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Proeflokaal Arendsnest

It is the perfect place for you to enjoy a few original Dutch beers. What make it stand out are its traditional environment and their wide variety! Blonde, red, dark, draft or bottled, small, large…and just any kind of beer you could ask for! You can choose among 30 labels of traditional draft beer, with the alcohol percentage ranging between 4,5% and 12%, while in bottled ones it reaches up to 15%! You can also combine them with a variety of cheeses, cooked meats, as well as several sauces! Prices range between 2.5€ and 13.5€ for a beer.  Recommended (R)

We recommend you to try: Exclusively the draft beers

Our order: 1 150ml red draft beer, 1 150ml dark draft beer, 1 500ml blonde draft beer & 1 500ml dark draft beer. Total cost: around 17€.

Total score: 7.9
Product quantity: 8
Product quality: 8.5
Taste: 8
Cost: 8
Environment: 7.5
Service: 7
Product appearance: 8


Razmataz is suitable for every hour and taste, as you can have your coffee, lunch/dinner, drink, breakfast or brunch. This multi-purpose shop stands out mostly for its drinks and friendly attitude and less for its (expensive) dishes. It is located in the city’s north-west, outside the tourist zone and it is the residents’ no.1 hangout place. However, Razmataz is the temple of Gin! Even if you are not a fan of this particular kind of drink, you will certainly love one of its sixty(!) flavors. Recommended (R)

We recommend you to try: the exquisite Gins

Our order: 3 Drinks of Gin & 1 Cheese platter. Total cost: 52€

Total cost: 8.3
Product quantity: 7.5
Product quality: 9
Taste: 9
Cost: 7
Environment: 9
Service: 8.5
Product appearance: 8


This charming Terrace Lounge bar is on the 11th floor of the Double Tree Hotel by Hilton. A place where you can enjoy your drink or meal, along with the lovely panoramic view of the city. Their products are masterly presented and prices are pretty high, which is usually the case with all Sky lounge bars! Apart from the outdoor space, which we totally recommend, there is also an indoor space that is very polished and modern! Service is good and quick! The perfect time to visit it would be during twilight, so you can wonder at the city from above even when it is lit up. It stays open until 01:00 Sunday-Thursday and until 03:00 on Fridays and Saturdays! Good Choice (G)

We recommend you to try: The special Cocktails

Our order: 1 Glass of whiskey & 1 Glass of red wine. Total cost: 16€.

Total score: 7.8
Product quantity: 8
Product quality: 9
Taste: 8
Cost: 5
Environment: 8.5
Service: 8
Product appearance: 8

Καφέ Zuivere

Zuivere Koffie

If the weather allows it and you are in the mood for a cup of coffee outdoors, then we got just the place for you! Don’t expect to find some cosmopolitan café, as it is a small, non-tourist shop, a little bit down the road from the Rembrandt Square. The surprise hides in its back side, where you will find a secret, small courtyard with 6-7 tables and lots of colorful flowers! The staff is very polite and from their fine products the ones that stand out the most are the fresh juices and apple pies. Recommended (R)

We recommend you to try: The cakes of the day

Our order: 1 Cappuccino & 1 Glass of fresh orange juice. Total cost: 6€.

Total score: 8.1
Product quantity: 8
Product quality: 8.5
Taste: 8.5
Cost: 7
Environment: 9
Service: 8
Product appearance: 7.5

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are an integral piece of Amsterdam’s culture and part of its tourism is because of them. They are shops that offer an…alternative way of “entertainment”. They can be found everywhere inside the city, if you only let the smell lead you to one of them! They are completely harmless and absolutely legal. DO NOT buy anything “illegal” that you may be offered on the street. Trust only authorized shops and stay away from traps. Finally, you should know that access is prohibited to persons under the age of 18.

Amsterdam Pub Crawl

For a wonderful night out, out of the ordinary, you have the option of joining a bar/pub group spree, the famous Pub Crawl. It takes place every night, starting at 22:00-22:30 and has two meeting points, Leidseplein Square and the Red Light District. A professional guide leads you to the venues (bars/pubs/clubs), which are affiliated with the company. The price starts at 17€ per person and the party stops around 03:00! The price includes 6 drinks and a few shots! A pleasant, alternative form of entertainment with lots of drinking, dancing and meeting new people! Good Choice (G)

Supplementary info: It is best to book tickets online in order to secure a spot in the group. Upon showing your ticket, you will be asked to wear a wristband, so you can prove that you are a member of the Pub Crawl team and enter the venues without any extra charges. Also, you must be 18 years old and up and carry your ID. Ladies are given complimentary souvenirs & shirts!

The texts depict objectively and honestly everything that we saw and encountered during our stay, at the specific time period that we visited them. Travelen holds no responsibility for any possible changes regarding prices, decorations, service, change of management or anything else that you might find different during your visit. It is also worth mentioning that our review/opinion pertains ONLY to shops that we have visited.