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The decision – Our criteria

There is nothing better than looking at each other and at the same time saying “I just need a break…Do you want to go somewhere?”. And this somewhere, of course, is nowhere else than a 2-day trip to the countryside, away from everyone and everything. Cell-phones are turned off and facebook, instagram and wp go on pause for a while because…what comes first is a relaxing 2-day excursion in Zagorochoria’s natural landscape.

Relaxation, quality & Zagorochoria are connected to Mr. Papaevangelou’s hotel, in Papigo. Yes, in the rustic Papigo, under the gaze of the towering Astraka, where you fall asleep and wake up feeling 10 years younger! The day could not end any other way…Book, rocking chair and many hours of rest and enjoyment of the area’s natural wealth. And all of these, just outside our room’s window. The Papaevangelou Hotel is like a retreat for us, as well as a springboard, as its location is ideal for our adventures.

The arrival – The reception

Mr. George is the heart and mind of the hotel. He welcomed us with open arms…as if he had known us for years! We have not received a more cordial welcome to this day. And the best part is that he shares his love generously to all of the hotel’s guests. We would characterize him as a bird…A nightingale, in particular, that flies from company to company, talks all the time and gives solutions and advice to each guest individually! He is not tiring anybody and his major condition is the satisfaction of every person inside his hotel. Everything we saw made us reach the conclusion that the Papaevangelou Hotel is one of the most anthropocentric accommodation sites that we have ever visited!


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The rooms

The hotel has 10 rooms, each of which can host two to six people. The spaces are comfortable, bright, provide lots of amenities and an amazing view, while some of them are equipped with a fireplace and a kitchen, and so covering all the needs of a family, a couple or a group of friends. In every room there is a fridge, a TV, a hair-dryer, wifi, autonomous heating, beauty products, working space and a private, spacious bathroom. We must highlight that every space’s decoration is different, with traditional touches and sophisticated style, while in the entire building, as it is expected, wood and stone are prevalent, as they are the characteristic materials of the whole region. Finally, the modern décor combined with the purposefully aged element blend so beautifully that it will be hard to say goodbye to the room. We don’t even need to mention cleanliness…All of its areas are spotless.

The breakfast

The breakfast we had at the reception area was exquisite. The home-made jams, cakes, pies, rice pudding, kneaded bread and more mom-made yummy flavors, took us back to our childhood years. All the flavors came from local products, something that was evident both by the taste and the texture! We knew just as we cut the cake. And the jams, thick and delicious. Not like the commercial watered-down ones! The variety of the breakfast is not vast, yet the existing, rich delicacies covered our demanding tastes so much that we wanted nothing more.

“The hotel is Travelen’s first choice for the destination of Zagorochoria.”

The departure and the impression

Staying at the Papaevangelou Hotel is a special experience, as the excessive politeness and friendliness of the owner in combination with the wonderful rooms and the unique view, will make you feel like you landed in a lush green paradise. The hotel ticks all the boxes in order to get on your list, as well, after it gets in your heart. Finally, it is worth mentioning that prices are completely representative of the quality and benefits.

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The gift ?

Papaevangelou Hotel offers to all readers of Travelen a 15% discount (from the original price) with the code Travelen Papaevangelou.

Megalo Papigo (Get directions)

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Tel: +30 26530-41135


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