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Cinque Wine & Deli Bar

The Cinque Wine & Deli Bar is an excellent choice to spend one or some of your nights in Athens. The wine bar is located on a cobbled street in the area of Psyrri, in an oblong, limited space. But its options are not limited at all, as it offers a wide variety of Greek wines, while it also offers free tasting of any brand you like. Accompany your wine with a rich cheese/meats platter, with products of exclusively Greek producers. Finally, the warm service completes the pleasant scenery. The bar is usually full, so you will have to make reservations. Highly Recommended (H)

Our suggestion: their tasty platters!
Our order: 1 Bottle of white wine, 1 Small cheese platter.
Cost: €€-€€€

Total score: ?????


Boo is one of the finest places in Athens to enjoy your drink or, even better, your cocktail. Away from the lights of cosmopolitan Athens, Boo is characterized as an unknown diamond and provides an excellent choice for a relaxed outing. Its cocktails are five-star in flavor and surpass even the ones of the most famous “cocktail bars” in the city. Prices are totally reasonable, service is very polite, while inside its wonderful environment you will find Athenians of every age. Highly Recommended (H)

Our suggestion: their amazing cocktails!
Our order: 2 Cocktails.
Cost: €€

Total score: ?????

Nancy’s Sweet Home

The most must-eat sweet shop in Athens is Nancy’s Sweet Home and it is located in the square of Psyrri. Nancy’s mouth-watering desserts are rich in flavor, while portions are so large that it will be hard to eat one whole dessert by yourself! Service is great and prices very reasonable, considering the quality and quantity of the products. Nancy’s Sweet Home, although it has many tables (indoors and outdoors), is always full. If there is no table available, be a little patient and you will be compensated. With so many sweets, no-one can leave bitter. Highly Recommended (H)

Tip: One dessert for two people is enough.

Our suggestion: all sweets are super!
Our order: 1 Bueno chocolate pie.
Cost: €€-€€€

Total score: ?????

Couleur Locale

In the city center you will find lots of terraces to enjoy your coffee or drink. But we have for you the one that is mostly unknown to tourists and very must for locals! Couleur Locale is housed on the roof of a building at Normanou 3 street, next to the Monastiraki square and offers limited, yet wonderful view of the Acropolis. The outdoor space is quite large and charming, yet it is not easy to find a table, as locals visit it daily in order to enjoy their coffee or cocktail. Service is good, as are the prices, while variety in drinks and beverages is satisfactory. Recommended (R)

Our suggestion: their cocktails!
Our order: 2 Draft beers.
Cost: €€-€€€

Total score: ????


Plaka is probably the most beautiful area in Athens. Over there you will find lots of cafés, taverns and ouzo-shops to relax, all hours of the day. For us the ones that stood out were the famed Yiasemi and the corner café Melina. On the picturesque steps of Mnisikleous street, you have the chance to enjoy some jasmine tea accompanied by some home-made lemon-pie and good friends. A little bit down the road, café Melina, which owes its name to Melina Merkouri, awaits you for some coffee under the flowering bougainvilleas and the shadow of the Sacred Rock of Acropolis.

The texts depict objectively and honestly everything that we saw and encountered during our stay, at the specific time period that we visited them. Travelen holds no responsibility for any possible changes regarding prices, decorations, service, change of management or anything else that you might find different during your visit. It is also worth mentioning that our review/opinion pertains ONLY to shops that we have visited.

360 Cocktail Bar

One of the most well-known terraces of the center is the 360 Cocktail Bar. The bar is at the Monastiraki square and offers a unique 360° panoramic view. Its spaces are charmingly decorated and the staff is polite. The 360 Cocktail Bar, apart from the terrace, also offers an indoor smoke-free space, right downstairs, for the days that the weather does not allow to stay outside. Do not miss the chance to try some of their tantalizing cocktails, which, during the summer months, can keep you company until late at night. Recommended (R)

Our suggestion: their cocktails!
Our order: 2 Cappuccinos.
Cost: €€-€€€

Total score: ????


It is BeerTime! The beer house is at the busy square of Psyrri, in the heart of Athens. It has a wide range of beers (local and not) with prices a bit higher than the city average. BeerTime is the ideal place to relax and enjoy some people-watching, as it has tables inside the square. If you are a large group, you can go for one or three liters and enjoy it with the company of appetizers, such as nachos, tacos, a variety of German sausages and more. Good Choice (G)

Our suggestion: their special beers!
Our order: 2 Beers Deluxe.
Cost: €€€

Total score: ???