night-life, being a magnet for dozens of beer lovers. It is housed in an underground cellar, which is dominated by stone and wood. It is distinctive for its friendly atmosphere and the vast variety of beers, with prices kept in reasonable levels. Here you will find one of the rare white abbey beers! Also, the staff is friendly and attentive, so you can make the ideal choice. From Friday to Sunday it is packed, so it would be best to be there around 19:00. Highly Recommended (H)

We recommend you to try: the beer-tasting package (with 5 beers of your choice)

Our order: 2 Packages with 5 beers of our choice. Total cost: 20€.

Total score: 9.1
Product quantity: 9
Product quality: 9
Taste: 9.5
Cost: 9.5
Environment: 9
Service: 9
Product appearance: 9

I Love Coffee

For the coffee enthusiasts there is an excellent espresso bar, to which compared we have not found even in big cities like Rome, Paris etc. It is within a 100m distance from Markt square in a modern, oblong shop. What steal the show are the clever logo, the passion and love for what they offer. Prices are a bit over the average, but this is balanced out by the taste and quality of the coffee. A sip is enough to make you, too, exclaim “I love coffee”! Highly Recommended (H)

We recommend you to try: the exquisite Cappuccino with the velvet milk cream!

Our order: 1 Latte macchiato & 1 Cappuccino with Nutella. Total cost: 8€.

Total score: 8.9
Product quantity: 9
Product quality: 10
Taste: 10
Cost: 7.5
Environment: 8.5
Service: 8
Product appearance: 9.5


The house of Duvel is a great place for you to enjoy a few Belgian beers with a view of Belfort. It is housed on the first floor of the Historium Brugge, in a pleasant environment with a unique décor. Choose the “tasting” package and enjoy three out of ten of the store’s amazing draft suggestions. Aside from beers, you will also find a few snacks/cold dishes to accompany them. Finally, in the beer store you will find Duvel’s original Gift shop, from which you can get souvenirs and various objects. Recommended (R)

We recommend you to try: plenty of Duvel beer!

Our order: 2 Tasting “packages” & 1 Cheese trail. Total cost: 19€.

Total score: 8.1
Product quantity: 8
Product quality: 8
Taste: 8.5
Cost: 8
Environment: 8.5
Service: 8
Product appearance: 8

’T Klein Venetie

A shop that apart from coffee, beer, drinks…also offers the most beautiful view of the city, as it is located on the famous Rozenhoedkaai corner. Despite the commercial location and high tourist traffic, it has maintained its prices in reasonable levels. Service is pretty attentive, with a friendly attitude, making customers their priority (which is hard for a tourist store). Visit it if you want to enjoy a belgian beer and gain a few moments of peace, on the banks of “little Venice”. Good Choice (G)

We recommend you to try: the Belgian nectar known as Karmeliet Trippel.

Our order: 1 Draft beer & 1 Karmeliet Trippel beer. Total cost: 6.80€.

Total score: 7.8
Product quantity: 7
Product quality: 7.5
Taste: 7.5
Cost: 8
Environment: 9
Service: 8.5
Product appearance: 7

The texts depict objectively and honestly everything that we saw and encountered during our stay, at the specific time period that we visited them. Travelen holds no responsibility for any possible changes regarding prices, decorations, service, change of management or anything else that you might find different during your visit. It is also worth mentioning that our review/opinion pertains ONLY to shops that we have visited.